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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
18 November 2021

Learn how to supercharge your brand through Instagram, like Alex Cattoni

By Vix
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Copywriting extraordinaire. Beyond brilliant business woman. IG master. 

It’s safe to say that there’s a lot that creative business owners can learn from Alex Cattoni, founder of The Copy Posse. From building a thriving educational brand, to engaging thousands through her videos, she really is a wealth of expertise. Unsurprisingly though, we’re most inspired by her Instagram account!

When it comes to growing on the ’Gram, there’s a lot to be said about learning from the greats. A simple scroll through Alex’s page shows that she knows her stuff. So, if you want to have a powerful community, a growing follower count and a bold online presence that gets you results, keep reading!

What makes @copyposse such a brilliant account?


Reason 1: Alex tells you why you should follow her

If you aren’t doing this one already, it’s time to boost your bio! When someone visits your page, they should know exactly why you’re the perfect account for them. And Alex does this brilliantly.

She hits all of the key points that a potential follower needs to know: Who her content is for, what the content is about and why she is a reliable source!

First up, who she’s targeting: The raddest copywriters in town, of course. It’s clear from the get-go that her profile isn’t created for businesses that want to hire a copywriter, but for freelance copywriters wanting to learn from someone with plenty of experience.

Next, what she’s all about: Alex succinctly expresses what value her audience get with “hot #copywriting tips” that will help you to “ignite your biz”.

Finally, why you should trust her: Not only has she been featured in Forbes, but she has 130k on YouTube. These credentials are that last push that could turn a potential follower into an actual follower!

It’s also worth noting that her bio is searchable. SUPER searchable. From the #copywriting, to the fact that she’s included both her name and her brand (The Copy Posse), she guarantees that anyone wanting to find her will be able to.

Reason 2: Alex knows her audience. Like…really knows her audience.

How can you attract people, if you don’t know who you want to attract?!

All of Alex’s content is perfectly crafted for copywriters who want to put some fire under their career. 

Take this Reel, for example. In it, she shares tips for being productive while travelling. Why? Because she knows that a large proportion of copywriters are freelancers. And she therefore knows that they’re likely to be craving freedom within their life and work. These tips are perfect for them. 

Alex also makes an ongoing effort to learn about what her followers need help with. This post is a great example of how audience research can be conducted, without the need for questionnaires or Zoom interviews! In it, she encourages people to “take what they need”. Not only is the graphic eye-catching, but the post offers serious value: If her followers take the time to comment on which one of the options they most need help with, Alex will send them a DM with some guidance.

A better understanding of her audience? Check! A great boost in engagement? Check! A deeper connection with people that otherwise may have kept things strictly to the grid? C-H-E-C-K.

Reason 3: Alex makes trends work for her, instead of working for trends 

Listen. We all know the power of Reels by now. We all know that we should be looking out for popular audios. And we all know that we should be jumping on trends before they get too big, but also not when they’re too small either!

However, it’s important to remember that a viral video is almost useless if it’s not attracting your ideal follower and making them love you.

Alex does a great job of using trendy sounds, whilst also sharing content that is beyond relatable to anybody working in the copywriting field. She keeps them lighthearted (as is usually necessary with short-form video) but still manages to teach the viewer something.

Take this one for example, where she shares things to remember when writing email copy. 

Reason 4: Alex makes followers feel like friends

She’s also amazing at engaging her audience through the power of words. No surprises there, we suppose! Her conversational tone doesn’t leave her followers feeling as though they’ve been lectured, but instead like they’ve had a business bestie share her expertise.

Alex also features her face frequently, not just in Reels and on Stories, but in informational carousel posts. This makes the content seem less overwhelming and more approachable, further building the relationship that she has with her followers. 

Finally, reintroductions are regular! In this post, she shares a few facts about herself, alongside a clear headshot, so that her followers can feel that little bit closer to her.

Reason 5: Alex does promo right

Like most of us, Alex isn’t exclusively on IG. She has a website, a YouTube channel and a mailing list, all of which are targeting the same audience as her Instagram content.

That doesn’t mean that she shares a simple “swipe up to watch my latest vid”, though. Oh no, friends!

Alex is careful to either add or express value with everything she creates, even posts promoting other pieces of content or platforms. In this post, she first shares juicy tips on how to create “hotter headlines” and then shares how people can get a free copy of her “Headline Formula” on another platform. Genius, right?

Similarly, in this post she outlines exactly what value her followers will get if they watch her latest video:  “✅ Improve your skills

✅ Increase your confidence

✅ And ultimately – become a copywriting master.”

The 5 key takeaways

There’s so much that we can learn from this brilliant account. The content is clever. The copy is brilliant. The graphics are beautiful and distinctive.

Here are the key things to learn from Alex…

  1. Focus on value: Don’t think simply about what you can get from your followers, but also about what they can get from you! Make sure that your content is creating a symbiotic relationship with your audience: You help them and they help you in return.
  2. Always keep your audience in mind: Make sure that you create a follower profile including things like their age, location, interests and dislikes, so that you can target them with everything you create. 
  3. Use trends to your advantage: Don’t mindlessly jump on trends that aren’t relevant! Only use popular Reels audios if they can be adapted to fit your niche. Otherwise, any traction gained from them will be pretty pointless. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to get personal: So much of IG success is all about crafting a personal brand!
  5. Nail your tone of voice: With your ideal customer in mind, set some guidelines for yourself to use when writing. Would your followers like to see emojis or would that be too informal? Would swearing be endearing or off-putting? Will you talk in a singular tense (“I” and “me”) or a plural tense (“we” and “us”)?

Like we said, seeing IG strategy in action can be really inspiring when trying to grow your own online presence. If you’re looking for some in-depth guidance on how to create a unique, effective and non-overwhelming strategy for your Instagram, we’ve got you covered.

Grow & Glow is the place to be for creative business owners who want the training and community for growing their brand through the ’Gram. Our doors are currently closed, but click here to learn more about the membership and get on the waitlist!

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