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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
4 October 2019

The Ultimate Tailwind For Pinterest Guide

By Vix
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‘What is a Tailwind?’ was the most asked question we received when we asked you what you wanted to learn about Pinterest.

For most bloggers who haven’t quite gotten the hang of Pinterest itself, yet, throwing, ‘Tailwind’ into the mix can be a daunting experience.

In this post, we’ll break down what Tailwind actually IS, how to get started with it and why using it can help explode your blog traffic.

tailwind for pinterest

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

Tailwind is a scheduling app for Pinterest (and Instagram but let’s focus on Pinterest).

Sure, you could spend ALL your time manually pinning your blog content, but who has the time to do that? Tailwind lets you sit down in one block, set up all your pins for a week, month or however long in between and off it goes, doing all that hard work for you.

It’s free up to the first 100 pins but we recommend moving to the paid version so you can have a regular amount of pins working for you each and every day!

What does Tailwind actually do?

It has tons of features that work together to ensure your Pinterest account is running smoothly.

It can schedule pins to go out at a steady pace. It works out the best times to pin. It recommends related content you can share. It even measures your results.

How does it connect to Pinterest?

As Tailwind is an approved Pinterest Marketing Partner, it allows you to log into it with your Pinterest account. Then it will pull through your account and you can have access to everything you need in the Tailwind dashboard.

How do you schedule pins?

You have 3 options to add Pins to your schedule:

  1. Schedule from Pinterest.
  2. Schedule from your blog.
  3. Upload Pins directly into Tailwind.

If you download the Tailwind browser extension, it makes 1 & 2 super quick and easy.

Or, you can click any Pinterest “Save” button on the website. Then instead of Saving to a Pinterest board, click the Tailwind icon.

If you’re not sure how to get the Pinterest “Save” button, our exclusive collaboration with Pinterest, for the training inside, ‘Grow With Pinterest’ will walk you through the basics of setting up Pinterest for your blog. Check it out!

Next, in the window below the Pin image, it’ll ask you which boards you’d like to save that image or graphic to. Add all the boards that make sense for this Pin.

Check the Pin description to make sure it’s how you want it or edit it if it’s not (in Grow & Glow we’ll teach you how to write brilliant pin descriptions!)


How will Tailwind ‘explode’ my traffic?

The recipe to mastering Pinterest and making it work for your blog is; consistency, relevancy and getting your content out continually.

Tailwind takes care of all of that. It will send pins out on a schedule, at the right time, to play with Pinterest’s algorithm. It’ll help you share relevant content to relevant boards AND suggest more relevant content from others that you can pin.

It even has a ‘Smart Loop’ feature which means it will forever re-pin your blog content over and over, giving it the best chance to be seen by others.

What is a Tailwind Tribe?

Tribes are groups of users with similar content niches who you can join to see the most relevant content to you. This also means that by sharing your content to a relevant Tailwind Tribe, your most ideal audience could be discovering you!


How can I use the Tailwind analytics?

You’ll need to upgrade to the paid plan to get the most out of Tailwind analytics.

Tailwind analyses your profile performance, board performance and website performance.

Your profile analytics will helpfully monitor your follower growth but will also tell you how many repins you’ve had and how many people have commented.

Your board analytics will essentially tell you, in depth, how your boards are performing in terms of engagement, followers and also give you a virality score.

Your website analytics will tell you how many times a pin was pinned from your blog post so you can see which posts, which graphics and which sharing formula (how you promote your Pinterest graphic on your blog post) works the best for you.

As you can see, Tailwind is a powerful tool for putting your Pinterest performance on automation so you can get on with your other blogging admin jobs and leave it steadily growing your blog for you.

Since using Pinterest and Tailwind, we’ve noticed a huge growth in traffic – it’s now our biggest referrer to the blog here. If you want to master Pinterest so you can generate blog traffic whilst you sleep, join Grow & Glow for a bundle of training resources, videos and events in official collaboration with Pinterest!

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