31 December 2018

How To Be An Instagram Influencer

By Vix
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Have you ever found yourself Googling, ‘How To Be An Instagram Influencer’? You’ve seen the lifestyle, the money, the opportunities, the gorgeous photos, the comments, likes and followers and you just want in. I get it! You want to learn how…

Being an Instagram Influencer is a legit job for many and it’s rise as a popular career doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Even though I’d predominantly call myself a ‘blogger’, I’ve got a thoroughly engaged Instagram audience of 13,000 followers in the past 3 years and I now regularly make more than £1,000 a month through this platform. Furthermore, I’ve coached many other influencers on how to become influential and grow an engaged community on Instagram.

‘The momentum since my session with Vix hasn’t faltered. Since our session in November I’ve grown almost 15k on instagram, 6k on YouTube and I took away so many confidence boosting points! I feel like I have a clear focus and direction. Thank you, Vix!’

Scarlett London

Perhaps you’re a bit stuck and you have no idea where you want to start when it comes to pursuing this weird, brand new and ever changing career path. Well, I’ve got you!

Decide On Your Niche

Mrs Hinch, Victoria from InTheFrowBodyPosiPanda – all Instagrammers, with very different niches but all who have grown at exponential rates because they are so well known for what they do.

Mrs Hinch cleans, Victoria shows us an insight into her uber luxury lifestyle and Megan uses her space to share body positivity and help us all to dismantle damaging diet culture.

Having a niche plays into the Instagram algorithm which prioritises accounts that are consistent.

Furthermore, when your account has a ‘theme’, your followers grow a trusting relationship with you. They know what type of content to expect and are excited to see it.

Another benefit of having a niche/themed account is that you become an ‘expert’ in your topic. You attract followers and brands that are specifically interested in that type of content.

So what type of account will you be? Food? Travel? Fashion? Fitness? 

Choose A Strict Set Of Topics

Many of us love using Instagram as a photo diary and want to post what we had for breakfast, our latest purchases, the nice new nail place we discovered and our bath set up on a Sunday evening – but this won’t help you to become an Instagram Influencer.

UNLESS you’ve already built a social following through your blog, YouTube or another area. Already being an established ‘personality’ will mean that you can post virtually whatever you want and your followers from other platforms will flock.

If that’s not you, and you’re wanting to build an account from scratch, then a niche, with a consistent set of topics will help you to grow steadily.

Once you’ve decided your niche, you’ll need to choose 3-5 types of pictures you can share to be as consistent as possible.

So if you’re wanting to be a fashion Instagrammer it’s best to just show your outfits but if you want to branch out into flat lays and accessory features that could work too. Likewise, if you’re a food account – showing off your best dishes is the ticket.

Research Your Hashtags

Another reason why having a niche is so handy – your hashtags will be very specific.

A good hashtag strategy will help you get seen by as many new people as possible so experiment with those in your niche to see which ones work best.

Have A Distinct Editing Style

Editing all of your photos in the same way is a surefire way to be known as an influencer.

You’ve seen all of those gorgeous accounts on the explore page with the warm tones representing the luscious beaches and the clean whites against city back drops.

Top influencers have a distinct editing style that is easily recognisable amongst the piles of content on Instagram.

Your ‘grid’ looks coherent. Your pictures are instantly improved through tweaking and hopefully you’ll become synonymous with an interesting and unique preset or filter style which will make you visually appealing to new followers and brands.

I’ve written a blog post on how I use Lightroom presets to develop my style.

Nail Those Captions

Decide how you want your personality to come across on Instagram and make sure it comes through in your captions.

Are you accident prone and clumsy therefore relatable? Make sure you regale your followers with your latest mishaps.

Do you want to be seen as aspirational and a role model? Include motivational quotes and positive thoughts.

Perhaps you want people to think and debate – then you should include thought provoking ideas and questions.

Call To Actions Are Vital

A surefire way to grow Instagram engagement is taking advantage of as many calls to action as possible.

In your captions, encourage people to like and comment by posting questions or actually TELLING them to double tap.

You could also encourage them to click a link in your bio by highlighting it in your bio text.

If you want to grow on Instagram, you could tell your current followers just how much you’d love them if they could share your picture. Every little helps!

Optimise Your Profile

You should have a business profile so that you can see more in-depth insights but alongside this you can label yourself as an influencer and attach contact details for people to get in touch with you.

Your bio should tell people what your account is about – again going back to that niche and those topics.

This means that if anyone finds you via a hashtag or the explore page, you’ll convert them to followers if your bio appeals to what they’re looking for – which it should if they’ve managed to find you in the first place!

PLUS Who knows, one day that dream brand you’ve always wanted to work with could stumble across your profile and you’ll want to grab their attention.

Identify Your Follower Profile

This way you know their social media habits and usage times which means you can tailor your publishing schedule for optimum viewing possibilities!

Knowing your ideal follower helps you to talk directly to them in your captions and your stories too!

I want to go into WAAAAAY more detail on how to work out your follower profile so make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast for an upcoming, free workbook and episode all about this!

Show Up On Stories Regularly

At least 5 times a day guys, don’t be shy.

Make sure you hashtag and location tag those bad boys for maximum exposure too!

I hate to be THAT person but I have an upcoming e-course ALLLL about how to nail Stories, so reaaaallly make sure you subscribe to Exciting Emails for that one!

Engage And Be Engaging

Don’t be that prick that sits in an ivory tower and expects it all to fall into their lap.

Identify fellow influencers within your niche and support them. Comment on their posts, shout them out in stories and reply to their DMs.

It’s the fun part after all!

Furthermore, Instagram’s algorithm favours accounts that are seen to be active because they engage with other users – it all works in your advantage!

Don’t Do It For The Numbers 

Sounds totally counter productive right? You want to be an influencer which means you need followers BUT everyone can smell a beg from a mile off.

In your pursuit to becoming an influencer bear one thing in mind – be yourself.

People will fall in love with you. Not everyone but that’s impossible. The right people will enjoy your content, will support your posts and will want to engage with you.

So do it for you, then them and the numbers will follow.

Becoming an influencer doesn’t happen overnight as you need to prove that you are actually influential.

You’ll only do that by growing a dedicated and loyal audience and you’ll only do THAT if you follow the steps I’ve laid out and above all else ARE CONSISTENT AND GENUINE.

If you want more advice or even some bespoke coaching on becoming an Instagram Influencer, then join the Exciting Emails Community!

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