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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
18 June 2020

What is a personal brand and why you need one whether you’re an influencer, small business owner or employee!

By Vix
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We use the term “personal brand” a lot here at Grow & Glow.

Like, a lot a lot.

Whether it’s among team members, in our resources or as a part of our live trainings, we work hard to promote the importance of cultivating one. Business owners, full time employees, freelance babes and influencers alike should all take note of whether they’re building a strong personal brand if they want to truly achieve all of their career goals.

So, in this blog post, we go back to the basics of what a personal brand actually is and just why we harp on about it so much.

What is a personal brand for influencers?

What is a personal brand?

Put simply, a personal brand is all about how you tell your story to people in order to build relationships with them.

It’s about how you intertwine your authentic personality, values and experiences into everything from copy to imagery and from content pillars to how you navigate your everyday life. When done right, a personal brand ultimately allows you to build a reputation that is exactly what you want it to be. And that means that you can reach your goals more quickly!

As such, perfecting your personal brand means getting extremely clear on your uniqueness and what differentiates you from your competitors/peers. This becomes the foundation of how your followers, customers and colleagues form a relationship with you.

Yep. It’s pretty much a blend between traditional commercial branding of products and your personality. Clue’s in the name, right?

Why personal branding matters as an influencer

Let’s start with the obvious one.

As an influencer, your followers are connecting with YOU. You’re putting your face, your voice and, to an extent, your life online. So there’s really no doubt that you as a person are closely tied to the opportunities that your “brand” gets.

By creating a strong personal brand – by sharing your true self with your followers through the pictures you post, stories you share and collaborations you take on – you are able to build a level of trust and connection that is otherwise impossible.

After all, why do you think huge corporations invest in influencer marketing? Because it’s the more approachable, personable side of marketing that so often gets a brilliant return on investment.

Having a genuine connection with your followers means that they are more likely to buy every product that you release, click every affiliate link you post and engage with each and every piece of content you create. Not just because you make brilliant stuff (which if massively important too) but because they are bought into YOU.

Not only will this make your job more fulfilling, but it will also make you more money. Brands want to invest in engaged audiences, which are usually born from personal brands.

Getting clear on your niche as an influencer is the foundation of creating a strong personal brand. Become a Grow & Glow member today to get access to our complete Grow Into Your Niche course.

Why personal branding matters as a business owner or freelancer 

There are lots of people doing the same thing as you. Unless you have a super unique product or service ideas like hoverboards with Soda Streams attached to the engine, there’s probably someone with almost exactly the same business model as you!

By getting personal with your branding, you are able to create a deeper connection with your customers and potential customers so that they are more willing to invest in your business. They will buy into your story, meaning that they will pick you over your competition.

Yep, even if the product/service is 100% identical.

For small businesses and freelancers, building a personal brand obviously means including whatever makes you unique in your copy and visual design in some way. However, it can also mean having a brand founder that is extremely present on all collateral, a brand story on your website that shows how the company was born from personal experience, or even just team takeovers on social media.

It’s all about injecting personality and values into what you create, to attract your dream customers in a way that your competition can’t! After all, they’re not you.

Why personal branding matters as an employee

Personal branding doesn’t just mean online branding and it doesn’t have to be commercial. It can actually just be a case of how you present yourself, in order to create your desired reputation as an individual.

Whilst personal branding is most often associated with, erm, brands, you can also see yourself as an employee through a similar lens. If you’re able to create a reputation for yourself as the best in your circle, the most trustworthy, the most authoritative, you can tick off your goals more quickly than you can even say the term “personal branding”!

Being the best in your industry brings you endless career opportunities.

Being the most trustworthy brings you more money and investment in you as an employee.

Being authoritative brings you more chances of leadership.

To achieve this, you need a personal brand. As an individual, this means getting super clear on what you want to portray and using things like your online profiles, mannerisms, clothes and personality to help you do that.

In this way your personal brand is directly correlated to you achieving what you want to as an employee.

So there you have it! Proof that personal branding is an absolute game-changer, no matter what career path you’re on.

Whilst we may have got the cogs turning on how you can incorporate these ideas into your life, if you’re looking for that extra push towards nailing your personal brand so that you can truly embody the CEglOw you’re meant to be, make sure to become a Grow & Glow member. We offer a whole host of courses on everything from getting clear on your niche, to using social platforms to build your brand online.

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