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3 June 2019

3 Unexpected Places To Do Keyword Research

By Vix
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Our ‘Grow Your Traffic‘ bundle covers all aspects of how to increase traffic to your blog, website and social channels, with a huge focus on helping you nail SEO – which is where keyword research comes in.

You’ll have heard about ‘keyword research’ at some point. The necessary (but often so, so boring) task you ‘should’ complete when writing blog posts that you want to appear on Google and to boost your website up the rankings.

Lots of keyword research tools are complicated or expensive. However I really rate Moz’s Keyword Explorer if you have 10 or less searches to complete a month.

But if you want 3, free, easy, fuss-free ways to check whether the keyword you’re thinking of using for your blog post is a good one OR to check whether your audience actually even NEEDS that piece of content, I’ve got you…

keyword research

Google Auto Complete

Follow my thought process…

I want to write a blog post about, ‘New York’…

keyword research using google auto complete

Typing in ‘New York’ to Google brings up a list of keywords I could use and refine my post towards – this is what people are searching!

Now instead of a generic New York post, I’m going to write one on the City Pass, or the weather – these keywords give me a much better chance of ranking for that search term than just ‘New York’!

You can then, of course, go and pop, ‘New York City Pass’ into Moz’s Keyword Explorer to check how much competition you’d have over that keyword, but it’s a great first place to start.

Google Trends

This is a little nugget that not that many people are aware of!

Google Trends is a Google tool that tracks the search volume of certain ‘trends’. It can tell us whether more, less or the same amount of people are searching for it month in, month out.

This helps us ensure that our content is always up to date and ground-breaking, as opposed to jumping onto something that no one is interested in, any more.

From here, you can refine your key word or blog post topic even further!

Let’s follow my thought process again…

I’m thinking of writing a blog post, or creating a product that’s related to ‘avocado’ as I bloody love it and so many more people do too…

keyword research google trends screenshot 1

keyword research google trends screenshot 2

From here, I can see that a ‘breakout’ (a lot) of people are searching for ‘avocado smash game’ and ‘avocado and coffee’.

So then I’d be thinking about writing a blog post called, ’15 of the Best Places In London For Avocado Toast & Coffee’ or one on the Avocado Smash game (whatever the heck that is?).

And if I was creating a product, it would probably be an avocado coffee cup or water bottle because more people are searching for this!

With Google Trends you can adjust the location to the location of the majority of your audience are based or to see what’s trending in your country.

You can also see what’s been ‘recently trending’ for your country – this means you can get discussing topics on your website or social channels that lots of people are searching so you can always be on the cutting edge…

keyword research google trends screenshot 3


We all know by now that Pinterest isn’t a moodboard or a social media channel but actually quite a powerful search engine.

In the same way that Google auto-completes trending searches for us, so does Pinterest!

Let’s follow my thought process one last time…

I’ve decided that I’d like to write a blog post on, ‘vegan recipes’. Let’s see what Pinterest is saying…

keyword research pinterest autocomplete

Seeing what people are searching on Pinterest for can really help you refine those keywords to ensure you’re creating content that people are searching for!

So there we have my 3 surprisingly easy ways to dip your toe into keyword research! Which tool do you think you’ll use the most?

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