25 May 2019

Finding ‘Your Thing’ Online

By Vix
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Think of any popular creator and you’ll probably also think of a specific type of content or a series that they’re known for.

With Victoria from In The Frow, it’s immaculately styled, editorial shots on her Instagram grid.

With Simon from Father of Daughters, it’s his hilarious behind the scenes insights of being a Dad to fours girls.

With Vix, it’s Exciting Emails (and now Grow & Glow), with her frank and passionate chats about blogging. Well, that and shots of her forehead on Instagram stories.

The theme is that all of these bloggers have a ‘thing’. And not just a niche, but a super-specific type of content that people keep coming back for. The kind of thing that, if you did it, someone might say, ‘Oh – you’re pulling a *insert popular blogger’s name here*’

Finding 'Your Thing' Online

Apparently, ‘Consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23% on average.’

Whilst that stat is talking about traditional businesses (aka not us creative lot), I think the same principle applies to growing a digital presence: People value consistency. They like knowing what they’re coming to you for.

However, finding your ‘thing’ is easier said than done. Which is why we thought we would give you some inspiration for creating content that you could become known for.

Finding your ‘thing on Instagram

With grid posts, stories and IGTV, Instagram has sort of become a platform of platforms, hasn’t it?

Well, think of it as the perfect opportunity to create juicy content that could become your calling card.

As far as grid posts are concerned, creating consistent content is mainly a case of figuring out, and then sticking to, your niche. It can be helpful to create a list of the types of pictures you could post related to your niche, before picking 3 to 5 to dedicate yourself to.

So, if you’re a health and fitness blogger, you could decide to only ever post food shots, gym selfies and workout routines.

BOOM. That’s what you’re known for. That’s why people will keep following you.

Instagram stories provide the perfect opportunity for more segmented content. So, personally, I love a good Insta story series. Whether it’s a ‘Monday Motivation’, a ‘Wednesday Wanderlust’ or just someone sharing a new recipe on a Tuesday, it makes compelling (and consistent!) watching.

Also consider interaction when it comes to content on your Instagram stories. Is there a way that you could include polls, questions or quizzes? After all, a person is far more likely to remember you for something if they’ve interacted with it.

Finally, IGTV, like YouTube, provides a platform for episodic content. Again, simply remember your niche and work within it. Maybe it’s those sped-up styling videos or maybe it’s BTS episodes of your polised Insta life, just make sure it’s relevant!

Finding your ‘thing’ on Twitter

Twitter deffo isn’t known as a platform of visual creators in the same way that Instagram is, but it can be a great place to connect with others in a not-so-visual way. So, don’t neglect it!

There are plenty of opportunities to create consistent content on Twitter that people expect from you. For example, maybe you could create educational threads focused on your area of expertise once a week: What’s something that your readers seem to find interesting, or a common misconception about your niche? Write about it! Then put it in tweet form.

Alternatively, maybe you could become a #FollowFriday type of creator, by highlighting creatives in your area or niche that you think your followers will eat up.

Finding your ‘thing’ on your blog

Sometimes, your best content is going to come to you in the spur of the moment. You’ll think of an idea, write it (probably on the note section of your phone on the bus) and then pretty much hit publish immediately.

But, sometimes, you need a series to help you along.

Blog series are a brilliant way of keeping your content focused and consistent: Could you ask for questions on your area of expertise and answer one of them in a blog post every month? Could you have seasonal styling post? The online world is your oyster, my friend.

As long as that oyster is still within your niche.

Finding your ‘thing’ on Facebook

Facebook is all about community. So, if you think it suits your audience, make use of its pages or groups feature.

You could create a page for your blog or a group for like-minded people and treat it as a way to generate discussions in your area of expertise. Ask questions, create prompts and be actively involved in the comments.

For example, Vix’s Exciting Emails Facebook group has weekly prompts like ‘Share a Win’ and a ‘Mid-Week Mental Health Check-In’. It’s something that members of the group have come to expect, meaning they tend to get brilliant engagement.

Test what works

Listen, you’re probs not going to be known for something overnight. Both a comforting and frustrating thought, I know.

So, try things out.

Test out different potential series and types of content, before analysing which goes well. When you’ve found a style that you love and that seems to resonate with your audience, create consistently. You’ll be onto a winner.


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