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9 April 2020

Behind The Biz. My Expenses | Bonus 2

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In this episode of Behind the Biz, I walk you through all of the main expenses and investments I’ve made for my business so far. I want to illustrate that ANYONE can start to grow their platforms with little to no money and scale your investment as you scale your earnings! What’s been the best investment you’ve made for your platforms so far?

26 March 2020

Behind The Biz. My Income Streams | Bonus 1

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How do I manage to make a full time income from blogging and creating resources for a community? I break it down in this episode of The Grow & Glow Show. This is a bonus episode we’re calling, ‘Behind The Biz’ where we share the inner workings of what running an influencer and membership business is really like. I hope it’s helpful!

20 May 2019

Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money | 020

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One of the questions I get asked the most, whenever I open up my Inbox for my Exciting Emails Clinic (sign up below the post and you can send in questions too!) is, ‘how can I monetise my blog?’

There are so many people, like you, out there who LOVE making content, writing posts, taking photos, pitching to brands and taking pride in your platforms but you just can’t land collaborations.

And 9 times out of 10, it’s for the same few reasons. Therefore, I thought I’d break them down for you here!

6 May 2019

What Should You Charge For Sponsored Content? | 019

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In this episode, we’ll go over all of the contexts that need to be considered when setting your rates. We’ll go through a couple of strategies influencers use to work out their rates, I’ll share the feedback I’ve had from many influencers plus I’ll offer my experience on a way to work out rates that has worked for me these past few years!