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2 July 2020

What Pivoting My Instagram Taught Me About Niching

By Vix
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In this episode of The Grow & Glow show, Vix explores her recent experiences with growing on Instagram and how she’s change her content to fuel engagement.


Welcome to the Grow and Glow show. This is a podcast for creators. Online, advocators and personal brand dominators. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about growing an online platform and glowing for your audience. My name’s Vix Meldrew. I’m a full time content creator and community cultivator. So grab a diet Coke, a notepad and pen, and let’s get ready to grow and glow.

Hello and welcome back to the Grow and Glow show. In today’s episode, I’m going to talk to you about how pivoting my Instagram content really nailed home the message around niching, the message that I speak to every single member in Glow and Glow about it’s something that I’ve really only recently taken fully onboard and clicked with. So I thought I would share with you a bit of this kind of behind the scenes feelings, reflections and thoughts on niching and how pivoting my Instagram content has really nailed home some of those messages. 

So if this is something that you’re interested in hearing, it’s going to be a bit of a ramble because these are feelings and thoughts that are piling out of my head, then definitely dive on in. 

Okay. So like I said, this episode is going to be a bit of a real talk episode with you guys. So before COVID so pre Rona or pre tiger king as some of our timelines are kind of forming now, it’s like, yeah, rather than BC and AD, it’s like pre TK post TK. So pre TK, I was feeling very meh about my personal Instagram content or my Vix Meldrew platform, because grow and glow has become such a brand within its own right? And I felt like the content on the grow and glow Instagram was going in such a right direction. It was completely teaching our members and our followers. Everything you need to know about building a personal brand, but then I thought, well, what’s my Vix Meldrew content doing? Yes. I was showing a bit of my life, you know, being out in the country, living, you know, the married life out here in the countryside. But for me, I’ve always been somebody who wants to offer value, who wants to teach something who wants to share something. And I just didn’t feel like my content was doing any of that. 

Sure. It was giving people an insight into my personal life.

But as I teach all of the members of Glow and Glow, who cares, who cares about your personal life, unless they’re already a fan of yours or a follower who’s been around for a long time. And who wants to know more just sharing your personal life, isn’t going to attract new people in, unless it’s something that they can hugely hugely relate to. You have to create content that’s super valuable. That can be shared. That can resonate with people that can really hit home to gain those new followers. And to be honest, I got to about 16.3k followers in January or 16.4k followers in January. And by April/May, I’d gone down to like 16.3k. I was losing followers because all I was posting was relatable things to me, things that I found, funny, things that I found interesting. And I’d got a little bit lost with creating content that I thought other people would find interesting that was valuable to other people. And I’ve had coaching and as you guys know, I’ve worked with Alice Bennom, who has a brilliant podcast called starting the conversation. You should definitely tell that one out as well.

And this was a conversation with bless her that she’d been having with me for like six months in terms of Vix’s your content on your Vix Meldrew platform is to supplement. What you’re doing at Grow and Glow it’s to show people everything about grow and Glow, the behind the scenes, the context of building a personal brand, and that’s what you need to be using the Vix Meldrew content for.

And I just kept hanging on and I was like, Oh, I know, but every time I talk about blogging or every time I talk about building a personal brand, people just switch off and I lose engagement and people just aren’t interested. And she kept saying to me, no, make valuable content, make shareable content, make stuff that’s interesting to people and you won’t find this, but I dug my nails and I was like, no, I just think people want to see what I’m up to my daily life and blah, blah, blah. And I made all of these assumptions and therefore I completely fell out of love with Instagram. I was posting once a week, once every 10 days, every time it was like, Oh,

I need to get a photo for Instagram. I was just dreading it. I didn’t want to keep getting dressed up into clothes to take pictures during Corona when all I was wearing every day and was like the baggiest, t-shirt no bra and the stinkiest leggings possible off of my bedroom floor. I was like, I just don’t want to do this kind of side of Instagram anymore.

So I was just feeling this whole general meh about my personal Instagram content. And then I had these epiphanies during Corona and especially around the time that the Black Lives Matter movement came out where I really felt strongly that I cannot have a platform and not use it to share a message. That the reason why I was feeling so meh about everything was because my passion was in teaching. And my passion was in sharing sort of like educational content and being super honest and transparent with my audience. And I hadn’t really done that over the past few months. And it was this call to action of like, okay, you have a position where you can create content that’s going to be valuable. That’s going to start conversations. That’s going to really help people. Why not just do it that I suddenly just said, okay, I need to stop thinking what if it bombs? What if it doesn’t get engagement? What if brands don’t want to see it? What if I’m not in the photo? Is it not going to get as much engagement, get rid of all of these assumptions that I had and really connect at the core with what I wanted to do. And what I’ve always wanted to do in building growing glow is make this whole world of building an online business, accessible to people by being super transparent with what it takes. 

That is what I want to do at the core, but it’s something that I just stopped doing really on the Vix Meldrew Instagram platform. So I thought, okay, cool. Let’s just get rid of all of those assumptions. Let’s just stop thinking it’s going to do bad engagement, stop caring about that kind of thing, and really connect and listen to what people need to hear what people want to hear and what will be helpful. 

So if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that over the past few weeks, I’ve been creating content. That is exactly that. It’s opening the lid, opening the door, giving a bit of transparency, talking honestly, and sharing sides of the creative industry that not a lot of people have access to or might understand or might know about in a way that feels authentic to me.

And suddenly I started growing Instagram followers. Again. Suddenly I had people actually messaging me saying, Oh my gosh, thank you for this post. It was so helpful. I’ve not had messages like that for months, where people are actually finding my content useful, valuable, helpful. It’s inspired them to do something. It’s taught them something. And actually a fire was lit up my ass again, to make more of that content because I thought, ah, it has really clicked into place here. 

I have been building my niche as an expert within the influence industry within the personal brand online business industry, as somebody who just tells it as it is. And yet I was not doing that on my Instagram platform. 

As soon as I did start doing that on my Instagram platform, I started getting engagement. I started getting messages. I started growing followers, started getting my content saved and shared. And it’s funny because if I look back at my content now over this past year, every single piece of content that has the most reach saved shares, engagement, DMS, and follows has happened in the last few weeks. And to 10, 20, 50 times more than content I’d made previously. 

So I have learned a few lessons over this last few weeks and the main one, and this is the one that I want to teach you guys is to lean in. 

Is to stop thinking that you want to talk about everything and that all of these different followers and every follower wants something different from you that you need to create a bit of this for that person. A little bit of this for that person and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, and really lean into your area of expertise, really connect with the thing that you are most passionate about and create the content around that. Because that is where you’re seeing the most results. If you’re sat there at the moment thinking like I was a couple of weeks ago. I’m not growing, I’m going to engagement, nobody’s listening. Nobody really cares. Nothing’s really happening. I honestly urge you to really connect back to what it is that you want to share on your platforms, what your niche is, what your area of expertise is, and really lean in to creating that content and not worrying about, oh, I think some people want to see what I was up to at the weekend. And I think some people want to see what skincare routine I have. And I think some people want to see what I’m wearing and some people want to see what I had for dinner last night. That stuff can go to stories. You can do all of that nice like day to day stuff on stories. But I think it’s really shown me that to grow and get engagement on your grid on Instagram you have to lean in to sharing and creating valuable content that people can save, share, refer back to message you about. 

And yet the stuff that I’m talking about is influencer industry stuff. But for you, it might be your area of expertise. It might be that you work in, I don’t know the food industry and there might be people that don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes that you could share and that you could talk about because you’re the expert.

It might be that you’re a photographer and not many people know what goes into being a photographer and the photography industry and any controversies that are happening that you could bring some transparency to. Or it could just be that your area of expertise is, I don’t know, Marvel films, but you’d been too scared before to really lean into that niche because you thought, oh gosh, not that many people are going to be interested in Marvel, but go all in with it really create content dedicated to your area of expertise. Because I have learned that by leaning in it really will bring a shift in engagement and growth. 

So that’s one of the lessons I’ve learned. 

The other lesson I’ve learned is to just forget about what you think you should be creating, in my head I had this thing of, oh, I’m considered an influencer. So what content is influencers make? Oh, they make lifestyle content. So I need to have outfit shorts and full body shots and flat lays of the latest products that I’ve been using or pictures of the latest thing that I’ve been, you know, a beautifully arranged so and so, and so that I’ve been making or whatever, when really that was what I thought I should be making. But really when I connected with my gut and I connected with what I wanted to be making on what I wanted to bring value wise, I realised that all of that stuff is nice and it’s great and I love engaging with that type of content. But maybe for me, it can have a better place on stories where I feel like stories are more of like getting to know the person and grid can be more for valuable content that people can save, share, and take something from. 

So, yeah, like I said, bit of a rambley episode, but I really wanted to chat to you guys about this lesson that I’ve learned because whilst I sit in Grow and Glow and I teach our members about really honing in on your niche and creating valuable content around that niche and asserting your level of expertise and getting your name out there as the expert in an area, it was something that I definitely wasn’t doing myself over my Vix Meldrew platform because I thought, Oh, you know, we’re doing it in Grow and grow has got it covered. And it’s only when I actually took my own advice on board and really connected back with that theory around why niching and why being an expert and why asserting authority and something is so important is only by leaning into that did it actually make a difference? And did I finally start seeing some engagement and growth. 

So, hopefully you’ve managed to take something out of this ramble. Let me know if you have taken anything out of this. Let me know if you’re deciding to really lean into your area of expertise and maybe if content is going to be changing up, I’ve got an episode coming up in a few weeks on a content strategy. So let me know how yours might change thinking about leaning into your area of expertise. It would be great to have this conversation with you. 

Yes come and have a chat in the free Facebook group, Grow and Glow, or come follow us on Instagram, growglow.co and let’s carry on these conversations. I can’t wait to hear what epiphany’s, you’re going to be having around your content and hopefully see some growth for you guys too.

So thank you so much for listening and I’ll chat to you next time.


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