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25 May 2019

3 Niches For When You Don’t Want To Niche

By Vix
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Everyone knows how much I (Vix) bang on about niches.

It’s the single biggest game changer I found in ANY of my coaching client’s success journey. The moment we hit upon their niche, BAM – new inspiration, reinvigorated motivation and then the results followed. Suddenly SEO became clearer, opportunities flooded in and followers exploded.

But why is that? Why am I so passionate about niching?

When I first started blogging, I wanted my blog to be about me. My thoughts, my ramblings, my life. And it worked. But here’s why:

I was actually building myself as an influencer. My audience, tone of voice, who I was speaking to and my style of writing was the niche. People followed me for honesty, straight-talking and musings on topics relevant to the demographic that my audience ended up being.

And this was great. Slowly but surely my following grew.

Then I became single. And decided to pivot my blog to my ‘new life’ – dating. I was dating ALL THE TIME and therefore, all of the content I was creating was around dating.

This is when I began learning about SEO and within 3 months my traffic tripled and so did my social media following.

don't want to niche

But why was that?

  1. People were now finding my channels through search.
  2. People actively looked for dating content.
  3. I had an even more defined audience.

I pivoted away from dating into lifestyle – but purely because by this point I had established myself as a ‘personality’. People followed my blog and social channels for me – but only because they’d found me previously and stayed.

I get it though. You started your blog for the same reason I did. And there’s absolutely nothing to say that it won’t be a success if you don’t niche down immediately.

But it will take much much longer and that’s just the truth. My sister started an Instagram account posting the same 9 images of angles and rooms in her grey house and has grown nearly 7,000 followers in 6 months. I post a garbled hash of everything (currently) and haven’t grown a single follower in 3 months. Just sayin’

So if you’re super reticent to niche because you worry it’ll mean you can’t write about what you want to write about – here are a few ways around it that has worked for my clients and I:

The Demographic Niche

If you’re talking about buying your first home, recovering from debt, career post uni, finding love, getting a pet, looking after houseplants and your obsession with Line of Duty – it’s likely your audience could be 25-34 year old women with full-time jobs and a lifestyle similar to yours.

That is your niche. They are your niche.

If you’re talking about divorce after 40, a brand new dating wardrobe, watching children grow up, later career changes and expensive wardrobe additions – it’s not likely 18 year olds are reading. Can you figure out the niche there?

You may not have an audience yet to generalise with – so look at your own lifestyle. How old are YOU? What are YOUR interests? What life stage are YOU at? Make that your niche!

A thirties style blog. A gap year student travelling blog. A divorcee blog. A young free and single influencer. Ya get me?

The Influencer Niche

This is the hardest niche to crack because you will have needed to have built a strong social presence to gain any traction on your other platforms like a newly launched blog or podcast.

Here YOU are the niche and people will read any rambling out of your mouth, if they already love you on social media.

If you want to go down this route, concentrate on building your social platforms and cross promoting your blog posts, business or service on your social channels.

I wouldn’t expect over night success with this niche. It takes time, consistency and effort to establish a successful online influencer presence.

The Core Niche

This is the easiest way to build a personal brand online.

To become known for your thing.

Whether it’s backpack travel, gluten free recipes, a grey house, thirties dating, petite fashion or problem-skin product reviews. This is the quickest route to blogging success.

But why?

Firstly, when your topics and audience are so clearly defined, you have so much more clarity and intention with every single piece of content you make – which means it’s so much easier to implement SEO, Pinterest, promotional and hashtag strategies – which means fast, fast growth.

Even if you choose a core niche, it doesn’t mean you can’t still write about whatever you want! I’m testament to that.

My niche now FOR SURE is educating creators and creatives about building a personal brand and online presence. They’re the posts that bring in the traffic and are SEO’d/Pinned to the eyeballs. But it doesn’t mean I can’t still write about my mental health journey or my wedding plans!

If you’re still reticent to defining what your niche and USP is, I suggest asking yourself this question.

What are you building a personal brand for?

Is it to monetise? It will take a lot longer to do so without niching.

Is it for partnership opportunities? Then you’ll need to establish an Influencer Niche.

Is it to ramble away your life’s thoughts and observations? Then GREAT it’s your space, you can do what you like but PLEASE just be aware that growth will not be easy. Strategising and creating intentional content will not be easy.

So where do you stand on niching now? Which niche do you think you fall into?

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