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6 April 2021

4 of our absolute favourite podcasts for a better business (and happier life!)

By Vix
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There’s little we love more at Grow & Glow than a podcast.

Of course, we have our own where we share our tips and tricks for working personal branding magic, but it’s a content type that we also love to consume.

There’s just something so personal about listening to someone chat. Speech can allow you to connect with a person or brand in a way that writing doesn’t. Add in the fact that you can enjoy them anywhere, whether you’re cooking dinner or out for a run, and it’s not hard to see why there were 15.6 million podcast listeners in the UK as of 2020.

Today though, we wanted to hone in on some of our absolute favourite podcasts to help you build a business and feel happier as you do it. We know you’re gonna love ‘em!

Podcasts for women business owners

Balance Before Burnout with Alicia Kaye

If you’re a business owner, the chances are that you’ve experienced burnout!

Truth is, growing a successful personal brand is as much about the practical as it is the mental, which is why we love this podcast so much.

Balance Before Burnout is hosted by Alicia, a life and career coach. She shares tips and lessons on living more intentionally, so that you can find joy in the everyday and balance work and life more effectively!

The Co-Working Club with Jessica Berry

Running a brand from home can feel lonely. Maybe you miss the office chatter or maybe you just feel isolated with nobody to talk business with.

If that sounds like you, you’ll love The Co-Working Club. This supportive community is carefully crafted for female business owners to talk openly and honestly about their lives. With a whole host of brilliant guests, it’s the perfect place to go when you feel as though nobody quite gets the highs and lows of your entrepreneurship journey.

Beyond the Business Suit with Kailei Carr

Whilst this one isn’t specifically for those that run a business, it is for “ambitious women”, whether you’re an entrepreneur or work in the corporate world.

Beyond the Business Suit is especially great for those Grow & Glow members that are still working part or full time whilst growing their personal brands! It aims to shed light on the difficulties that can hinder women on their career journeys, as well as how we can overcome those hurdles.

From personal branding to productivity, Kailei is an absolute powerhouse that shares invaluable pieces of advice in every episode.

Content Etc. with Michelle Gately

Of course, we have to mention Michelle, not only a Grow & Glow member but also the expert who will be leading our Launch Your Podcast bundle! She’ll take you from idea to publishing with confidence with her resources and training session. Become a Grow & Glow member today to get your hands on it.

Content Etc. is created especially with female business owners in mind, not only to help them when it comes to creating content, but to allow them to feel confident doing so. Its weekly episodes cover everything from SEO to writing better copy and growing a podcast, all of which can be absolute game-changers for personal brands!

The best part? It’s not all theory! Michelle shares actionable tips so that you can get the ball rolling as soon as you’ve finished listening.

Do you have a favourite podcast that we’ve missed? We’d absolutely love to hear from you over on Instagram @growglowco.

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