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4 August 2020

How to Sell Out a Group Coaching Program with Insta Stories | 40

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In this episode Vix shares how she sold out a group coaching program solely via Instagram stories.

Are you looking to put out a group coaching program or course of some kind? Then listen to this for all the tips and advice you need to sell out!

25 June 2020

What Pivoting My Instagram Content Taught Me About Niching | 36

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In this episode Vix chats about her personal experiences regarding her recent switch up with Instagram content, sharing with you the results she’s found that have come off the back of this change and why niching content works.

23 June 2020

Is A Personal Brand Wanky Or Do You Need One? | 35

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Vix tackles the question Is a personal brand wanky, or do you need one’?

Delving into what a personal brand actually is, shares what some of our community thinks of it, what we believe at Grow & Glow and so much more.

15 October 2019

Writing A Blog Series For SEO | 027

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Did you know that theming your blog content really helps with SEO?

Let me walk you through the benefits of a blog series in this week’s episode, help you plan one and talk to you about how it can improve your blog’s ranking.

1 October 2019

Your Instagram Captions Are Shit | 025

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Spoiler, your captions aren’t really ‘shit’, they’re just not doing the bits you need them to be doing for you.

Listen to this week’s newest episode to hear about all of the terrible captions I’ve previously written, why they’re so terrible and come away with actionable tips on how to writer better Instagram captions!

10 June 2019

Get On Top Of Your Emails Today | 022

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Always at inbox 3000? Can’t ever seem to get a system that works for you? Feel like you could be letting those EXCITING EMAILS slip through the net? Not anymore! I bring you my super easy email system that means I ALWAYS have a clear inbox…

18 March 2019

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode: 014] My Top Instagram Hashtags Tips

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I’ve studied everything Instagram have EVER said about the algorithm, plus kept an eye on other bloggers with similar accounts and similar audiences to see how they’ve managed to grow and NOTHING was working.

Then I remembered hashtags. Like the clueless uninfluencer that I am. And decided that it was something I could try to see if it would help.

And boy has it helped. One post, one day later than the next gained me a ton of new followers and had more than 2000% more impressions JUST because of hashtags. Like literally from 83 to 3k+

26 February 2019

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 012] Your Instagram Struggles Shared

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I thought I’d do something a little different for this episode. A couple of weeks ago, I took to my Instagram Stories to ask you what your biggest struggle with Instagram is. I had HUNDREDS of replies. So I thought I’d do a quick little episode on tackling the most recurring themes. So are you ready to discuss Insta struggles?

14 February 2019

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 010] Pinterest For Bloggers Part Two

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Part two: Previously I almost gave up on Pinterest. I was getting loads more monthly views but it wasn’t translating into traffic. HOWEVER since doing all of the bits we spoke about last episode and more of what I’m going to discuss today, my traffic from Pinterest has grown by 2200% which sounds MEGA impressive but actually I used to get 0-1 views a day from Pinterest and now I get on average, 23 a day.

7 February 2019

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 009] Pinterest For Blogging & Why We Need To Utilise It Now

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Part one: Currently over 250m people access Pinterest every month with around 50m of them hailing from the UK. They use it to essentially see what to do, what to buy and what to create. This means it’s an unbelievable tool to master for bloggers and online business owners a like – that’s a LOT of people seeing your content. And no silly, ‘let’s limit it to 6% of your followers’ business going on either.

Now I am NOT a Pinterest expert, so what I thought I’d do is kind of like a walkthrough episode for ya so that you can get your laptops or phones out and implement some tweaks and changes as we go through OR if you’re on the go, this episode might just lift the lid on what a GIFT Pinterest is for bloggers and online business owners a like.

30 January 2019

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 008] Crafting The Perfect Social Media Bio

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I’m going to give some examples of Instagram bios I’ve come across (names changed obvs) that just aren’t doing it for me and why. And then I’m going to give some examples of ones that are KILLING IT.

23 January 2019

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [007] Who Are You Online & How Does Everyone Know?

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We’ve spoken previously about niches and ideal readers and all that fun stuff that gives our blog a bit of direction but today I want to bring you some exercises I’ve completed recently that have reaaaaallly helped me focus in. Those are – finding the words that sum up your brand, finding your sweet spot and then translating it to branding – and I’ll go more into that in another episode and then next week, we’ll move on to creating a mission statement to sum it all up.

9 January 2019

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [006] Identifying Your Ideal Reader & Why It’s The Key To Blogging Success

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When I first started blogging, I wrote for myself as one big whole brain fart of thoughts, observations, musings and interests. It continued this way for a long time. Suddenly I started having regular readers who would chat to me about how they were feeling the same things and going through the same experiences and I loved the thought of connecting with people like that. What I didn’t realise at the time though was that I needed to be more aware of who these people were so that I could better help them through my content.

In this episode, I’m going to talk about what an ideal reader is, why it’s important to know who yours is, how to find out who they are and then how to implement that knowledge into your blog! BEEEEFY right?

5 December 2018

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [004] Writing An About Page That Is Totally YOU

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In this episode, I’m going to walk you through how to write an about page that screams ‘you’ and tells whoever stumbles across it – whether that’s a brand, a new follower or a potential loyal reader, exactly who you are and what your blog is about.

As ever, there’s a practical element so make sure you’ve got a Diet Coke, cup of tea, a snack – whatever you need and something to write on as we get cracking.

23 November 2018

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [002] Discovering Your Niche And Nailing Your USPs

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Do you need a niche for your blog?
I’d argue that you do.
This episode delves into why niches are so important, how to niche your blog, how to make YOU your niche and which niches will be popular in 2019.
How many times can I say ‘niche’?
I’ll also go into how to make sure your niche is a profitable one and why it’s so important to nail your USPs as a blogger.