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10 April 2020

4 of the most clickable blog post titles and how you can replicate them to grow your traffic

By Vix
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Whether you’re a content creator or a business owner, there’s no doubt you have a lot to think about when it comes to writing blog posts.

Have you included affiliate links?

Have you SEO-ed it up to the heavens?

Are you using decent photos to optimise the reading experience?

Does the topic appeal to your ideal audience/customer?

And then, probably somewhere towards the end of this list, you might have a little think about how you can craft your title.

How to write a good blog post title

With so much to juggle, it’s one of those things that is very easy to overlook. However, the power of a strong title should not be underestimated. The internet is full to the brim with content. Your little corner of that is fighting for clicks and you need to be carefully curating your titles in order to get as many eyes on YOUR content as possible.

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In this post, we’re going to break down some copywriting rules for your titles, that are guaranteed to make them gloriously clickable and irresistible, whether someone’s seeing your content on social media, or you’re one of many results on Google. 

The “how-to” title

You’re probably pretty well-acquainted with this one! Whether you know why you do it or not, using how-to titles for blog posts is common practice for a lot of us.

Here’s why they’re so brilliant at getting those clicks: 

You are immediately telling your readers what problem they are going to be able to solve through your post. As we teach in Grow & Glow, your content needs to be valuable first and foremost.

How-to titles immediately convey this value.

To make them as strong as possible, we highly recommend extending them. You can do this by adding an “and” or a “without”, as a way to appeal to your reader’s emotions.

For example…

How to potty train your toddler, without losing your mind in the process.

How to nail your job interview and get that pay-rise you deserve.

How to declutter your home and turn it into a stress-free zone.

By using terms that play on how your reader feels about their problem, you can create a connection with them. In these examples this is done through the phrases “that pay-rise you deserve”, “stress-free zone” and “losing your mind”. 

Try to keep these titles as personal as possible. Use personal pronouns to talk directly to your reader: “How to potty train a toddler” becomes “how to potty train YOUR toddler”. This intensifies the writer-reader connection.

Now that’s clickable!

The List Title 

In a similar way to a how-to title, a list title is all about immediately expressing what your reader will learn from your post. However, there is less of a focus on solving a problem in an in-depth way, and more of a focus on giving a brilliant overview of multiple solutions. 

To make these types of post irresistible, try to use numbers in your title.

Moz summarises perfectly why this works so well: “Our brains are trained to find things that stand out and are specific. When you’re scanning search results, that’s a lot of information. So your brain is going to try to find some things that it can grasp on to, and numbers are the ultimate things that are both specific and they stand out. So sometimes, in certain circumstances, you can get a higher click-through rate by using numbers in your title tags.”

In order to make these titles as appealing as possible though, we’d also recommend extending them. You can usually do this with words like “if” or “when” to make them more specific.

For example…

10 clever ways to kick-start your morning if you struggle with getting out of bed.

7 tried and tested tips for surviving your first year at university when you’re socially anxious.

Really focus on using powerful adjectives to make your list titles even more clickable: “10 ways to…” becomes “10 clever ways to”, and “7 tips…” becomes “7 tried and tested tips”.

Relatable titles 

If you really know your ideal reader (which you totally should, by the way!), you should also know exactly how to relate to them. That’s where these titles come in!

Some of the most viral content online is all about appealing to a very specific group of people. If you’re writing a post that doesn’t necessarily solve a problem, but is more about your experiences in a certain area, your title needs to instantly convey the ways that you are JUST like your audience.

For example…

“10 things you said if you went Primary School in the 80s”

“If you were a My Chemical Romance fan, you’ll totally understand these 5 jokes”

“My travel diary: How I spent a week in Rome, as a 20-something”

As you can see, relatable titles often work best when merged with another title type, for example lists. 

Opinionated titles

Tread carefully with this one! We’re not telling you to be controversial for the sake of it or to just be plain rude on your blog.

However, crafting slightly controversial titles can be a great way to get clicks, especially on social media. Whether people are reading it to get riled up or to nod along, every click counts!

For example…

Why I hate [brand’s] new foundation 

Why I actually love [universally disliked product/film/location]

Your content deserves to have eyes on it and, by carefully crafting your blog titles, you can get those clicks. Whilst we can’t tell you exactly how to formulate your titles (we don’t know what you’re writing!), we hope that these outlines have given you the inspiration you need to get out there and make your posts irresistible. 

Now that you’ve created the perfect title, it’s time to get promoting! Head over to our Freebie Library to get your hands on our Blog Promo Checklist.

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