flourish framework

Grow & Glow is built upon the Flourish Framework. A pathway to success that has been broken down into 6 stages.

Create, Relate, Advocate, Authenticate, Automate and finally, Dominate.

Find out why and how the framework was devised and what it means to be at each stage.

The Origins Of The Flourish Framework

When I (Vix) started building Grow & Glow, I knew I wanted members to be able to navigate the learning in a way that was more structured than just chucking a load of PDFs at you and going, ‘there ya go’.

I knew that for each of us to feel successful, like we’re getting somewhere, we needed a plan.

So I thought, what better way to think of a clear pathway, than to take some time to reflect on my own path so far!

When I started building a personal brand – I didn’t even know what that was! I just decided to CREATE blog posts, Twitter threads about the Spice Girls and silly photos for Instagram.

Through this, I began to grow a loyal audience of people who had the same interests as I did and the same outlook on life. They began to RELATE to me in a way I never thought possible.

As this audience, and my bank of content grew, I began to be approached by brands to work with them. To create content and ADVOCATE for them. This began building my ‘side-hustle’ income (that paid for many a trip to Vegas) from my teaching job.

As I continued to grow, I then found myself being offered opportunities to speak on panels, radio and the TV all about my niche. I became an expert in my area of passion and started to AUTHENTICATE my place on line.

I then decided to leave teaching so I could focus on Grow-ing and Glow-ing full-time. It was here that I began learning all of the ways I could AUTOMATE all of the bits about growing a business so I could focus on the creative stuff.

Finally, I feel like I’ve reached a place where I can say that I might not DOMINATE the entire blogging world, but my own personal brand? Hell yeah! I know who I am online, who I’m for, who I help and what I’m about – and every thing else is an exciting journey. One you’ll be on too!


Within each bundle you’ll be given tasks that will bring out your creative side.


Then you’ll find tasks that will move you forward in growing an audience, a community and a customer base.


Then you’ll be shown how to advocate for others across every platform through pitching, collaborating, creating branded content and more.


In each bundle, you’ll be given tasks that upon completion will move you that bit closer towards being regarded as an expert in your area of passion.


And of course we’re going to get you set up with every system possible to ensure your personal brand growth is buzzing in the background whilst you create.


Finally, we’ll let you complete the bundle with some reflection and goal setting for where you want to go next, as well as tasks to ensure you’re GLOWING at the top of your game.

How It Works

Each month, when a bundle drops, you’ll be able to watch the training video that will give you allll of the knowledge from our expert that month, on that topic area.

Alongside that video, you’ll have a Flourish Framework Task List which is broken down into the 6 stages and into 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minute tasks.

You’re free to complete the tasks at your own pace. This is how we save you time!

You’ll be able to see clear progression through the tasks and will feel like that month’s element of your personal brand is totally revolutionised upon completion!