Go back to Insta School this September

Hosted by Vix, the founder of the Grow & Glow membership

Thursday, 9th September at 9am – 3pm UK time

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The Insta-et Day summit is for anyone who…

  • Is feeling a down-turn in engagement over the summer and wants a boost

  • Is worrying about how to grow on Instagram without spending hours engaging or dancing on Reels

  • Wants someone to tell it how it is, no BS – just actionable advice from IG experts you can trust

Cue Insta-et Day…

A back-to-school day hosted by Vix and 7 trusted IG experts giving you FREE actionable advice that will get you back into the post summer Instagram swing


and we won’t tell you to just make video!

Join us for a full day packed full of Instagram tips and tricks, so you can consistently create content to attract your ideal clients and grow your community – without it taking you hours each day

Summit Schedule

9am: The Future of your Online Business on Instagram with Vix

10am: Why your business needs visibility on Instagram with Elizabeth Stiles

11am: Make Hashtags work for you with Sam, co-founder, Flick Hashtags

12pm: LUNCH BREAK (grab your Lunchables and Capri Sun and catch up on your notes)

1pm: Understanding and utilising your analytics with Loic, co-founder, Flick hashtags

2pm: Community Building Content panel hosted by Vix with 4 of your fave Instagram experts


Thursday, 9th September at 9am – 3pm UK time

Are you joining us?