9 November 2018

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

By Vix
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I am awful. Well, I was until I developed a Lightroom preset to edit Instagram photos with….

I have no idea about angles. I can never find decent backdrops and I pose like Chandler Bing in his engagement announcement photos.

I mean, if there’s nothing in my hands then WHO KNOWS where they’re going?

BUT I’ve managed to trick my Instagram followers into thinking I’m semi-decent at that ol’ game because I’ve nailed an editing style that looks *slightly* more put together than the other 300 odd posts I’d previously published.

Furthermore, I’ve been enjoying this style of editing so much that I now use it on my blog photos too – you can see an example here.

I probably get 20-30 DMs a week asking how I edit my photos and I always say the same thing, ‘I made my own Lightroom preset’.

So in the interest of being a bit more helpful, I thought I’d put a quick post together with a lil treat for you at the end!

The Camera I Use To Edit My Instagram Photos

Veeeerry rarely I use my Olympus Pen. Nowadays it’s either Ben’s iPhone 7+ (if I’ve roped him in to taking pictures), Laura’s iPhone 8 (same) or my iPhone XS Max.

I like that I can take the photo on the phone and either Airdrop it to mine or that it’s already on my phone, ready to edit in Lightroom.

Which brings me on to…

The Apps I Use To Edit My Instagram Photos


I pay for the CC monthly subscription so that I can have the program on my Macbook and the app on my phone – although most of the app features are free to download.

Why Lightroom though? Well, I’e tried em all. From those grainy, black bordered filters on the OG Insta to Color Story to VSCO. And I’ve just never been able to nail it.

Photos were too pink. Too dark. Too exposed. TOO EXHAUSTING. I’m lazy, OK?

So when I started learning about Lightroom presets and how I could achieve the cool blue, slightly muted but warm orange style I now love, I had to give it a go.

I downloaded a few presets from here and there (although why are the really nice ones, SO EXPENSIVE????) and went into the settings in the app to see what these presets were all about.

Turns out that having a preset and playing around is a super easy way to elevate every photo!

Alright but how do you ACTUALLY edit them?

I’ve actually spoken about it and have a free guide for the Exciting Emails subscribers. If you want that guide PLUS a free preset (coming on Sunday and is like 99.99999% similar to my own) then you need to SIGN UP HERE.

What’s more… if you’re suuuuuppppeeer lazy (like me) I’ll be launching a 6 preset set (that won’t be frigging £70+ FGS) and my subscribers will get 20% off!

What Settings Do You Focus On?

That’s the best bit about Lightroom.

On most other apps you can adjust a range of settings but in Lightroom there are two extra parts I love playing around with most.

They are, ‘COLOR MIX’ and ‘SPLIT TONE”.

In Color Mix, you can up the luminosity and saturation on certain colours and turn it down on others. Meaning that if you like warmer photos, you can turn it up on the oranges, reds and yellows and down on the cooler colours.

With Split Tone, you’re playing specifically with warm and cool tones, meaning you can be suuuuper precise to get the effect you want.

For any more Lightroom advice and tips, you can join the Exciting Emails Facebook Group here and DEFINITELY sign up to the newsletter, here.

Plus you can let me know in the comments if you want any specific posts on editing and I’ll see what I can do!

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