18 January 2019

8 Ways To Master Pinterest For Blogging

By Vix
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I’m by no means a Pinterest expert, so for this post, I’ve enrolled the wonderful Victoria Jackson to give you an idea of how you can utilise Pinterest for blogging.

As a double-award winning Pinner, being Shortlisted in the Pinterest Interior Awards 2018, and driving thousands of readers to my blog, Apartment Number 4, on a weekly basis, it’s fair to say I love to put a Pin on it, as Beyonce would sing. 

My Pinterest profile on average attracts 1 million monthly views. When I say this platform changed the game for me as a blogger, I mean it. 

Pinterest is a search engine, much like Google or Yahoo!, enabling people to search for recipes to outfit ideas to travel guides, and everything in between. With over 250 million active Pinners, and 175 billion Pins shared worldwide, the potential for driving new readers to your blog is huge. 

People come to Pinterest to plan, discover new ideas, be inspired, or educate themselves. 

On finding what they are looking for, said person clicks the Pin and heads to the linked website for more information. We’re working to make this one of our blog posts.

The beauty of Pinterest is that follower numbers aren’t everything (here that Instagram!), which is why Pinterest chooses to show your monthly unique profile visits instead.

Even if you have 20 followers, if someone saves your Pin to their profile and it’s seen by their followers, it can be Pinned again and again, with the potential to be seen by thousands of new eyes. Clever, right?

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Here are some ways as a blogger you can start to master Pinterest.

Pinterest for Blogging

Create a Pinterest Business Account

By converting Pinterest to a Business Account instead of personal, you are able to see analytics of what Pins are the most popular, how many impressions said Pin has attracted and what people are Pinning from your website.

All you need to do is visit the Business for Pinterest website, switch to a business account and then confirm your website if you haven’t done so already. 

Apply for Rich Pins

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information in comparison to normal Pins:

  • Pin image
  • Site logo and name
  • Article headline
  • Description

Setting up Rich Pins on WordPress is straight forward.

For WordPress, download the Yoast plugin if you haven’t already. Once this is activated, go to Social, then Facebook and make sure “Add Open Graph meta data” tab is enabled.

Next go to Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator. Add a link to any post from your website (not the homepage) and click validate. 

Click apply now once you see the message to advise that your Pin has been validated. Pinterest may take up to 72 hours to approve your Rich Pins application, but it is usually a very quick process. 

For Squarespace blogs, follow the instructions here. (https://www.kreanilledesign.com/how-to-enable-rich-pins-on-squarespace

Use a picture of yourself

I know a lot of companies use logos on Pinterest, but it really helps if you use a warm, friendly headshot so visitors are able to see exactly what you’re about as soon as they click on your profile.

It’s so much nicer to put a face to a blog, ensuring the audience can create a personal connection with you.

pinterest for blogging

Organise Your Boards

With Analytics you’re able to see your most popular boards, so what I suggest is that you make sure these are at the very top of your profile.

What you can also do is make sure you Pin every single thing from your blog into one exclusive board of its own, to showcase your work to visitors so they can see what you’re about instantly.

Make sure this board is the very first one on your profile.

Is your Pinterest profile on-brand?

Go through all your boards and add cover images which worked well together when you look at your profile as a whole.

I’m a fan of light and airy photography, so I went into the edit section of each board and changed the cover picture. This is something you can do for your exclusive blogging board which I mentioned above, by uploading your logo or an image of you and using that as the cover image.

You want to only Pin content which is relevant to your blog and blog reader, so if you’re Pinning something personal like wedding inspiration or healthy recipes, why not create a secret board so it’s not cluttering your main page.

Tailoring your blog for Pinterest

Making sure your blog and its content are Pinterest-ready is fairly easy, but it does take a little technical work. What you need to do first if you haven’t already is add the Pin It button to your blog (this article explains how perfectly), which enables readers to Pin directly from your site.

Next, consider changing the picture ratio of your lead image to be more Pinterest friendly. Portrait images work much better on Pinterest than landscape, as the eye is scrolling down and will see more of your image for an increased amount of time. 

This is just scratching the surface when it comes to the potential of mastering Pinterest as a blogger. There are so many important things you can be doing to drive traffic to your website, which is why I brought together all my knowledge and created the Pin to Win e-book course – a book and one-to-one guidance designed to be completely at your own pace. 

Covering everything from designing the perfect Pin to using keyword-rich descriptions to attracting just the right reader, as well as a consultation with me AND a little thank you gift in the post, you have until the 2ndFebruary 2019 to check it out

The most important thing to remember is Pinterest is NOT a quick-fix strategy when it comes to driving traffic. Although you may see growth within the first couple of weeks, content can take a while to be seen in the algorithm – much like Google – so they key is to not get disheartened, keep a track of figures weekly, and stay on top of your profile. If you’re creating engaging and interesting content, the readers will come.

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