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5 July 2019


By Vix
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Self-care is one of the words we love to throw about. Whether that’s because we want to try and focus on it, we’re lying to others about our amazing routines, or possibly you’ve got it down and self-care is your jam. But realistically, taking time out of our busy days, whether you’re working full time and spending your spare time blogging or you’re rushed off your feet creating content all day to keep your head bobbing above water, routines aren’t a thing we stick to.

self care for bloggers

Self-care routines don’t have to be 5 steps every single day, morning and night. It should just be about taking time, each day if you can, to focus on you. Nothing else, just you. 

So I’ve put together a handy guide which suggests tasks you can do throughout the week to help encourage self-care time. From meal prepping and decluttering to skincare and socialising, no matter what you want to, and how you want to spend your time – hopefully, this encourages you a little. 

Monday – Nourish Your Soul

It’s Monday, the start of the week. And what better way to start, then by nourishing your soul. Whether that’s by eating healthier, not having a takeout and cooking a delicious, nutritional dinner. Or, by taking 5 minutes to set your weekly intentions. I always find that if you start a Monday on the wrong foot, you’ll continue that way – and vice versa. 

Tuesday – Digital Detox

So Monday has long gone, and you definitely cannot start the week with a digital detox (too many emails to get back to, I feel you). And I’m hoping by now you got on top of your tasks, the most important ones at least, and you’ve got a bit of time today to just switch off. This can be as simple as colouring for 30 minutes, switching your phone off for 1 hour and having a bath or even just waking up in the morning and writing 5 reasons why you’re grateful. Just dedicate a small portion of today to not scroll through your IG feed. 

Wednesday – Clear Out

It’s midweek, hump day, whatever you call it. By now you’re probably stressing about the 3-page to-do list you still have to do or even just the collaboration that you’re waiting to hear back from. No matter what you’re worried about, today is a brilliant day to clear out. From your inbox to your kitchen cupboards, I always find clearing out provides me with a fresh perspective, a clear mind, perfect for tackling the last couple days of the week. 

Thursday – Night Routine

You might think it’s odd that I recommend focussing on a nighttime self-care regime on a Thursday, but if you think about it, the weekend is when you’re out at night socialising or late-night binging. That means, Thursday is the perfect opportunity to get your last good nights worth of sleep, so you can start the weekend fresh and motivated. And yes, I’m going to suggest the typical wellbeing method of meditating. But honestly, meditating for 5-10 minutes can do you a lot of good (just try not to fall asleep while you’re doing it). 

Friday – Socialise  

Today is the day where you can turn your self-care into a social aspect. Spending time with others helps with confidence, happiness and overall wellbeing. Now is your chance for an excuse to go to the bar, meet up with friends, or even just have a phone call with your mum. Sometimes we get so caught up in our work, our hobbies, our blogs, that we forget that we need to spend time socialising and hanging about with others. I recommend spending time with people who you look up to, as they’ll help motivate you and encourage you to reach your goals. 

Saturday – Energise 

If you’re not feeling a hangover from last night (and to be honest, even if you are) today is the perfect day to get your body moving. I’ve recommended yoga, walking or a workout class, but it’s up to you what you do. As long as your body is moving and you’re breaking a sweat, you’ll be working on yourself. Sitting behind your desk all day, or even if you’re like me and you write your blogs from your bed, has no benefits for you. Which is why I’m recommending you take 1 day a week to just get moving, it’s achievable – trust me.   

Sunday – Pamper Day

You’ve made it this far and so you deserve a typical self-care day. Today, do things that make you happy. Whether that is watching a film, taking a bath or applying a face mask. Stay inside and relax, and have a pamper day! 

You might have thought that this whole week you’ve not spent too much time on yourself, which is perfect. These little tasks will help you create a routine that takes time out of your day to focus on you and not your work, your blog, the deadlines. I hope this 7-day self-care routine has helped you just a little, and if it has, feel free to share the graphic on your socials to help others too!


Hey, I’m Lily, a 20 something-year-old wellbeing blogger & I run the blog Her Wellbeing. My passion is helping others see that taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be daunting, time-consuming and honestly, that boring. Lives aren’t perfect. I’m sitting here in my fiance’s oversized t-shirt, which I accidentally stained earlier with Dorito dust (sorry), and although I blog about wellbeing, it isn’t my life. And it shouldn’t be yours. Just try your best, and add small things (that you enjoy doing) whenever you can! 

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