16 February 2019

7 Ways To Keep Your Online Brand Consistent

By Vix
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I’m going to put my hands up right now and say, this is one of those things where I do NOT take my own advice. But perhaps, after writing this post, I might make more of a concerted effort to keep my online brand consistent.

What do I mean by that? Well, your online brand spans your visual, written and personality style. And most of us, don’t have a frigging SCOOBY, as to how to actually do that.

It’s something I’ve spoken about on the podcast (check out episode 003, 007 and 008 for more on this) but I thought I’d put all of my tips, thoughts and kick-up-the-butt motivation in here for ya too!

Online Brand Consistent

The Importance Of Consistent Online Branding

So why is it so important? Having a consistent ‘brand’ when your brand is YOU is important because it builds trust with everyone who comes across you and your content, online.

For example; if you use your blog to talk about how much you love saving the planet but your Instagram shows a million reusable Starbucks cups, in the pursuit of getting a pic for the ‘gram, then anyone who comes across you is going to be like, ‘whut?’

But consistent online branding isn’t just about slapping the same filter on every picture – it goes much deeper. So let’s dig deeper shall we?

Have Integrity

Like I mentioned above, don’t bang on about your morals, ethics, ideas and lifestyle on one platform and then not follow it through on all of them.

Integrity online is respected by your audience. You know what’s not? Saying 3 different deodorant brands are your ‘favourite’ within 3 days of each other. Or championing a feminist cause and then posting a slut-shaming meme to your Twitter.

Remembering your online legacy is what’s left behind, after you’ve gone and only promoting, featuring and championing things that fit your personal codes is the way to go.

Don’t Be A Product Conveyor Belt

You’re not on the Generation Game and you don’t need to trot out goodie, after goodie, after goodie.

Infusing your platforms with personality by posting things that are personal – not always brand led – can really help your audience get to know you better.

We all have to make the dollah dollah bill y’all BUT connecting with your audience on a personal level is way more important for your growth.

Your Instagram, Twitter and Blog Followers Should All Know The Same Person

What’s your thing? Is it that you’re a strung out Mum, who enjoys fashion but has less than 5 minutes a day to get ready? Then on Insta Stories do a 5 minute getting ready tutorial. And on Twitter, post memes of babies eating lipsticks. Finally, on your blog, write posts about your baby-filled routines.

Do you see what I mean? If someone follows you on one platform, it’s likely they’ll want to follow you on your other ones too. And if they follow you for a specific reason, they’ll want to see more of that reason everywhere else.

An easy way to do this is to choose a few ‘things’ that are your ‘thing’ and mention them everywhere! If you follow me, you’ll know about my penchant for potatoes, my Diet Coke addiction and that I love putting my penny’s worth in about blogging. And you’re going to notice that mentioned on here, my Twitter, my Insta Stories AND the podcast.

Keep Your Visual Style Consistent

And not just consistent across platforms but with who you are too! If your ‘brand’ is approachable, warm, fun and young then think about posting moody black and white shots on Instagram and turning the saturation down on your blog photos.

Picking a preset or editing style can help you achieve an element of consistency across your social media and blog images.

But also think about the vibe of your pictures too – do you want light, wholesome, edgy, editorial, simple, bright, desaturated, sophisticated.

Do you really want to be showing lots of outdoor shots if you’re an interiors influencer? Likewise, how many beauty flat-lays are you trotting out if you’re a fashion blogger?

Coming up with Brand Words can really help you see what kind of visual style you should be aiming for.

I recommend starting a Pinterest board and pinning away images, fonts, textures and patterns that speak to you and represent who you are!

Finding Your Voice

In a similar vein of finding an image style that you can carry across all of your platforms – you need a written one too.

This is something I’ve definitely learned along the way! When I first started blogging I was at a very unhappy time in my life. I was in a shitty relationship, a stressful job and experiencing grief. This came across in my posts! I was SO sarcastic, bitter and neggy. But it didn’t translate across to other platforms where I was trying to be upbeat, positive and funny.

Now I know my ‘voice’ is, ‘honest, over-sharing and witty,’ and I ensure that everything I write comes across in this way – from tweets to captions to blog posts!

This is REALLY key in Instagram captions where you have a much shorter space to grab someone’s attention and to get them following you. So what image of yourself and your brand do you want to get across?

So again, pick your style! Are you wanting to talk seriously about important issues? Then you can write more academically and in a thought-provoking way. Or are you a creative? Get flowery with how you phrase things!

Create Branded Elements

Branding your blog and social channels is important for making potential collaborations and your audience think you’ve got your shit together.

An easy way to show this is to create consistently branded elements to use across your channels.

By that I mean things like; Twitter graphics, Insta Stories templates, Pinterest graphics and blog post image templates.

Having elements you can share across your platforms that use the same colours, patterns and fonts as your blog just looks that bit more profesh.

I use Canva to pull together a moodboard of my blog colours, the fonts I use and any graphic elements and then whenever I make a new graphic for a social channel, I refer back to it.

Here are some examples;

Pinterest Graphic
Convert blog readers into subscribers
Blog Post Graphic
Podcast Art Work

Create A Community

One that really represents your ‘brand’.

I created the Exciting Emails community because I love chatting about blogging, with others who seek empowerment from each other and who are ready to get honest about their triumphs and struggles.

I also like that it’s a place where I can have regular meltdowns over things going wrong or Instagram going down and be assured that everyone else GETS IT.

Perhaps you want to create one around your love of colourful fashion, Korean beauty or nomadic travel.

Seek those like minded individuals out by creating hashtags, commenting on their Instagram posts, joining and starting Facebook groups or sharing their posts on Twitter.

You always need a tribe!

So what ways do you ensure consistency across your brand? Are there any things from this post you can take away and implement now to be more consistent? I’d love to know!

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