1 January 2019

How To Increase Blog Traffic

By Vix
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As it’s January 1st and our Google Analytics reports for the year start back at a hefty 0, now is the time to have a think about how we can increase blog traffic this year.

And not just any blog traffic, but traffic that turns those one hit wonders into fans, followers, subscribers or even sales!

With so many traffic strategies online, on your Pinterest search and from your other blogging pals, it can get pretty confusing to make sense of it all.

If your blog posts never get the attention you deserve then you need my best traffic tips for you that will undoubtedly double your blog traffic in 2019!

Why you don’t just want pointless traffic

Pointless traffic is the kind that has no aim.

People land onto your blog, have a sniff around and then leave again. Like the worst one night stand EVER.

Make it your aim that every single person who visits your site can’t leave without doing SOMETHING.

Is that, subscribing to your mailing list? Reading another post? Leaving a comment? Following you on social media. Don’t let them go home without giving you their name, number and a promise of a second date!

Creating outrageously excellent content

1. Write for your ideal reader

I spoke about this in my latest post, How To Start A Blog In 2019 and will be producing an upcoming podcast episode (plus indepth lesson for members) on this soon but let me give you a lil insight.

Knowing exactly who is reading your content helps you whizz up excellent posts much more efficiently.

That’s because you’re in your reader’s heads and know what problems they have. You also know what their interests are and what topics will really speak to them.

Consistently writing for your ideal reader will help you increase your blog traffic in no time!

2. Write blog posts that could go viral

I ran a whole e-course on this and my students found it so successful that I turned it into an e-book AND related resources.

Essentially, you need to be writing about what’s hot – whether that’s current trends or the big topics within your niche.

3. Write more posts that teach people something

Imagine you’ve got a problem or you want to learn how to do something. What’s the first thing you do? You hop over to Google and type in, ‘How To…’ or ‘How Do I…’

People are always wanting to learn new things and they want to learn things in your niche. So whether that’s skincare routines, capsule wardrobes or finding ‘the one’ – teach em!

At the end of every tutorial type post, the reader leaves with something waaaay more valuable than what they arrived with which makes them more likely to subscribe, share or comment. This will also help to increase blog traffic.

4. Actually think about your headlines

I never used to! It was always a pun, or a lyric (remember those days!) but what did it get me? NADA.

What’s the point of spending hours on a post and spending only 2 seconds on a shitty headline that no one will click in the first place?

Aim to inspire an emotion – like curiosity, inspiration, happiness or anger.

People are also drawn to controversial *cough* clickbait that’s not clickbait *cough* titles.

How to format your posts to increase blog traffic

5. Write longer posts

Back in the day, blog posts were always 300-500 words but as blogging become more popular, bloggers started writing long-form content over around 1000, then 2000 and so on.

Readers LOVE settling in to read great quality content and get a bit pissed off if they’re getting their teeth into something only for it to finish before it ever really got started.

To bring back the dating analogies, it’s like going for a drink with someone and just as you’re starting to discuss your mutual love of crime documentaries, they drop in that they’re a big Boris Johnson fan and you’re suddenly super deflated.

Forever writing short posts that do not satisfy the reader, you will increase your bounce rate and your traffic will be pointless.

There will always be a place for short, snappy and to the point posts but just think about your ratio with the content that boosts your bounce rate, is more shareable and makes readers really fall in love with your content.

6. Let’s get visual

We live in a very visual world and facing a stocky blog post with absolutely no brain breaks between blocks of content is a surefire way to get people to bounce off and never return.

Try breaking up big blog posts with easy to load images every 300 words or so.

Content hacks to increase blog traffic

7. Rejig popular posts

Use your Google Analytics to see what your most popular posts are. Go in, add new points, reword things, change it all up and then change the date to the current date and re-publish. Don’t change the URL though as no one likes a broken link but BAM new eyes on an old but GREAT post.

8. Add Pinterest graphics to your posts

And tell people to pin them to their boards – INSTANT way to increase your blog traffic.

9. Start a Blog Series

Think of a topic in your niche that you could break up into 4-5 smaller, 1000 word posts instead of one big chunky one.

Then write an introduction to the series post that you constantly update with links to each new post in the series.

This really helps you to increase blog traffic and decrease your Bounce Rate.

Two further benefits of writing blog series are:

  1. You look like an expert on a topic as you have so much to write about.
  2. You could use it as a way to launch a product!

How to use SEO to increase blog traffic

10. Do keyword search

SEO is key for high performing blog posts.

In fact, there’s going to be a whole bundle on SEO in the membership soon!

11. Use the LSI technique

This is a new one I’ve just learned about from an SEO course I’ve completed so let me share with you – LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing.

Basically this means, using keywords that are related to the main keyword you use – synonyms.

For instance, if the main keyword in your blog post is “dating”, then you use other words throughout your blog post that are related, like, ‘dating apps’, ‘online dating’, ‘finding the one’, ‘first date’, ‘total disappointment’ and ‘inevitable fuckboy’. Slightly LOL but you get what I mean!

12. Interlink your Blog posts

When you’re writing a blog post, always try to link to related posts in your Blog.

Don’t assume that everyone reading your newest blog post has read them all before! Imagine that they are a complete newbie – give them ideas of other posts they should read.

13. Update Image descriptions

Name your images something related to what the blog post is about – this helps in Google. Furthermore, ALWAYS make sure your alt-tags are your keywords. It’s vital for boosting page views!

Social Media Tips to up your blogging game

14. Add Social Share Buttons on your Post

Once your reader has gotten to the end of your amazing blog post, where they’ve learned so much and can’t wait to share it – have some buttons ready for them so that it makes it so much easier.

15. Using Pinterest and Tailwind

This is one surefire way to increase blog traffic.

Unfortunately I’m not a Pinterest expert by any stretch of the imagination, so check back soon for a guest post by someone who is!

Engage with other Bloggers

16. Comment on blogs

Like I’ve mentioned before, don’t be that ivory tower asshole who expects everything on a plate.

How can you expect support and sharing of your content if you don’t do it for others?

Regularly find a few new bloggers who you love (in your niche is a bonus) and get chatting to them – it is the fun part after all!

17. Engage in Facebook Groups.

Join Facebook groups. And actively participate in conversations and threads. You don’t always to have to promote your blog, just be helpful.

Get started by joining the Exciting Emails one!

Using email FFS

18. Start an email list

You don’t have to go to loads of effort with newsletters and the like but your traffic will increase if you pop out an email to subscribers every time a new post goes live.

Your followers might not see that you’ve got a new post if they haven’t checked back or have missed it on social media so popping a link in their inboxes is a great way to promo your posts.

Why not subscribe to Exciting Emails and get the FREE 2019 Blog Plan? It has everything you need for starting an email list.

But if you’re totally clueless and would like a fully comprehensive beginner blogger’s e-course on getting that mailing list crack-a-lacking, I’ve got you covered!

Blogging Best Practise

19. Have a consistent blogging schedule.

Just be consistent. Whether that’s once a week, fortnight or month, you’re building trust in your readers that you’re producing fresh content.

This not only gives your audience something to look forward to, but informs Google that your website is constantly being updated – which helps you rank better on Search Engines.

And adding extremely good and relatable content each week will help your Blog get more traffic.

I’m proof of this! Last Summer, I wrote about Love Island every single day and had more than 50,000 visits per month. As soon as I stopped, it went down to my average of 25-30,000! You don’t have to post every day to let your readers know that if they come back there’ll be something new – just be consistent.

20. Always be open to learning

If you become a Grow & Glow member, you’ll get monthly blogging lessons all designed to help you increase blog traffic, launch successful email lists, make money and work with brands – it really will help boost your blog!

I’ve also taken the Christmas lull period to take part in a ton of online courses – so I can then share with you what I’ve learned. They are invaluable in helping you become better at blogging.

21. Make sure your blog is fast

There’s nothing worse than finding a great blog post that you can’t wait to get your teeth stuck into, only to find that it takes forever to load.

I’m bouncing straight outta there!

Constantly test your page speed with Google Tools and implement any improvement suggestions they have.

22. Think about your design

The wonderful Cat from Gatto Web and I sat down for a podcast recording recently where we discuss everything you need to know and implement with your blog design to make it easy to use for the reader. Take a listen.

So there we have it! Tons of links, podcast episodes and freebies are included to help you increase blog traffic so get cracking.

Lastly, I’d like to know which tip are you going to try straight away? Let me know in the comments below!

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