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17 July 2020

Why You Should Think About Building A Story Brand

By Vix
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In this episode of The Grow & Glow Show, Vix dives into what a story brand is and why you need one.

Welcome to The Grow and Glow Show. This is a podcast for creators, online advocators and personal brand dominators. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about growing an online platform and glowing for your audience. My name’s Vix Meldrew. I’m a full time Content Creator and Community Cultivator. So grab a Diet Coke, a notepad and pen, and let’s get ready to Grow and Glow.

Welcome to this episode of The Grow and Glow Show. In today’s episode, I’m going to be chatting with you about why it’s important to build a Story Brand. So I’m going to go into what is a Story Brand, how to build one, a bit kind of background and what we mean by that. And also give you a bit of insight into how we’re changing our story behind Grow and Glow.

So, if you’re a bit intrigued as to what I mean, then definitely carry on listening, let’s dive in! 

Okay, so last week I finished reading the book, ‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donald Miller. I downloaded it on Kindle. I’ve been looking into reading loads of non-fiction books around branding, around building brands, around building online businesses, always loving reading books like that cause I always find that I’ve either learned something new or it reinforces that I do know what I’m talking about. So that’s always good. But ‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donald Miller was a really interesting and insightful way of looking into building your brand. So as the title said, it’s about a story brand and what it goes into is those common elements of stories that we see in books that we see in films that we’ve seen all through childhood, and how we can build our personal brands in a similar way.

So as we all know in any good story in a film or in a book, you have your main character. And often that main character falls into a bit of trouble. You know, we’ll call them our hero. They get into a bit of trouble and then a guide comes along and shows them the way and how to get out of their troubling mess towards a happy ending.

Now, obviously that’s a bit simplified and not all stories follow that same formula, but you can definitely think of a few one that just popped into my head was Finding Nemo. Right, you got Nimo. He goes out into the ocean. He’s bit lost. He’s a bit like why all these trippy high turtles around am I going to get eaten by a shark? He is found by Dory that lovable forgetful fish who guides him along his way to try and find his dad again, they get into all sorts of trouble, but towards the end, a lovely lesson is learned and they’re all reunited. Tell me, let me know what stories you can think of that follow a similar pattern, but I bet you’re saying to yourself, what the hell does this have to do with my online brand, personal brand? I’m the hero. I’m the main character. So what do you mean? I’m not facing any troubles? Yeah. You kind of thinking that to yourself? Well actually ‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donald Miller. How many times am I going to say that actually, that’s really weird that I keep saying the whole title and his name, but alas, we move on. 

We’ll kind of change how you think about your story and where you are within it, because we all believe we’re at the main character and we all believe that we’re the hero. But actually if you start thinking about building your personal brand where the audience or your ideal customer is the hero and is the main character, and start seeing you as the lovable guide in the Dory character that we spoke about earlier, it actually gives it a whole new perspective. 

Really your ideal client, ideal customer or audience should be the main character. And it’s very much changing this mindset that we’ve definitely all gotten into over the years where we’ve built these online platforms in a very person centric way. Up our own assholes a bit. Come on lets be honest. Where we think our content is all about us, it’s all about our lives, it’s all about what we want to share, and it’s us, us, us shouting about ourselves from this platform, right? 

No shame. 

We’ve all been there. We all start out thinking that that’s what it’s like. But really if we change it around a bit and we changed that mindset and we put our audience as the hero, it’s going to be a bit of a game changer for building your personal brand. And I’ll tell you why. 

When you see your ideal audience or your ideal customer, as the hero of the story, you then can start to really unpack lots of things. Firstly, who they are, you’re writing a character, who is it? What do they do? Where are they from? What things are they interested in? You can build that whole character. And we’ve got lots of podcast episodes on finding out who your ideal audience is. And if you head over to The Grow and Glow blog, we’ve got some blog posts on finding out more about your ideal audience. And if you’re a Grow and Glow member, there is a whole training on nailing down your ideal audience so that you can start building that character really strongly in your mind.

Then the next part of learning who that person is to look at the issues and the problems that they face. So in our storyline and our story arc, what problems are they coming up against that they just can’t seem to get past? I’ll give you a few examples. Hopefully this will help. For example, if you are a creator who focuses on financial information, you love creating content and blog posts and videos and podcasts, all about helping out people with their finances. Your main character is going to be someone who’s possibly not that confident with money. Maybe had money problems in the past. Maybe isn’t that clued up on everything to do with money. So then you as the guide and we’ll come onto that a bit more in a second, you need to figure out how you can help them with those problems. 

So what problems might they have? 

They might not know who to bank with. They might not know how to save. They might be in debt that they need to get out of. You’re then going to be creating content, offers, products, and services to solve those problems. And can you see how much more powerful that is than you as the creator going? Here’s everything I know about money because you never know really what your main character or hero needs. 


I’ll give you another example. If you are a fashion designer and you’re creating… by the way, whenever I do these examples, I always tell them off the top of my head. And then I’m like, why am I doing these off the top of my head? I’m going to end up talking myself into a circle, but let’s just roll with it. Hopefully I’ll make sense. 

If you’re a fashion designer and your passion is clothes for petite women, then your ideal audience is going to be petite women. So there’s no point then in creating clothes for average height women or tall women, because you’re not keeping your main character and the problems that they face at the heart.

So what problems do they face? 

Well, trousers that are too long skirts that are too long miniskirts that turn into middies. And middies that turn into maxi and tops that fall down a bit too low because their body might not be the same proportion, all of those things. So therefore, as the guide, you’re realising that the problem there is that they don’t have clothes that fit them, or they don’t have stylish clothes that fit them, or they don’t have X, Y, Z style of clothes that fit them. And that’s the problem that they keep coming up against. And then the hero are petite women. 

Does that make sense? 

Hopefully those two examples worked. But can you see, rather than starting a fashion brand and going, Hey, I’m going to create clothes for short women and I’m going to make everything a mini dress. You might not be realising or doing the work to understand that maybe your audience don’t want mini dresses. They actually just want trousers that fit. Or they want to wear shorts that don’t end up looking like those awful, like pedal pushers. If anybody remembers what a pedal pusher is,

then let me know cause that is not a term that I’ve used in years. Yeah. Let me know. 

Hopefully you can see why you need to center the main character, the hero in your brand. So if you’re a blogger for example, and you’re building your blog, and I know that we have a lot of lifestyle bloggers that follow us and grow and glow or members of grown glow or listen to this podcast, you might be thinking, well, how can I build a story brand when my platform is about my life? 

Well, that is absolutely fine. And I would like to say back to you is a lifestyle blog what you always want to do? Or do you have dreams of somewhere in the future, creating a business for yourself, creating a brand for yourself? If so, what type of brand? Because then you can really hone in on your ideal audience, what your unique offering is going to be your niche. And you might see that it moves away from being just a lifestyle brand or just about you. 

So then in that story, you’ve got your main character and let’s use Grow and Glow for example, our main character is you, whoever’s listening, you are interested in creating content. You want to build a personal brand, perhaps at the moment you’re just focusing on building your platforms and creating the best content that you can, or perhaps you’re listening because you have a business idea in mind, or you already run a business or already have a brand that you’re wanting to grow. You’re our ideal audience, are ideal Grow and Glow member.

So what problems do you face? Will you face problems of not having time to learn everything there is to learn about building a brand? You may be suffering with a lack of confidence around building a brand and putting yourself out there online. You might not really get content strategy. You might be trying to build on the wrong platforms that aren’t really working for you. You might be creating content that’s just not nailing your audience. 

That doesn’t… that sounded rude. That’s not nailing your audience. 

You’re creating content that is not reaching the audience or touching them in the right way. Not touching them in a nailing way, but you see what I mean? 

So they’re your problems. And then us in this next part of a story brand are your guides us at Grow and Glow. So what we need to do is guide you through those problems. If we know that you’re lacking on time, we build content and a service and a product that helps you save time. Which we do through our task list. Because you know that if you implement your task lists every month that you’re moving in the right direction.

It might be that you’re suffering with confidence. So this is me Vix here, trying to create content that will empower you and also hosting our monthly coaching calls where you can come along and you can say Vixs, I’m really struggling with this or got real imposter syndrome this month, or I really want to launch this, but I just don’t think I’m good enough. And you can come along to our monthly group coaching calls. And not only do you have the rest of Grow and Glow going, “come on you can do it” , but you can have real feedback from me on a one to one basis saying “hey, right, these are where you’re getting stuck and this is how we can fix it”. Therefore empowering you and hopefully giving you that boost of confidence. You need to move past things.

It might be like I said, you had no idea what to do for content strategy. You’ve just been blogging or posting on Instagram, but with no intention. And you’re not really sure if you’re doing it right. Well, us as your guides can teach you everything there is to know about creating great content and reaching an audience. 

So think about that for your own example then. How can you position yourself as a guide within your story brand? How will you help your ideal audience or customer overcome the problems that they’re having? How will you do that through your free content? How will you do that through your paid offerings and services? I hopefully you’re starting to think like, oh yeah, this is a really good way of looking at it because the other benefit with this is that you can become so much more intentional.

When you know it’s a problem to solve, a question and an answer. It becomes a lot more easier to see the content that you can create to help answer those questions and solve those problems. 

And then I’ve a really simplified version of building a story brand obviously I recommend reading the book, but if you think about this ideal client as the hero, the problems that they face you as the guide to help them through those problems, and then we end our happy ending. And our happy ending is a transformation. It’s what we want to show our audiences, where we can take them from point A to point B. So if we’re going back to that Financial Content Creator or Financial Coach, for example, at the beginning, the audience may have no idea about money, no idea where to save no idea where to bank, no idea about interest rates, no idea about taxes aahhh everything’s so overwhelming and so confusing. And they feel really lost and low confidence. But the happy ending is, that you’ve empowered them to know where to bank, to know how to save, to understand in a really simple way, you know, interest rates and taxes, so that they end up feeling more confident with their money.

Do you see how that’s kind of a transformation? 

Same with the Petite Style Fashion Designer example, they’ve gone from feeling that no clothes fit them, that nothing’s in their style, and that they’re often forgotten when the more mainstream brands are creating clothes. And by creating your range for them, you’ve made them feel confident, more happy with themselves, feel like they can finally explore their personal style.

And again, with the Grow and Glow example. Once we’ve offered you all of our solutions to your problems, we know that our members go into Grow and Glow not really understanding where their Personal Brand is going, what they really want to get out of things, what makes them unique. They don’t really know where to use their time most effectively, they’re not sure how to build platforms in the best way or how to create the content in the most intentional way. And during becoming a member, the transformation happens in front of our eyes. We see them becoming more confident. We see them actually really stepping into their power and their authority and saying “hey I actually do know what I’m doing here”. And here’s how I’m going to help you. We see them creating the most amazing content and we see them building really engaged audiences.

So, think about the transformation that you can offer your audience or your ideal client at the end of the story. 

So let me know if all of that makes sense. Hopefully it does. I really do recommend “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller. Perhaps if you are a Grow and Glow member, we can have a chat about this on our next coaching call. If you’re not a member head over to Facebook and search Grow and Glow The Personal Branding Community, and we have a free Facebook group. And what I’ll do is I’ll put a thread in there where I will get you all to share your story brand ideas, and we can chat about whether we think it’s the right thing. If we’ve centered the customers in the right way or the readers in the right way, whether the solutions we have ideas for really are meeting their needs and answering their problems, all that kind of stuff. We can chat about your story brands in that free Facebook group. So make sure you head over there.

Until next time, I am off to go and continue to build our story brand at Grow and Glow and to see how I can make our members more of a hero. 

That’s going to be on my task to do list today. 

But yeah, until next time I will see you very soon. 

Thank you for listening and byyyeeee! 

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