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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
17 April 2020

4 ways to grow on TikTok and build your online brand

By Vix
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We should probably just get this out in the open before we dive in: We love TikTok.

Not only have we grown quite the obsession with scrolling through it at every opportunity (and getting the songs stuck in our head  as a result), but we’ve also seen first-hand just how beneficial it can be in terms of growing a presence online.

Take Vix, Grow & Glow’s founder, for example. She only started posting properly on the app 7 weeks ago. She now has over 7,000 followers! That’s the kind of growth that you just don’t see on any other platform, unless the social media gods absolutely bless you.

By creating a strong TikTok presence, you can open up a lot of doors for yourself, both as a creator and as a business. It can lead to greater collaboration opportunities, act as a way for you to showcase other content you create, and even allow you to get sales on your products or services.

Okay, great! You need in!

But how can you grow your TikTok and build your brand on the platform? Let us walk you through it…

How to grow on TikTok: 4 digital marketing strategies for TikTok

Create content that adds values

If you’re adding another platform to your arsenal, your current followers need a reason to head over there and new people need a reason to click “follow”.

You can do this by ensuring you’re adding value.

We know you’ve probably heard this before from just about every marketing expert out there, but there’s a reason. Adding FREE value for people is one of the best ways for you to grow your platforms, including TikTok.

However, this doesn’t have to mean value in the form of educational content, though it can. It could be about adding value in the form of making your followers laugh, or inspiring them. The key is to consider your content niche and your ideal followers. What do they need to learn? What do they want help with? What could you add to their day?

If you can fit this into 60 second video or less, it’s TikTok worthy.

Create niche content 

There’s a massive misconception that TikTok is all about doing the renegade and wearing crop tops.

However, there are actually a tonne of users on the platform RIGHT NOW who are nailing their own niche.

Fashion. Beauty. Cooking. Gardening. Parenting. Sustainability. Travel.

You name it, there’s a place for it on TikTok. If you already have a clearly defined niche, it should be pretty easy to know what you want to create videos about. If not, head over to our Glow Your Niche course as a Grow & Glow member to get some help!

Once you’re clear on what your niche is, start brainstorming the kinds of short, digestible videos that you can make on the subject.

These can include…

  • How tos
  • Humourous/relatable skits
  • Story times
  • Listicles
  • BTS looks

To show you how this works, let’s take the example of parenting creator. To grow into their niche on TikTok, they could create…

  • How tos on making baby food 
  • Storytimes about the birth of their baby 
  • Lists of their favourite baby products 
  • Funny voiceover videos about life with a newborn, that will be relatable to fellow parents
  • “Day in my life” style videos featuring baby-related activities

Make sense?

There’s always a way that you can make TikTok work for your niche, it’s just about getting creative and remembering that you don’t HAVE to know how to dance to be a success. 

Interact in the community 

To make a name for yourself on TikTok, you first need to actually get your name out there! Whilst the platform is pretty great at sharing your content with people that may be interested in it (take note, Insta!), it’s still worth engaging in your community.

This can be as simple as searching for other creators in your niche and commenting on their content! Be thoughtful and truly respond to what they’re putting out. Creating relationships through the app will not only make TikTok even more fun to use, but will help to grow your audience.

Your name is going start showing up under videos and that creator may even connect with you on your profile!

Another option is to consider doing a “duet”. This is when you respond to someone’s TikTok in a TikTok of your own. It appears to viewers in a split screen and, since we know that the app is so great at pushing out relevant content, it could be that your duet gets show in the “For You Page” of those that are fans of the original creator.

So, if you’ve carefully picked someone in a similar niche, this is great news for you!

Use the right hashtags 

If you want to appear on people’s For You page, utilising hashtags is one of THE most important things to do. It’s one of the ways that TikTok categorises your content and decides who to show it to.

So, alongside having your niche, use niche hashtags!

Hunt around on TikTok for accounts similar to yours that are seeing impressive growth. Then, check out which ones they’re using.

If you share recipes you don’t just have to just use #food or #recipe. Try out things like #EasyRecipe #UKFood #FoodPorn #RecipeVideo #CupboardCooking #VeganRecipe #VeganFood.

You get the idea!

Now is the time to jump on TikTok before it’s too late. And by implementing these 4 steps, you can use the platform to grow your visibility online and build your brand.

By getting clear on how you can serve your audience, what content you should be creating and how you can push this content out to the right people, you are on the path to TikTok success. And without a renegade in sight!

For more help on getting your first 1,000 TikTok followers, check out our completely free e-book on tiktokwoah.com where we break down the strategy you need to get started.

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