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24 November 2020

Instagram Is a Lot | 44

In this episode Vix talks Instagram. The growth of the app, all it’s features and her own Instagram features she uses and loves as part of her brand.

Also, listen carefully and keep track of how many times you hear Vix’s phone vibrate!

11 August 2020

How Solving Your Audiences Problems, Solves Your Content Problems | 41

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In this episode Vix tackles the topic of how solving your audiences problems, actually solves your content problems. Resulting in no more “I don’t know what to post” scenarios.

Do you ever get stuck with what content to post?

Then this is the episode for you!

4 August 2020

How to Sell Out a Group Coaching Program with Insta Stories | 40

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In this episode Vix shares how she sold out a group coaching program solely via Instagram stories.

Are you looking to put out a group coaching program or course of some kind? Then listen to this for all the tips and advice you need to sell out!

28 July 2020

Behind the Biz – The Evolution of a Membership | Bonus 6

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In this episode, Vix chats through the evolution of the Grow & Glow membership. From setting up, the general running of, tips Vix has learnt over time and so much more.

If you want to start your very own membership as part of your Personal Brand or Small Business, then this is the episode for you!

14 July 2020

Adapting Your Content Strategy in 2020 | 38

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In this episode, Vix addresses the need to change our content strategy in a post Tiger King, current Covid world.

How will you be changing your content strategy in 2020 making sure your content is still valuable, useful and still inspiring for your audience?

30 June 2020

Behind The Biz, Why SOPs Are A Productivity Game-Changer | Bonus 5

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You’re probably thinking, what the hell is a SOP? Well Vix will tell you in this episode!

By the end of this short bonus episode, you’ll know what SOPs are they’ll be productivity game changers for your business.

25 June 2020

What Pivoting My Instagram Content Taught Me About Niching | 36

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In this episode Vix chats about her personal experiences regarding her recent switch up with Instagram content, sharing with you the results she’s found that have come off the back of this change and why niching content works.

23 June 2020

Is A Personal Brand Wanky Or Do You Need One? | 35

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Vix tackles the question Is a personal brand wanky, or do you need one’?

Delving into what a personal brand actually is, shares what some of our community thinks of it, what we believe at Grow & Glow and so much more.

23 April 2020

Behind The Biz. Should You Do A Course Or A Membership? | Bonus 4

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It’s a question I get asked a lot – should you launch a course or a membership?

In today’s Behind The Biz episode, I’ll break down the main differences so you can reflect on which one would be best for you!

9 April 2020

Behind The Biz. My Expenses | Bonus 2

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In this episode of Behind the Biz, I walk you through all of the main expenses and investments I’ve made for my business so far. I want to illustrate that ANYONE can start to grow their platforms with little to no money and scale your investment as you scale your earnings! What’s been the best investment you’ve made for your platforms so far?

26 March 2020

Behind The Biz. My Income Streams | Bonus 1

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How do I manage to make a full time income from blogging and creating resources for a community? I break it down in this episode of The Grow & Glow Show. This is a bonus episode we’re calling, ‘Behind The Biz’ where we share the inner workings of what running an influencer and membership business is really like. I hope it’s helpful!