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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
10 November 2020

Vix’s framework for SHARE-worthy content

By Vix
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In this episode of The Grow & Glow show, Vix shares the framework that she follows to ensure her content gets shared widely and by the right people!

How to get more shares on Instagram

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Welcome back to the Grow & Glow Show!

Today I wanted to focus on a question I get asked ALL THE TIME… Vix…how can I get more shares on my content?We’re back with a whole new look for our membership hub, more resources than ever and an excitement to bring you a bunch of new episodes on everything PERSONAL BRAND BUILDING!

Now honestly, ask me that question 8 months ago and I’d be a fraud for answering! The saves and shares on my posts were NON EXISTENT. But after I pivoted my content strategy and Instagram niche – which you can hear more
about on our episode from last season, ‘How I pivoted my Instagram’… not a single post goes by without TONS of shares – I don’t mean that to sound wanky and I’ll happily share the screenshots with ya – but creating shareable content is now totally my JAM.

Over these last few months, I’ve analysed and reflected on all of my most shared posts – as well as those viral posts I’ve seen floating around and I’ve come up with a sort of framework that describes the features of the most shared posts – and obvsssss I’m going to SHARE (how many times can we say this word) with you today! So are ya ready?
OK so my framework is the SHARE framework. I bloody love an acronym. Alice and I came up with one for our 30DayReelsThing workshop called REELS, which… I know… we’re just going to have to do an episode on
aren’t we? That will be coming…

So I created one for SHAREable content too – I find little acronyms and shiz like this helpful to keep in mind when creating content. It’s like at primary school when we had to remember the names of the planets, or NEVER EAT SHREDDED WHEAT for the points on the compass! Is that an acronym? There was also one for Henry 8th’s wives – Divorced Beheaded Survived or something? What are these things called? Can anyone remind me???


And I’ll walk you through each bit now! So Story…

My SHARE acronym stands for

From my analysing, researching and reflecting, I realised that a lot of content that gets shared widely often has a brilliant STORY behind it. A great creator to follow for this is Sarah Landry from @thebirdspapaya. She grew her account from 170k to over a million in such a short space of time because she would almost like mini blog in her captions about her life experiences with divorce, body image and mental health. The stories she told
through her content were so powerful that she grew such a large community of women who were sharing her story so widely.

So how much of your Story do you share? There’s for sure a range between warts and all and sharing ZILCH but is there something within your back story or brand story that stands out? That’s unique? Or that you could explore in your content in more detail that will make people want to share it? Why do people share content that has a strong STORY? I’ve been doing so much research on viral content – I’ve read some great books so will share those with you ASAP on Instagram… You really have to reverse engineer it and think about it from the perspective of the person doing the sharing…and I’m even thinking of putting a workshop together for it – so let me know if you’re interested – but people essentially share content that makes them look better. Like social proof!

So by sharing a strong story that’s been artfully crafted, it feels like the equivalent of sharing your own story – you’ve just done it through someone else’s words but also you look great for sharing such a great piece of content!

Furthermore stories often carry valuable lessons without us even realising it. Like fables that we learned at school that always have a moral – even when we’re relaying helpful information – about something we’ve purchased for example – we tell it in a story.

Here’s an example! Everyone has been loving my to do lists I share in Insta stories, because they’re broken down into work, home and fun sections – I learned it from Sophie Cliff – but when people were asking me why I did my to do lists this way, I told them the story of learning about it from Sophie as well as realising that my work life balance was suffering and I was focussing way more on getting my work to do list done each day that I had neglected the things that were fun for me – reading my book, watching Netflix. So I’ve relayed helpful info – how to structure a to do list in Apple notes but through a personal story!

Now ‘Helpful’. But one aspect of valuable content, is helpful content. We talk a lot about valuable content nowadays because I really don’t see brands and creators surviving on Instagram if they’re not creating ‘valuable’ content – I’ll do another podcast episode on what this means soon! Because valuable content can seem like quite
an irritating, wtf does that mean concept until it’s boiled down…

Content that teaches the consumer something – a tutorial, a how-to, a guide, a transformation, tips, advice, templates, reflection questions, a recipe, an edit, digestible news etc Even my to do list story from before!

It’s again shared for 2 reasons, one because the consumer goes – wow this is great content and secondly so they can help their audience and get the kudos for it! Think about how many times you’ve told your friends or partners about a great deal or discount – that’s helped them save money. Or you’ve told your neighbours which local pub to avoid – that’s helped them stay safe or not waste money on bad service or whatever.

I’m sure those people have then taken the helpful advice or pointer you’ve shared and then shared it on themselves!
The A in SHARE stands for ‘Awe-Inspiring’. Awe-inspiring content = scroll stopping content. Content that makes a viewer stop scrolling and think ‘wow’. Now awe can be inspired in many ways – aesthetically – in terms of things that are ‘beautiful’ and I say that in air quotes because that’s obvs relative. But also like shocking – unexpected! Reels are really good for this, you can start a Reel in a random /unpredictable way that will make people stop – and then share because they’ll be like, ‘this made me stop!’ – does that make sense?

People also share high high high quality content because again they get to share high quality content by proxy – so their content looks high quality, even though they’re sharing someone else’s.

Genuinely, the people I watch religiously on Stories – I call them the content curators, or the meme dealers. They’re the ones who, by viewing their Stories, I know I’m guaranteed to have great content shared with me (that I can go on and share too!) – It’s a whole sharing cycle!

Now ‘R’ – Relatable

People love to share content that tells their Story for them. Maybe they don’t have the words. Or the bravery. Or the humour. Or the articulation. So when someone else creates content that speaks directly to them – it’s like they’re hearing themselves in the content – it’s an automatic share because they can then tell their audience – hey this is how I’m feeling or what I’ve experienced too!

This is why it’s so key to understand your audience through and through. Understand the things you have in common – those touch points. A great example of this came during lockdown when I shared how often I feel sensitive in my surroundings – noise, touch, smell, taste, texture – too many noises at once etc A follower messaged me and said, ‘you need to check out this account about being a highly sensitive person. I’m HSP and it sounds like you could be too!’

I went straight to that account, related to alllllll of the content and then spent ages resharing it to my stories and with my friends and family via DM or WhatsApp to be like SEE THAT’S ME. I’m not odd!

The E in my SHARE acronym stands for Emotion.

Content that is shared widely often evokes strong emotions within us. Nice content rarely gets shared. Pleasant stories rarely are shared. But content that makes you furious. Or burst out laughing. Or completely moved. That’s
the stuff that physiologically we are MOVED to share. Like that feeling when you see a really emotive piece of content in your body? Your heckles are raised, maybe it chills your blood, or your shoulders are heaving with laughter – it’s that physical response that makes us hit the share button.

But how do you reverse engineer this? If you don’t want to make your audience angry or don’t believe you’re the next biggest comedian? Again it comes back to knowing your audience. A simple meme, with the right message
and a niche understanding can make people LOL because it’s the inside joke they never knew they needed. You don’t have to discuss the next election to make people ‘angry’ – you could share news to your audience of gardeners about the dangers of people feeding foxes in rural areas to elicit a reaction.

I genuinely believe that most of the time we’re creating content that hits these SHARE points totally by accident and it’s a whole next level of thinking to totally reverse engineer this process and guarantee virality all the time…

But what principals can you take forwards? Can you dig deeper into what your audience might find helpful?
Can you become a meme dealer or work on the awe inspiring aspects of your content?

The next time you post, could you ask yourself if you’ve told a story with what you’re sharing?

Again can you learn about your audience more so you can understand what they’d find most relatable?

And the next time you post a nice sentiment – can you think about other emotions you could evoke instead?

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