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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
28 February 2020

5 places to promote blog posts when you’re just getting started

By Vix
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You already know that you should be sharing your blog posts on social media. After all, if you don’t, you’re probably just talking into a void. Unless you’re an SEO wizard. Or an actual wizard!

The truth is, if you want to get eyes on your blog posts and recognition for all of the hard work that goes into them, you need to be prepared to shout about them from the rooftops. 

For a lot of us though, self-promo can feel icky.

We totally get that promoting your content is a barrier that most creators have to overcome. We’ve been there. However, it can be the difference between achieving your goals as a blogger, and not.

With that in mind, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you by outlining the best places to promote blog posts, when you’re just getting started. That way, you can begin to build a promotion strategy, even if the idea of it totally freaks you out.

The best places to promote blog posts if you're a new blogger

The best places to share blog posts


As we’ve spoken about a lot in the past, Pinterest is an absolute godsend when it comes to getting content seen.

Unlike the majority of social media platforms that may show your post for between a day and a week in people’s feeds, a pin lasts much longer. In fact, after publishing it, it can show up on explore pages for AGES. 

Apparently the half-life of a pin is about 3.5 months. If you’re not utilising that, you totally should be!

In a previous blog post we discussed how to use Pinterest for affiliate links, as this is one of our favourite creative ways to share them. However, the same goes for content more generally.

Pinterest is like a search engine. Make sure that you have enabled “rich pins” and are including key words in the title and description of your pin. This will make searches related to your niche more likely to point pinners in your direction.

If they like what they see (aka if you’ve made your pin look pretty and on-brand), that’s a click through waiting to happen!


The great thing about Twitter is just how easy it is to connect it to a scheduling platform. Whilst the likes of Instagram and Pinterest enjoy making it more complicated, Twitter allows you to schedule to your heart’s content.

That means that you can have a line of promo tweets going out in the background that you don’t even have to think about. And there’s little better than passive traffic!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Scheduling in the Essential Toolkit for more help on this! If you’re not a member yet, but want to gain access, join the waitlist today.

It is best to put some strategy behind your Twitter posts, though. Research which niche-relevant hashtags you can be using to get more eyes on your tweets and analyse which of your tweets perform best, so that you can replicate the practices used.

One thing to keep in mind is that tweets don’t stick around for long! So, don’t be afraid to have between 5 to 10 going out each day. They won’t “clog up” people’s feeds, unless they’re only following you. In which case, they’re probably so much of a fan that they won’t mind!

Instagram Stories 

We know this is an obvious one, but we can’t talk about blog promo without covering Instagram Stories, right?

If someone is already following you on instagram, they probably care about what you have to share. That makes it the perfect place to shout about blog posts, especially if the audience you’ve cultivated are interested in your niche.

Stories allow you a quick and easy way to share a post, without it feeling too “spammy”, as people can navigate off them quickly if they choose to. However, in order to make your Stories as eye catching as possible, we’d recommend creating blog post promo templates in your brand colours. For this, we use Canva, as they have a tonne of pre-made and editable templates that you can simply copy and paste the relevant info into.

Then, simply post it to your Story, pointing your followers towards a link in your bio (we recommend using Linktree so that you can have multiple up at once). 

In a newsletter 

Your newsletter probably won’t generate thousands of clicks . Or at least not at first. However, the people that subscribe most definitely want to hear about your content.

They are your biggest fans. They’ve given you access to their sacred inbox, for goodness’ sake!

As a creator, we think that it can be one of the best tools that you can have in your arsenal, especially for blog post promo. If you have a newsletter (or are looking into building one) we’d hugely recommend including a “new on the blog” section for exactly this reason.

To find out more about why Vix thinks every blogger needs a mailing list, check out this blog post and check out our favourite email marketing platforms here

The Grow & Glow monthly content share 

Every month in the Member’s Only Grow & Glow Facebook group, a team member posts a thread for you to share one piece of content that you’re proud of! This can be everything from an Instagram post, to a podcast episode and, of course, a blog post.

The Grow & Glow team then pick their favourites to feature in our weekly newsletter.

That makes it a great opportunity to shout about a recent blog post, share it with our Facebook community and then potentially have it promoted by us, too.

To access our FREE Blog Post Promo Checklist, sign up now to our resource library. Members can access this resource in the Essential Toolkit.

There are a million and one places for you to share blog posts. However, in the beginning it’s most important to create a consistent routine with where you do your promotion.

By building up to using these five methods/platforms, it will hopefully feel less scary to start showing off all of the amazingness that you create. Then, you can work towards using some lesser known methods, which we’ll be sure to write a blog post about soon!

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