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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
24 April 2020

How to write a blog post in under an hour, without compromising on quality

By Vix
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If there’s one thing that we hear from our members a lot, it’s this: “I don’t have the time to write blog posts.”

And we totally get it.

You probably know that your posts should be SEO-ed to the Gods, have great images, be talking to your ideal reader, have clickable titles AND actually be enjoyable  to read! Looking at that long list can feel super overwhelming and is enough  to make anyone want to sack it off and watch Netflix instead.

However, writing blog posts doesn’t have to be this huge daunting task. In fact, if you strip it back and really streamline your processes, you can whip up a killer post in an hour.

Yes. Really!

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it with our five simple steps for writing brilliant blog posts quickly.

How to write blog posts quickly

Step One: Define the purpose of your post 

If you have an idea for a post, you probably instinctively know what its purpose is. However, sometimes it takes a bit more digging to figure this out.

Sit back and ask yourself this question: What problem is this post going to solve for my reaer.

If you’re creating a guide to training your dog on how to listen to the command “wait”, you’re helping your ideal reader (dog owners, in this case) to solve the problem of having a dog that runs after cats in the street.

If you’re showing how you style a white shirt from H&M, you could be solving the problem of how to look put-together on a budget, or the problem of not knowing how to style a white shirt!

If you’re creating a veggie bolognese recipe, you’re solving the problem of not knowing how to enjoy classic meals after transitioning to a vegetarian diet.

Make sense?

The reason that it’s so important to understand what problem you’re solving is because this is the theme that needs to underpin your whole post. It’s the narrative that needs to run through everything you write.

Once you’re clear on this, getting your ideas on paper will be SO much easier.

Not clear on who your ideal reader is? You need our Glow into Your Niche course. Become a Grow & Glow member today to gain access and watch your platforms flourish.

Step 2: Plan the best way to present your information 

Now that you know what problem you’re solving for your reader, you need  to consider how you can best get across the information.

Take this blog post, for example. We know that our ideal readers (you lovely lot!) have the problem of not having the time to write blog posts. We want to help you solve that problem and, to make it as digestible and easy-to-follow, we’ve created a step-by-step guide.

However, depending on what you’re sharing you may want to create a post with…

  • Lists 
  • Infographics 
  • Quotes 

Think about what will really help your reader to UNDERSTAND what you’re sharing.

Step 3: Create an engaging title and SEO-friendly subheadings 

Now you can start creating a structure for your blog post.

Start with an engaging title that clearly explains what problem you’re solving and preferably who your ideal reader is in some way. We’ve recently published a whole post about creating super clickable blog post titles that can help you out with this. 

Next, create your subheadings. These will define the key things that you want to talk about in the post and will start to bring order to your thoughts. If possible and you don’t have to force them in, consider using some keywords in these subheadings to beef up your SEO.

Step 4: Fill in the blanks 

Get writing!

You’re clear on the key information you need to be sharing, so now it’s all about filing in the blanks. Start by writing each section based on your subheadings. Since you know exactly what value you’re bringing for your reader, this shouldn’t take too long at all.

Lastly, add in an introduction and a conclusion that ties everything together and (sorry to sound like a broken record) explicitly shows what problem this blog post will solve for your reader!

Step 5: Sprinkle on the finishing touches 

Now that you’ve written the post, your hard work is done! It’s a case of simply adding in the final flourishes.

Make sure that you include photos. If you’re really pressed for time, you don’t need to be your own photographer. It’s worth considering using stock imagery that is on-brand and relevant. We love sites like Unsplash for this as they have some brilliantly blogger-esque imagery.

Then, make sure that your SEO is as strong as it can be. WordPress makes this really easy through Yoast, which provides a traffic light system summary of whether your SEO practices in the post are as good as they can be. Plus, it gives steps for how to improve.

We also have a FREE SEO checklist that can perfect your skills and get your blog post seen. Get your hands on it here.

Finally, proof read. It can be worth taking some time away from your post and coming back to it with fresh eyes, to ensure that you don’t miss any spelling or semantic errors.

And voila! You now have a blog post in only slightly longer than it takes you to watch a couple of episodes of Friends.

By following these steps you will seriously streamline your blog post writing process, without compromising on quality. Meaning more valuable insights for your readers and less stress for you!

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