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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
12 August 2019

Should You Start IGTV Now?

By Vix
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In short, yes.

Should you start IGTV?

When IGTV first burst onto our grids with quite possibly the most underwhelming entrance since the latest batch of Casa Amor housemates, it’s safe to say that many creators were less than excited at the prospect of creating ANOTHER type of content.

The stand-alone IGTV app was clunky and not intuitive to use (still is tbf) and before long we had a stream of videos of our gal pals wiggling their shoes at the camera in ‘styling’ video after styling video.

For the rest of us, not only were we put off by how rubbish the app was (is) but perhaps by the type of content that began to pop up – was it just for fashion bloggers to show what they’d just bought from Zara (to put on their Depop 5 seconds later…)? Was there a space for us?

But as I’ve found… yes. Yes there is.

Why Should You Jump On The IGTV Hype?

This blog post by Later details the recent rise in IGTV views.

Couple that with the fact that virtually every update Instagram have added to the app in the past few months has been for their video features – it seems to me that now is the time to start IGTV.

If you want to that is. Let’s be honest, some of us just don’t want to do video (I held out longer for video content than I do at a buffet). And that’s fine! You absolutely don’t HAVE to do IGTV – but if it is something you fancy having a sniff at, it’s time to clear your nostrils and bury your nose in Instagram’s crotch.

But Really, Why Video?

Videos are getting more views.

More brands want video content.

It killed the radio star. It’s about to kill the static content star.

Even Instagram, at a recent masterclass with creators revealed that it’s putting more reach and exposure behind Stories and IGTV than it is photos.

But I’ll share my experience too! I’ve (to date) created 2 IGTV videos (and about 14 that I had to scrap because of lipstick on my teeth, hating my voice or spilling tea I quickly regretted) and I had some pretty pleasing results.

Firstly, my videos had roughly the same, if not more engagement than my photos did. What’s more, my videos were shared on other people’s Stories WAAAAY more than my photos are. Through this, I found that FINALLY I gained new Instagram followers. And not borat34256 who only follows accounts that show their feet. But real people. Real people interested in the topics I want to discuss.

So How Do I Start?

Well, you’re in luck, because I created a free e-book for you, which you can grab here.

I’ll talk you through how to figure out what content to create, who to create it for and then the technical steps to get you up and running. As well as my best tips – don’t say I don’t treat ya. Oh and there’s even a shexay lil checklist for you to download and have to hand!

If you want to have a butchers at what I’ve done on IGTV so far, I’d ruddy love that!

But let me know – are you thinking of starting IGTV? What content will you make? Do you have any questions about IGTV?

And bookmark this post as I’ll be updating it with any developments!

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