14 January 2019

How To Improve Your Blog’s DA Score With The New Moz Update

By Vix
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As a new blogger, one of the terms you’ll come up against often is, ‘DA’ or ‘domain authority’. In short, this is the score that Moz ranks your blog on.

It’s on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being brand new blogs and 100 being basically Google.

I once reached the dizzying heights of 36 but am now around 31 – which is pretty decent for a blog!

RECENT NEWS: On 5th March, 2019, Moz are changing the way DA is calculated forever.

This means that the majority of websites will see a huge fall in their DA number. Moz assure us though that it is all relative, as most sites will be seeing a drop in their DA.

‘Moz’s new link index and new authority scoring model will now more closely resemble the search engines’ view of the web, so updated DA scores will be a more accurate representation of your
site’s ability to rank in search.’ – Moz

With this update, Moz are encouraging us to change the way we think about ‘DA’. No longer to look at it in terms of what a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ score is but rather, how does our score line up against our competitors in our niches?

This isn’t something to start getting competitive over though! It’s merely a learning point.

As bloggers, we don’t need to panic that our score has changed, we simply need to have a look at how we’re performing in search in comparison to other bloggers in our niches.

The following tips will still be relevant!

So now you know what DA is, you’re probably wondering why it’s important. Domain authority for bloggers isn’t anything to be sniffed at. The fact is, the higher your DA the further to the front you’ll be on Google. Furthermore, brands often choose to work with bloggers and use DA as a determining factor on who to work with.

Shall I crack on with 7 super easy things you can do to improve your blog DA score then? Alrighty then…

improve blog da score

Create Shit Hot Content

The first place to start is with your content.

It must be well written, formatted correctly and easy to read.

When you’re serving great content, it has a better chance of being read, shared, returned to and will encourage readers to read everything else you write too.

Bad content scares off readers quicker than a dance break from Theresa May. And readers that bounce as quick as they’ve landed are baaaad in Google’s eyes.

Get Your SEO Popping

You NEED to make sure that every post is SEO’d to the eyeballs. That you’re using alt-tags, keywords, meta data and subheadings.

And if what I’ve just sounds like a foreign language, I’ve got a suuuuper simple SEO guide for ya.

The better your blog post SEO, the more favourably Moz will see you = improved blog DA score!

Write Viral Blog Posts

Piece of piss, right?

Oh yeeeeah, just make sure that every post has 10,000 views per second – EAAASSSY!

I’m obvs joking. BUT there are things you can do that will DEFINITELY increase your chances of your posts being shared widely.

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Moz (who measures your DA score) pays attention to social sharing when determining your score so if tons of tweeters and grammers are shouting about how amazing your content is, it will reflect in your ranking.

Furthermore, if your content is widely shared, you have a higher chance of getting those link backs.

My previous viral content has been featured on huge 70+ DA websites like national newspapers and TV channels which has helped boost my score.

Get An Internal Linking Structure

Oh boy did I use to be shite at this.

One very important way that Google determines how decent your site is, is how easy it is to move around it. What makes it easier to navigate? Internal linking.

By that I mean linking to other, related posts within each post.

By internally linking you’re not only showing Google how accessible your site is, you’re also showing that you’re an authority on a subject because you just have so bleeding much to say on the topic!

You can do this by suggesting related posts within your paragraphs or linking a certain word or phrase that is relative to another post.

Remove The Baddies

You’re not taking out any bald, scarred, Russian super-villains (you’re not James Bond or a Spice Girl, k?)* but you DO need to remove those broken links.

I use the ‘Broken Links Checker’ plugin but there are websites that can help.

Broken links makes your site look messy. Moz no like mezz.

Let’s Get Accessible

*sings like Olivia Newton-John in neon leggings and footwarmers*

But seriously.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly and takes 5367 hours to load, your DA is going to disappear quicker than a disgruntled reader.

Do regular site speed checks on your site and implement the suggestions that are made (£10 on images being too big) and ensure the design you have looks just as banging on iOS/Android.

Shout About It

If your content is accessible, viral-worthy, interlinked to f and high-quality – then you need to shout about it from the rooftops.

Google and Moz are always watching so forget the fears of looking spammy and desperate and schedule those promotional tweets out and get pinning those bad boys!

It takes effort and a while to improve your blog DA score but with these steps underway you should see a difference in no time!

What do you think is your biggest hurdle in improving your DA?

*If I were a Spice Girl I’d be Potato Spice

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