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11 August 2020

How Solving Your Audiences Problems, Solves Your Content Problems | 41

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In this episode Vix tackles the topic of how solving your audiences problems, actually solves your content problems. Resulting in no more “I don’t know what to post” scenarios.

Do you ever get stuck with what content to post?

Then this is the episode for you!

14 July 2020

Adapting Your Content Strategy in 2020 | 38

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In this episode, Vix addresses the need to change our content strategy in a post Tiger King, current Covid world.

How will you be changing your content strategy in 2020 making sure your content is still valuable, useful and still inspiring for your audience?

8 October 2019

Working On Your Platforms Vs In Them |026

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Are you guilty of being on the content treadmill? Write, photo, record, edit, publish, promo and on again?

In this week’s episode I’ll discuss the importance of getting strategic and taking a step off of the treadmill so you can work ON your shiz, not in it.

Plus I’ll fill you in on how I do exactly that, so you can have a go yourselves.

17 June 2019

My 3 Pronged Approach To Content Creation |023

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This is one of those blogging guru type things that I should really trademark, because I make up words and terms but actually probably shouldn’t because it’ll sound like bollocks but in today’s episode, I’m sharing my approach to content creation – how to create content that Google loves, how content that builds relationships with readers and content that brands will love. That’s all you need right? PS this is what I teach my coaching clients and you’re getting it FO FREE.. Are ya ready?

18 April 2019

Standing Out & Is The Bloggersphere Oversaturated? | 017

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One of the messages I hear from you over and over again is that you feel like the bloggershpere is oversaturated. That it’s ‘been there done that’ and that you’re worried that you have nothing original, new or extra to add, so you may as well give up.


14 December 2018

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [005] Ok So What Do I Write About? & Other Questions We Should Ask About Our Content

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Ok so you’ve designed your website and branding to match your niche. You’ve written your about page to tell everyone who and what you’re about. Now you just need to fill your blog with content. Easy right? Well… not always.

Creating content can be really frigging tough. When the ideas aren’t flowing. Or they’ve been done before. Or no one will be interested. We can get bogged down with these negative thoughts sometimes, right?

30 November 2018

Exciting Emails: The Podcast [003] Designing A Website And Why It Matters For Your Brand

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Joined by the brilliant Cat, from Gatto Web, we discuss what goes into your blog design and why it’s so important.

As two women with our own businesses, we discuss everything from Instagram, finances, workload and blogging as well as Cat giving us the run down on some actionable things we can all do today to improve our blog design and make it more US.

13 November 2018

Exiting Emails: The Podcast Episode 001Finding Your Why & Setting Those Big Goals

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Starting a blog or wanting to make a career out of yours can be a confusing and scary thing to do. But we all have to start somewhere! And for me that’s discussing WHY you want to do it and setting those BIG GOALS to help you achieve it.