24 May 2019

How To Serve Your Audience

By Vix
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Serve, serve and serve some more: The key to growing your online platforms

Within this community, we chat about two main things: Glowing within your online space and growing your online presence.

Whilst it’s deffo not all about follower counts, there’s no doubt that a growth in numbers is what a lot of creatives are after. We’d all love to have larger audiences that love and connect with our content or brand, right?

Well, brutal honesty time: Unless you’re giving within the online creator space, you’re not going to be getting.

That is to say, that you need to be (that’s right, not ‘could be’ or even ‘should be’) serving your audience in order to grow as a creator.

In the crowded online space, be it on Instagram, amongst your business competitors, Pinterest or in the world of blogging, if there’s one thing that will get people on your team, it’s adding value to their lives. And it’s this community that will allow you build a genuine platform, hopefully with a shit tonne of followers.

how to serve your audience

What does serving your audience mean?

How you serve your audience will be completely dependent on a whole host of factors: Who is your ideal reader or customer? What do they need help with? What’s your niche? How much time do you have to dedicate to creating content for them?

At its core, serving your audience means creating something valuable for them that helps them in some way.

This is applicable across all niches, all platforms and for all types of followers.

On top of that serving your audience means more than simply creating content that add value to their lives. It also means being present on your online platforms. Basically: Don’t post and ghost.

Reply to their comments, interact with the people reading your posts and respond to anyone who replies to your newsletter. This is the sure-fire way to become the ‘go-to’ for any questions within your niche, meaning that you can further serve your audience when they are in need.

Why is serving your audience so important?

When you serve your audience, you don’t just grow a following that mindlessly scrolls past your Instagram post or maybe likes it if you’re lucky, you grow a community! And, in 2019, we truly believe that community trumps all.

If you serve people well and consistently with your content, they will trust you. In itself, that’s a huge achievement and something worth celebrating. But, on top of that, this trust is also valuable to you.

It means that your followers have become fans: They’re more likely to click an affiliate link, to read a post, to buy a product you make and to engage with your content. All of these things are what brands are looking for, meaning that your potential for sponsored content also grows, alongside your numbers.

That’s why catering to your readers’ needs and serving them as much as possible is so ridiculously important.

Not only does it allow you to create with purpose and build a genuine community, but it is mutually beneficial.

By giving online, you get in return.

Ways You Can Serve Your Audience, Today!

  • Go LIVE and talk to them about what they want.
  • LISTEN and when they ask questions or tell you what they need, create the content that answers their question or need.
  • Be pro-active. What do you know, by keeping your ear to the ground, that you can share with them? They’ll feel in the loop!
  • Reply to your comments!
  • Be prompt with customer queries.
  • Set up systems and content that ANSWERS queries before they have them!

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