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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
2 August 2019

Is Your Instagram ‘Life-Changing’?

By Vix
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Right, Ok, come on, no-one’s Instagram account has performed life-saving surgery or introduced them to Beyonce so we don’t mean ‘life-changing’ in those kinda ways. But do your followers or prospective followers leave your Instagram page in a much better state than when they found you?

And if not, could this be the reason you’re not growing on Instagram?

instagram life changing

Let’s firstly look at the meteoric rise of cleaning influencer, ‘Mrs Hinch’. In 2018 she rose to Insta-fame in a few short months, ‘just for cleaning her house’ – but there’s more to her meteoric rise than cleaning.

So just how did Mrs Hinch grow so quickly in such a short space of time? Her content was life-changing.

No, really.

Mrs Hinch hit the heights of Insta-fame purely through thousands and thousands of other influencers and Instagram users sharing her account. And why did they share it? Because they accredited her with blessing them with the motivation to learn how to or get to grips with cleaning their homes.

Her Hinch ‘hacks’ made, what is an unenjoyable task for most people, fun, accessible, relatable and ‘community-like’.

I certainly didn’t know the wonders of Zoflora before her.

Or another example. Fashion influencer ‘Fashion Influx’, who quickly amassed 3m followers in a short amount of time.

Now, again, let’s be real, fashion content isn’t ‘life-changing’ in the big meaning sense but her videos hit every explore page and were shared, watched and commented on widely because she was one of the first fashion influencers to produce ‘styling’ videos and her ‘fashion hacks’ taught the poorly dressed among us (hi me) ways to style our clothes that we’d never have thought of before.

Life-Changing = Valuable

What it comes down to is the value you’re providing for your audience.

I asked the question, ‘What value do you provide your audience’, on my Instagram stories recently and the insights were interesting.

The people who replied that they offered something of value such as; styling tips, accessible recipes, education on a topic, travel inspiration, tutorials (endless list of juicyness) were the ones I could tell were growing quickly and garnering a great amount of engagement.

Those who said they didn’t really know, or who offered a non-thought-out response were those who I could see were struggling. From going onto their profiles I could tell their page had no real direction, no clear tone of voice or no idea as to who their audience were – so of course they were struggling to identify their value.

What value can you bring?

You want people to leave your Instagram better off for finding it. You want them to leave with:

  • A new skill
  • A thought
  • An inspiration to try something
  • Something to relate to that makes them feel better
  • A giggle
  • An idea
  • Practical action to take

So how do you identify your value?

In this month’s Grow Your Instagram training, you’ll be able to identify your niche or your content pillars. And in the previous Grow & Glow From The Go training, you’ll have identified your audience and key messaging.

When these foundations are in place, you’ll be able to understand the types of content you can make which will ensure your current audience are served and your ideal audience are attracted to your content which will change their lives.

Which creators are ‘life-changing’ for you? Do you see which pieces of your content are life-changing or not? How can you serve more value?

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