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3 April 2020

How to Choose the Perfect Brand Font by Understanding The Font Traits

By Vix
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How to pick a brand font is one of those things that many of us find overwhelming.

Staring at a drop down menu of 100s of choices, choosing one that reflects your brand well is really difficult! And, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably guilty of just going “eeerm I like the look of this one, so I guess I’ll go with that?”

Whilst you definitely should like the font that you choose, it is possible to put some actual strategy behind picking one. We promise! Believe it or not, fonts have quite an impactful emotional effect on your readers. Just like colours, they really do add to the impression that your brand gives.

So, in this post, we’re going to break down the key things that you need to understand about types of fonts and how you can best represent yourself.

How to pick the perfect font for your brand

What are font traits?

Font traits are simply the characteristics of fonts. For example, bold or light, and serif or sans serif.

It is these traits that have an impact on the emotion fonts evoke.

Some of this will be relatively instinctual for you. We all know that comic sans ain’t the typeface to use in a professional email, right? 

However, we’ll run you through the things that aren’t so obvious.

What are the emotional associations of different font traits?

Serif, Sans Serif and Slab Serif 

Brand fonts for blogs: What do serifs mean?

Bodoni FLF, Blogger, Aleo Light 

Serif: This type of font has little “feet” at the beginning and end of each letter. It is most commonly associated with traditionality and a high-end look.

San Serif: The complete opposite of serif fonts, san serif fonts do not have these “feet”. Instead, they have a consistent line size. They look more contemporary and chic. 

Slab Serif: These fonts have thicker serifs (“feet”) on letters. They evoke approachability and are great for creative businesses. 

Light, Medium and Bold 

How to pick the perfect brand font: Light Vs Bold

Aileron Light, Aileron Medium, Aileron Bold 

Light:  Light fonts are characteristically thin. They are not attention-grabbing and are rarely used in headings. They have a modern, airy feel. 

Medium:  Medium fonts are usually used for paragraphs as they are not too thin, but also not too thick. They are easy to read.

Bold:  The thickest type of font, these are attention-grabbing. They feel powerful!

Italic and Oblique 

Courgette, Carter One 

Italic:  Adding a slant to fonts, italics create emphasis, as well as seeming welcoming. 

Oblique: Oblique fonts are a more modern take on italics. Letters are still slightly slanted, but they give the impression of haste and urgency. 

Condensed, regular and extended 

Athens Light, Athens, Artegra Sans Extende 

Condensed:  These fonts are spaced closely together, usually with narrower letters. They feel playful. They are often associated with more retro designs.

Regular:  These are fonts that can be used in blocks, like paragraphs, and remain easy to read. 

Extended: These fonts often have wider letters and a bigger gap between letters. They feel mature and are extremely easy to read. 

Lowercase and uppercase

Both in Avenir

Uppercase: Fonts written in capital letters feel strong and classic. 

Lowercase: Fonts written without capital letters are playful and less grown-up. They aren’t as eye-catching but can be relatable. 

To find fonts that have a specific attribute, simply use Canva and search the font box with terms like “serif”.

Whilst it’s probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to branding, as you’ve hopefully realised fonts can have a pretty big impact on the way that your platforms are received. You should most definitely think about how they relate to the message you want to convey and whether they fit your niche.

If you need help with establishing your niche as a creator, become a Grow & Glow member today to get access to our Glow Your Branding course. In it, we walk you through how to create effective and consistent visual and emotional branding, messaging and profiles. 

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