24 October 2017

When Blogging Turns You Into A Prick

By Vix
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Blogging is going through a weird phase currently, isn’t it? You can’t tell your Influencer from Instagrammer, followings are sky-rocketing overnight due to bots and buying and the Twitter community is freezing over due to lack of drama.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like no-one is reading or giving a shit about me any more and I wonder if it’s because I’m just not interesting or whether people are just wrapped up in their own blogs and lives that they don’t have the time or purely can’t be arsed to engage.

Or is this all because blogging has turned us into pricks?

Hear me out.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked Twitter for Disneyland ticket recommendations and lo and behold, a kind offer drops into my inbox. Just today I was tweeting about being too skint to get my hair did and WHADDYA KNOW another very kind offer lands in my emails.

It’d be so easy to get carried away with that wouldn’t it? *tweets about being in dire need of the new iPhone X*

So here’s a few words of wisdom on how not to get carried away – it’s certainly helped me at times.

Do Things For The Community, Not Just Yourself

In creating The Blog Race, Laila and I wanted to introduce a fun competition that could involve the community in backing other bloggers who were setting out to create new, inspiring and challenging content.

What we hadn’t prepared for was either the disinterest from those who always banged on about wanting more diversity and newer bloggers coming through or the sheer arrogance of those who thought that the competition wouldn’t do anything for them so couldn’t be bothered to engage.

What was lovely though was seeing a group of bloggers who are still competing in it, engaging with each other’s content and sharing it widely for more people to see and love it.

Don’t Be So Grabby

Is there anything grosser than attending blog events just to see people virtually climb over each other for the goodie bags?

I’ve been to events where ‘bloggers’ I’ve never seen before show up, steal the goodies and scarper or turn up, say hi to no-one, grab the bag and leave straight away.

YES getting all of the lovely bits and pieces really is a highlight of being a blogger but DAMN GURL YOU GON’ STARVE IF YOU DON’T GET THAT MASCARA?

Furthermore, the grabbiness has started to seep over into the Twitter bloggersphere. Where my timeline used to be full of people sharing other people’s content and lively discussions over a latest post – it’s now growing under PR Requests and bum-licking of brands.

Do Reply To People

I know when you’ve made it so big and you can get that little LikeToKnow widget thing that it’s ever so tempting to not reply to pleas of, ‘WHERE ARE THOSE RED BOOTS FROM?’ because there’s no bunce in it for you if those peeps don’t peep your link to your app but CHRIST just tell us.

Also, I totally get that if you’re getting thousands of responses to each tweet and you’re a busy, high-flying gal that it’s not always possible to respond. And I certainly CBA to reply to mind-numbing tweets that are designed to wind me up BUT if someone is complimenting your content or bigging up your beauty, just a thanks will suffice. Clicking that little heart and hoping we’ll go away will not.

Moreover, the bloggersphere would be less pricky if we were engaging and conversing over issues that were important to us and content that drove discussion. This can only happen if we tweet each other, comment and engage with each other positively.

Don’t Get So Wrapped Up In Awards

This is massively ‘pot, kettle, black’ as anyone who knows me, knows how EL FUMO I get if I don’t win an award. It’s never even that I believe I deserve to win, because I never do, it’s just me being a twin and growing up abnormally competitive.

HOWEVER, if you find yourself at a ceremony and you find yourself losing out in your category, it’s probs a good idea to be genuinely happy for the winner and not eye-rolling at your plus one and leaving straight away.

ALSO it’s pricky to not be humble.

Do Engage With Others Even If They’ll Do Better Than You

I think the staleness in the bloggersphere at the moment, for me at least, is because no-one seems to be sharing great content any more. Everyone is more than happy to bang out 55345346 scheduled tweets of their own content but not many people seem to be retweeting and sharing other great posts into my timeline.

Is that because we’ve all gotten so competitive that we think if someone’s post gets more than 10 RTs or more than 1,000 views then our posts will get less attention?

I, for one, know who my favourite bloggers are and I’m more than happy that they are doing things I’ll never achieve – THAT’S OK BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT. I am still going to share their shit and boost their egos because THEY DESERVE IT.

Anywho, this is a bit of a rambly one as I just wanted to get my current thoughts out there. I’ve written similar posts on how we can get the bloggersphere back and things bloggers do that annoy me if you want to check out those!

PLUS I’d love it if you could tweet me and let me know your thoughts, how can we, as bloggers be less pricky?

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