8 March 2019

9 Types Of Bloggers & What I’ve Learned From Them

By Vix
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In honour of International Women’s Day, I wanted to spotlight 9 of my favourite UK bloggers and influencers and show you the lessons I’ve learned from their successes that I hope to encompass within my own journey.

As I began writing this, to the women who inspire me every day, I stopped in my tracks. I begun to think – what if other bloggers, who I admire, read this and begin to compare themselves negatively to those who are featured?

Many of the women who I wanted to write about today are regularly lauded through story shout outs, press features and a rapidly growing following. Did they really need my arse-licking too?

So instead, I am anonymising who I am writing about and instead speaking about ‘types’ of bloggers. Those Sherlocks amongst you may be able to guess who I am talking about, and that’s fine. But I’d like you to engage with this post in a different way…

Rather than assuming that each type is a person, I want you to take to YOUR social media platforms and channels to tag the creators who YOU think fit these categories and have helped you learn the same lessons I’ve been learning.

Are you up for it?

As women in a competitive industry, we don’t always use our own platforms to elevate one another and it’s time that changed. Perhaps you’ll join me, this International Women’s Day, to pay homage to some of the creators that continually inspire you?

Types of bloggers

This Blogger Gives A Lesson In Consistency

This blogger has been in this industry since the days of MAC lipstick round up posts and sharing our Boots hauls against the backdrop of Grazia magazine and a jauntily place Boots bag.

Her brand is bright, colourful, positive, approachable and knowledgable and she has stuck to that theme by producing gorgeous photographs, blogger events and written posts that really make you think.

She has taught me that success doesn’t come over night – and nor that it should. Respect in this industry is earned through persevering with your dream, being an ultimate professional and grinding out consistently great content.

This Blogger Gives A Lesson In Being Aspirational But Not An Arsehole

This woman may have the dream blogger life that many aspirational influencers aspire to have and many bitter biatches creating shitty forum topics about.

But the lesson that she teaches is all about being humble. Yes she shows us what she’s bought, where she’s been and her bulging designer wardrobe, but she does it all with humour, warmth and heart.

When influencers become inspirations, that power can go to their heads but I’ve not found that with this woman. She always shows me how to nurture an audience who have stuck by her since day 1 and balance that with sharing her envious lifestyle.

This Blogger Teaches A Lesson In Being Relatable

Relatability is this gal’s super power.

She taught me that making your audience feel like they’re your best mate really is the key ingredient to every piece of success ever.

This bad biatch quickly scaled her way up the bloggersphere ladder with viral, shareable and witty posts that spoke to every millennial woman. Furthermore, she opened her heart and welcomed us in on her mental health journey.

This valuable lesson is all about, ‘keeping it real’ and having true influence.

Her loyal legion of fans have been with her since day one and even as she has started a new journey, those girls who related to the McDonald’s hangover breakfasts, period comfort style and her ability to speak to your nostalgic heart, haven’t left her side.

If you’re ever wondering just how to build a loyal and engaged audience, this blogger holds the key.

This Blogger Gives A Lesson On Being Ahead Of The Curve

If there’s one thing to be said about this blogger, is that she is ALWAYS ahead of the blogging game.

When I just about got an Olympus Pen and took a blurry background picture of a candle, she was out here shooting with a skilled photographer in an exotic location.

Her content has changed throughout the years as she has gone on a meteoric rise from the alt-girl-next-door blogger to luxury lifestyle influencer extraordinaire, but one thing hasn’t ever changed and that’s her ability to be innovative.

Her stratospheric growth is completely in line with the outrageous improvements in her content.

And that lesson is this. Talent, hard work, creativity and passion WILL be rewarded, in this industry.

This Blogger Teaches Us To Not Give A Shit About Numbers

This beautiful blogger has it all. She’s literally Miss Congeniality – she’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a winner.

When I first stumbled across her blog, I was sure she’d have hundreds of thousands of followers. Her posts were written well and full of heart, her photos were stunning and her personality shone, but when I saw she had just a fraction of that, I was stunned.

But straight away a lesson was learned. She is out here nailing content, whilst working full time AND working with amazingly enviable brands, whilst being an inspiration, even though, as of writing, she has less than the ‘magical bench mark’ of 10,000 Instagram followers.

This person will continue to rise to the cream of the blogging crop, and the numbers will follow but her attitude, consistently high level of content and bloody beaut face will never change.

This Blogger Teaches Us All A Lesson In Nailing Your Niche

Alright, Detective Fucking Pikachu, She *is* more of a YouTuber but she has a blog and her lesson is one of the most valuable so ssssssh.

This ‘creator’ has been creating content for years but last year she uploaded a pivotal piece of extremely niche content and her popularity has expanded quicker than Topshop’s sizing range ever since.

She noticed that there was a gap in the market for her niche decided to fill that void.

Since, this person has made tons of incredible content speaking to her niche audience and this has seen incredible results for her.

Her subscribers, followers and engagement have exploded across all platforms and for two very good reasons.

Firstly, she knows who her niche audience is and makes content that serves them incredibly well. And secondly, she does it all with that magic dose of relatability.

This Blogger Delivers A Lesson In Speaking For A Cause

I only began following this woman this past year and as soon as I found her, I worked my way through every piece of content she has ever created.

This gal uses her platforms to demolish diet culture and educate her followers in a kind, supportive and knowledgable way about the body positive movement.

She has taught me that it’s good to have a cause you’re passionate about, that will help and inspire others and to not stop shouting about it from your platforms.

Often, content creators are too afraid to stick their heads above the parapet in fear of causing offence or having their views shot down from the mob, but she constantly uses her platforms to not only tackle these topics but also tackle the negativity that being an outspoken, brave woman in an online world, can bring.

This Blogger Teaches A Lesson On Bouncing Back

If there’s one creator in the UK bloggersphere that has taken their share of flack this past year, it’s this one.

She started blogging a few years before I did and I first got to know her when I went to one of the blogging events she regularly puts on to help us all network and learn more about the industry.

We got on so well that she subsequently asked me to speak at lots of her events.

Whilst working with her, I got to see how much work she puts in behind the scenes but also just how much negativity she gets online.

From bitchy comments, to rude people at her events and lately viral news stories about her content, she has just, unjustly, been attracting negative attention.

But the biggest lesson and the biggest inspiration she has given me throughout it all, is how to always remain professional and keep your head held high, even though there are those who want to bring you down.

Now, whenever I receive a nasty comment or am surrounded by negativity online, I remember WWSD (what would She do) and that’s normally to carry on about your day, be kind, lift each other up and to not let it dampen your shine.

This Blogger Teaches Us The Lesson That Community Is Better Than Competition

A blogger who can work a full time job but find time to take pictures, reply to emails, write wonderfully crafted content AND reply to all of her DMs is a superhero, in my eyes.

Alright, knobhead, she’s no paramedic or bomb disposal expert BUT she has ambitions and dreams and she wants to work tirelessly to achieve them.

This person appreciates the female-dominated aspect of the ‘bloggersphere’ as an industry and instead of resorting to back-biting, one-upmanship or shady tactics, she uses her platforms to uplift other women.

She’s generous with her shout-outs. She throws comments and likes around like confetti. She doesn’t hate follow. She engages and supports you as if she’s your best friend.

She’ll share her knowledge and experience and she’s not afraid to ask for help too.

This woman is keen to make her mark in this industry but she’ll never use anyone else as a stepping stone.

And guess what, THIS ONE, is you.

This post isn’t for just 9 of my favourites, it’s to appreciate the lessons we can learn from those who are creating a hugely positive space in this industry. Whether you think I’m talking about someone with 600k followers or 6,000 – each of these women have taught me something about this industry that I hold dear.

What lessons have you learned from your peers?

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