Monthly Content Kits designed and delivered by experts so you can ‘Gram & Go


Running out of time

Juggling all aspects of your biz whilst feeling like you’re having to spend hours on Instagram. Or prioritising engaging with your community over creating banging content

Lacking motivation

Wasting time looking at what everyone is doing and feeling content FOMO. Or not having the time or energy to come up with new content ideas so ghosting the app for days on end


Everyone says you need a ‘strategy’ but you can’t tell how or even if the content you’re creating and posting is actually building your community intentionally

Worrying about engagement

Thinking that with each post that ‘bombs’, the time you’re spending isn’t worth it for gaining more clients and customers

The investment…

£20 + VAT

‘Gram & Go Monthly

Monthly Content Kits with prompts, templates and inspo, designed by experts and delivered straight to your inbox.

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A month’s worth of content is as easy as 4, 3, 2…


16 Story prompts, giving you 4 days per week of topics to share that will help you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, encouraging more engagement.

+ a selection of caption starters to help get those creative writing juices flowing


12 Grid post templates, giving you 3 days per week of ready-to-be-customised content that will encourage those vital saves and shares.

We have tutorial videos showing you the best ways to customise each template to totally fit your brand!


8 Reels ideas, giving you 2 days per week of Reels you can watch, use the audio from and be inspired by.

Reels is such an integral way to grow your community on Instagram in 2021 and beyond, so let us save you the time of falling into a scroll hole – we’ll share the best Reels inspo that you can apply to your brand.

We help you to…

Get more engagement, grow your community and save your precious time, energy and money

Expertly created by a team of Instagram and marketing educators, an incredible copywriter and a brilliant graphic designer

Designed for you and delivered to you, by experts…

Instagram & Marketing

Grow & Glow Founder and Digital Marketing Manager, Vix and Hannah are OBSESSED with making Instagram simple for founders and freelancers.

Each month, they get together to co-create and curate content ideas that will help build your brand and attract new clients.

Copywriting & Creative

Grow & Glow’s copywriter and content creator, Beth infuses her years of creating stand-out copy for heart-led brands into the ideas, prompts and inspo we share with our ‘Gram & Go members each month.

Graphic Design

Grow & Glow’s graphic designer, Poppy has spent the last year creating content for Vix and Grow & Glow that has seen both communities double (and triple) in size through content that is shareable, saveable and gorgeously branded.

She’ll design fully customisable grid post templates (and the occasional bonus Story and Reels templates) to make it even easier to ‘Gram & Go.

Your Monthly Content Kit ensures you’re:


Your content will be shared from account to account, hitting the explore page and catching the eyes of your ideal audience in hashtags by being useful, helpful, educational, entertaining, inspiring and more – all of the components that bring new people to your community and grow your account.

We help you get your message across with our viral-worthy Grid Templates and Reels Inspo.


Getting into the habit of sharing your story, behind the scenes, values, preferences, interests and what makes you YOU.

We help you do this with our engaging Story Prompts and Caption Starters that will generate more conversation than ever before.

The more conversations starting in your comments and DMs, the more reach your content will get.


Tired of feeling too salesy or spammy but need to turn your community into clients so you can build the brand of your dreams?

Our templates, prompts, inspo and ideas will help you get your brilliant offers out there to an audience who can’t wait to have you serve them!

Never have to pluck up the courage to say ‘WORK WITH ME’ again – our ready-to-be-customised content will give you that boost.

The investment…

£20 + VAT

‘Gram & Go Monthly

Monthly Content Kits with prompts, templates and inspo, designed by experts and delivered straight to your inbox.

Grow & Glow member?

You get 10% off ‘Gram & Go!

Check your member emails, the member area and the Facebook group for your official link!



Our Kits are sent at 10am UK time

Your first Content Kit will be the next one sent out – make sure you sign up before the cut off date/time!

If you find yourself wanting to learn more about building your business on Instagram and be a part of a community of founders and freelancers, why not join Grow & Glow too?

Our ‘Gram & Go subscription is a monthly drop of prompts, templates and inspo straight to your inbox. But if you find yourself wanting to be surrounded by other founders and freelancers who are working on their Instagram game and building their businesses, so you can network and learn, our community Grow & Glow is for you!

The investment…

£20 + VAT

‘Gram & Go Monthly

Monthly Content Kits with prompts, templates and inspo, designed by experts and delivered straight to your inbox.

Grow & Glow member?

You get 10% off ‘Gram & Go!

Check your member emails, the member area and the Facebook group for your official link!


Do I need Canva Pro?

Yes! Our templates are created in Canva Pro as it has the best features, elements and fonts. If you don’t already have a Canva Pro account, get one here. You could use regular Canva but you might miss out on exclusive fonts and elements that really uplevel your designs!

How do I access previous month’s Kits?

You can’t! Your subscription starts the day you join and you’ll access the next kit that is delivered to you. The longer you stay a member, the more prompts, templates, and inspo you’ll collect so you never have to waste time, energy and money scrambling for ideas again!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep! You’ll be sent an invoice receipt with every renewal that includes a link to your Account Hub – you can manage your billing details and cancel your account there. You’ll keep the Kits you’ve paid for but won’t receive any further prompts, templates or inspo!

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds. Please do consider this before you subscribe.

How is this different to Grow & Glow?

Grow & Glow is our community membership that includes access to: expert led Instagram masterclasses, upcoming biz and IG live expert masterclasses, our MASSIVE resource vault, welcoming, supportive and inspiring community and all of our member events.

Think of it like this: if you want to do Instagram yourself and be supported by other founders and freelancers, Grow & Glow is for you.

If you don’t want the commitment to a community or to come to the classes but want to grow your account using our methods – ‘Gram & Go is for you.

If you want a mix of community and accountability, but the time/money/energy saving expert of having our Content Kits delivered – join both!

I have a ______ business, will the prompts, templates and inspo work for me?

We’ve designed our Content Kits with service based businesses, freelancers, social media managers, influencers and personal brands in mind (aka when you’re the face of your brand). They absolutely CAN work for product based businesses but you might need to flex your creative muscles to utilise them for your business.

Can I use your Content Kits with my clients?

You can use our Content Kits with any of the accounts you manage, however you do not have permission to resell them as they are covered by our intellectual property rights and licenses.

The colours and fonts of the templates doesn’t fit my branding?

Our templates are fully customisable with Canva so you can change all of the styles to totally fit your brand, with a few easy clicks of a button.

And if you get stuck, we have some tutorial videos to help you with customising them.

What if I need more help?

If you’ve tried the template tutorials and are still stuck or have a technical issue, drop us an email [email protected]

If you want more help with your strategy, account, brand or biz, join Grow & Glow and access our community where help is always on hand.

How do I get my Flick hashtags discount?

Upon subscription you’ll be sent a welcome email – check your junk/spam incase it has gone there. In that email you’ll be given your exclusive discount link!