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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
13 February 2020

Glow On IGTV: How to be more confident on camera

By Vix
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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about online creators over the years it’s this: A lot of us are introverts.

We’re people that started a blog, an Instagram account or any other social media platform so that we could express ourselves in some way, without actually needing to, erm, leave the house!

With this in mind, it’s not hard to understand why so many creators are hesitant to try creating video content. After all, putting your words out there into the world is miles apart from putting your words, your actual voice and your face out there into the world!

It can be pretty intimidating.

However, as we chatted about in our last blog post all about the impact of IGTV, we think that making the leap towards video can be hugely beneficial for influencers. Utilising Instagram TV is a brilliant way to potentially reach a whole new group of people, as well as providing you with the perfect route to connect with your followers in a new, extremely personal way.

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That’s why we wanted to write this post. We completely understand that creating an IGTV is terrifying. And we also know that feeling (and looking!) confident in videos is therefore a huge challenge. So, we wanted to share our top tips for how to be more confident on camera, even if you feel anything but.

How to be more confident on camera for IGTV

Confidence on camera: Preparing for success

Preparation is key. Unless you’re some miracle of existence, it’s highly unlikely that you can sit down, press record and instantly create something that is a brilliant piece of content for your followers.

Please don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself!

Instead, put some of the following practices into action to help you prepare for when you are filming. 

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Talking to camera confidently is like a muscle: You need to build it up!

Once you’ve decided that you want to start creating videos, practice in a low-pressure environment. As silly as it may sound, act as though you’re talking to a camera whilst you’re doing daily tasks.

Tell your imaginary audience what you’re applying during your skincare routine. Chat to them whilst you wash up. And, as you feel more comfortable, maybe even practice doing so with a camera actually recording you.

Yes, we give you permission to then immediately delete the footage!

Not only will this help you to build up your confidence, but it will also allow you to find a tone and rhythm that is natural to you whilst recording.

Write a basic script 

You’re already stressed. Don’t then put the added pressure on yourself of remembering everything you want to say!

Whatever your first video is, make sure that you write a basic script. You don’t have to plan out word-for-word what you’re going to say and memorise it, but having a list of the topics you want to cover and all of the key thoughts you have will make recording much less daunting.

Trust us, that level of calm will translate on camera!

Set time aside to get ready 

Do what makes you feel confident in your day-to-day life, before you get on camera.

Whether it’s putting on a certain type of makeup, wearing your favourite outfit or listening to an Ariana Grande playlist, ensure that you set enough time aside before filming to allow you to do something that will make you feel your best.

Treat it like you’re trying to rev yourself up before a job interview. Except maybe skip the suit. Unless your niche is business… 

Strike a power pose 

In her brilliant TED Talk, Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy discusses the power of posture. 

She explains that standing in a “power pose”, with your arms stretched out to make you as big as possible, can have a real impact on how you feel. Apparently it can influence testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain.

Pretty impressive, huh?

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Confidence on camera: Tips for filming

Now that you’ve prepared yourself, it’s finally time to take the leap of faith and get in front of the camera. Whether you’re feeling confident or not, here’s how to look like a natural.

Embrace being yourself 

You do not have to be a huge personality in order to make a video. In fact, if you’re not naturally that way inclined and pretend to be, it will probably be pretty bleedin’ obvious to anyone watching.

The truth is, your ideal follower will want to connect with YOU. Not with a fake version of yourself that is nothing like how you act in real life. So, be yourself.

It’s okay to amp up certain parts of your personality so that they translate more effectively on camera, but it’s important to embrace being yourself. Your personality could even be a part of your USP!

Think about your body language 

Body language is super important when it comes to first impressions. 

In fact, it’s been said that about 55 percent of the impact of a message is non-verbal. That means that you need to be aware of more than just the words coming out of your mouth!

First things first, look directly into the camera. Not in the viewfinder. Not at the wall in front of you. Definitely not at the floor! If you’re looking at the lense, you’re giving the viewer the impression that you’re staring them straight in the eye. That’s how to instantly look more confident.

Secondly, try not to fidget. Make sure that you’re in a comfortable seat and avoid tempting spinny chairs wherever possible! Then, as you press record, take a deep breath and relax your shoulders and facial muscles. 

Finally, remember to SMILE! If you look like you’re hating every minute, it’s hard for someone to enjoy watching you. 

Give yourself plenty of time to film

Recording in a rush will only add to your stresses. If you have 20 minutes to film a 20 minute video, there’s no option but to get everything right the first time. That’s a hell of a lot of pressure.

At least when you first start out, make sure that you leave ample time for you to record your videos. Don’t be afraid to restart sentences, sections or even the whole thing! It’s normal to mess up and that’s what editing is for, my friend. 

The truth is, it will take time for you to truly feel comfortable in front of the camera. That means that every time you take the plunge and talk to your audience, you’re one step closer to feeling totally comfortable doing so!

Until then, use these tips to give the appearance of confidence and to make yourself feel slightly less daunted by the prospect of recording.

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