A bonus planning workshop with Vix!

Join Vix on Wednesday 26th May to plan your IG content for the month. Bounce ideas off of Vix and the rest of the community and leave the session with brilliant new ideas for your next posts, Stories, lives and Reels, ready to boost your engagement!

Not just any membership.

Grow & GLow is different

We know how exhausting it can be trying to switch things up and ending up back where you started: Unmotivated, uninspired and unsure of what you should be doing to boost your visibility online.

That’s why we’ve carefully crafted your Grow & Glow membership so that it works for you and actually sparks a change in your brand. And your life!

Here’s how…

  • We aren’t just a collection of resources, we’re a community. By becoming a member, you gain instant access to a supportive online space, full to the brim with like-minded brand founders and creators. Because nobody knows how to cheer you on quite like someone on the same journey!
  • We offer brilliant resources, alongside 1:1 advice. Our monthly Q&As give you the chance to get tailored feedback and advice on how you can grow your presence on Instagram and beyond.
  • We get rid of the information overwhelm. Our Tracks bring together our resources in a way that is easy-to-follow, whether you want to dive into them all at once or take it one step at a time. That means no more signing up to courses that you never end up finishing!

We listen to you. Our team actively engages with the Grow & Glow community on all of our platforms, so that we can help you with what you need, when you need it.

here's what you'll get!

Instagram Masterclasses

Immediate access to all of our Instagram masterclasses and resources so you can get your brand on Track right away.

LIVE Masterclasses and Resource vault

Expert-led monthly live masterclasses on carefully chosen topics, to help you move forward and up-level your brand with confidence and ease. PLUS Workbooks, templates, checklists and more covering everything you need to do beyond the ‘gram for a truly thriving brand. Online and off!

strategy q&a calls

Monthly Strategy Q&A calls with founder, Vix, to give you individualised feedback and direction on your IG, brand or biz.

Supportive Private Members community

Access to THE most supportive Private Members Community who truly understand what you’re going through. A space to ask questions, get feedback and share your best memes, 24/7.

networking events

Join our members for goal setting, co-working or a natter in our regular bonus events. We love getting to know each other and our members love to share their tips and collaborate together.

the confidence to show up!

Being a part of a community like this means you're a part of something special. Each and every one of our members is where you are - wanting to gain visibility for their brand so they can make their dream biz a reality!

Join Monthly

incl. VAT
£ 27 Monthly
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A Strategy Calls
  • Access all previous masterclasses and resources instantly
  • Private Members Community
  • Rewards, Events, Networking + so much more

Join Quarterly

incl. VAT
£ 75 Monthly
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A Strategy Calls
  • Access all previous masterclasses and resources instantly
  • Private Members Community
  • Rewards, Events, Networking + so much more

here's what our members are saying

Grow & Glow is loved by over 700 incredible founders from over 16 countries around the globe.

Vik Turbine
Confidence and Writing Coach
The best decision I made when in the early stages of going freelance but I’m so glad I just went for it. You are investing in yourself – but also in a community. The expertise and generosity in the hub is just fantastic.
Jess Bacon
Author, Blogger, Podcaster
Alongside my blog traffic, my Instagram has grown significantly (by 15k followers) which has led to more work with brands I love. And from starting a business Pinterest I reached 40k impressions in less than a month.
Lucy Price
Branding Photographer
I’ve been a part of so many memberships but I’ve never seen THIS MUCH CONTENT. The bundles are amazing with actual practical advice, literally everything you’d need to build a brand!
Want to know what happens next?

When you become a member...

You’ll have immediate access to our Resource Vault which has 2 years worth of monthly masterclass replays, templates, checklists, workbooks and more.

You’ll be welcomed with open arms into our Private Members Community where you’ll meet other founders and freelancers (lots of which will also be your ideal client or customer!).

You’ll view our packed schedule of upcoming events so you can add them to your calendar right away.

You’ll receive regular community updates with news, new features, member spotlights and a celebration of your wins!

You’ll get your Instagram ‘on Track’ with a full sequence of strategy trainings developed and delivered by Vix and a group of legendary experts.

Building your Instagram community

doesn't have to be hard work

Our signature ‘Grow & Glow on the ‘gram’ method will show you how to RESEARCH, PLAN, CREATE, REFLECT and REPURPOSE your content so you can make sure you’re:

  • Not just talking to friends, family, peers and ‘competitors’ you’ll welcome into your community more potential clients or customers.
  • Asking the right questions so you can truly understand what you’re community are dying to see and hear.
  • Planning winning content in less than an hour a week so you can free up more time to spend on all of the other areas of your biz.
  • Creating the best content you can across the different ‘parts’ of Instagram guided by our expert led masterclasses on: Reels, caption writing, Live and more.
  • Analysing your metrics to understand what works – so you can do more of it.
  • Repurposing your top content – freeing up even more time. Why not grab a Diet Coke and a couple of Netflix episodes with the space you’ll create?

Join Monthly

incl. VAT
£ 27 Monthly
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A Strategy Calls
  • Access all previous masterclasses and resources instantly
  • Private Members Community
  • Rewards, Events, Networking + so much more

Join Quarterly

incl. VAT
£ 75 Monthly
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Q&A Strategy Calls
  • Access all previous masterclasses and resources instantly
  • Private Members Community
  • Rewards, Events, Networking + so much more

Grow & Glow will show you how to...

Sounds like a dream? I promise it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you glow online!

When you implement 0ur method...


to this:

Spending hours scrolling, posting, engaging but feeling like it’s not reciprocated or that no one hears you

Posting without overthinking everything, knowing that you’re sharing exactly what your community need and want to hear from you

Wasting time, money and energy trying to learn everything there is about building a brand but then be too exhausted to put any of it into action

Having a clear and comprehensive pathway (our Tracks) with actionable tasks that will finally move your brand forward and with a team of experts and like-minded people to support you on the journey

Being afraid to step out of your comfort zone because of the fear of what visibility really means

Building a clear, consistent and confident online presence that attracts the dream community, clients and customers without that inner voice telling you you’re not good enough

our g&g guarantee

We're behind you 100%!

We’ve seen members who’ve implemented our trainings, shown up for our calls and leant on our community for support, thrive on Instagram and beyond.

However, if you decide the membership isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time.

It’s as easy as that!

Have we met?

I'm Vix

Ex primary school teacher, turned blogger, turned online educator.

Building a community on Instagram who I converted to clients and customers through my personal brand meant I could leave my job, teaching 70+ hours a week and find freedom.

To me, the freedom I craved wasn’t the laptop lifestyle on a beach in Bali but space in my life for; therapy, fresh air, puppy cuddles, nail appointments and the chance to be my own boss.

It didn’t come easily. For years I HATED Instagram, preferring to build my brand through my blog, Pinterest and Twitter. I didn’t like my photos being taken, I couldn’t bear the rollercoaster of emotions that up and down engagement would take me on and I could’ve sworn the algorithm was out to get me.

But then it clicked. When I pivoted my Instagram from being about me, to about my community and put an intentional strategy in place, I tripled my following and my revenue in a few months and revolutionised my relationship with the ‘gram.

Now I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned into a signature method – The Grow & Glow on the ‘gram method, so I (and all of the brilliant experts who’ve created masterclasses and resources inside the membership) can show you how to build your brand on Instagram and beyond.

Are you the perfect member?

If any of these sounds like you – join us! We can’t wait to meet you.

welcome to grow & glow!

have more questions?

we have answers...

Whilst we have plenty of trainings across aspects of building your Instagram and more online, this is a membership where new trainings and classes are added monthly on a variety of biz based subjects.

It’s completely self led. If you have 5 minutes a day to join in the conversations in the community and an hour or two per month to come to our live calls and classes, you’ll get your money’s worth and more!

Sure, just drop us an email – [email protected] and we can help you with pausing, cancelling or changing your billing details.

Our trainings (and our members) all start at the beginning with support to go over your foundations. Our members vary from creators who are online for fun and are just getting started all the way to business owners who are scaling! So there are so many different people to learn from – and everyone is super friendly and welcoming.