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Glow & Grow is for creatives, freelancers and creative business owners who love to GEEK OUT on everything ‘personal branding’.

If you want support for taking your personal brand from strung-out to stand-out and are keen to throw yourself into an empowering and inclusive community of action-takers – you’d be more than welcome!

Whilst all of our courses and resources start from the very basics, we expect that most of our members are somewhere on their journey towards building a personal brand and that you totally get how important creating stand-out content is for growing your brand!

You’re not doing 9-5 here, so however much time you can give is plenty.

Our resources, courses and trainings are designed for you to absorb and implement in your own time.

However we have regular training sessions and group coaching opportunities and we want to foster a community of action-takers who love nothing more than SHOWING UP.

You’ll start your journey by taking our ‘Build a Stand-Out Personal Brand’ course and you’ll self-assess which trainings and resources will be most useful for you to crack on with next!

Our monthly themes, training and resources supplement every aspect of building a brand but aren’t intended to be taken in chronological order!

Grow & Glow is a membership community and your on-going subscription ensures you are supported on your ever-evolving brand-building journey alongside expert mentors and like-minded, ambitious action-takers!

Upon joining, you’ll receive access to your payment hub where you can manage your own payment details and cancel your own membership.

We’ll be totally devo to lose you though!

Don’t sweat it! Life happens at the most inconvenient times. That’s why all our trainings and events are recorded and uploaded to the Hub for you to access at any time.

The training bundles are made up of videos, audio, written guides, planners and downloadable PDFs – a whole range! Everybody learns in different ways, so we like to keep things varied.

Each month, one lucky Glowgetter will be chosen for a feature on the Grow & Glow platforms.

This will give you invaluable exposure to a whole new audience that’s just waiting to become your biggest fan.

And we get to celebrate what a legend you are!

Then please email the team at [email protected] and we’ll answer it ASAP!