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28 July 2020

Behind the Biz – The Evolution of a Membership | Bonus 6

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In this episode, Vix chats through the evolution of the Grow & Glow membership. From setting up, the general running of, tips Vix has learnt over time and so much more.

If you want to start your very own membership as part of your Personal Brand or Small Business, then this is the episode for you!

7 November 2018

Exciting Emails: The Podcast (000)

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I’d like to invite you to join me on episode 000 – a kinda trailer episode.
Here I introduce you to me.
Perhaps you know me already and have been there from the start, or perhaps you’re brand new to my journey.
This episode starts at Day 1 of my blog and walks you through the twists and turns that life, offline and on, have taken me through up until this point.