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17 January 2020

How To Create Emotional Branding For Your Blog (and Why it Really Does Matter)

By Vix
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Here at Grow & Glow, we tell our members all the time to focus on building relationships with their followers. 

If someone follows you, they are vaguely interested in what you’re posting. But if they consistently CONNECT with what you create, they become a “fan”. That’s the kind of person who will support your endeavours and become a true asset to the community that you’re creating.

As well as obviously meaning that you have a group of amazing people there to support you and be your cheerleaders, creating these more meaningful connections is also a brilliant thing financially. Long-term, it’s these people that will buy any products you create and will show you love on collaboration and sponsorship posts. 

Okay, great. But how can you actually build these connections?

Well, it can come in many forms: Actively and consciously reply to DMs, commenting on the posts of your ideal reader and sharing relevant content that will actually add value to their lives. Today though, we’re going to be talking about how you can create emotional branding for a blog in order to foster connection.

How to create emotional branding for a blog

What is emotional branding?

“Emotional branding is a term used within marketing communication that refers to the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations.” (Source)

The truth is, we don’t make decisions based on 100% logic. Maybe we’d like to. Or maybe we think we do. But we just don’t.

More often than not, the choices we make are actually based on the emotions that something evokes or whether it appeals to our ambitions and needs. This is true when it comes to everything from what makeup wipes we buy, to which blogs we read.

Therefore, as a content creator it’s your job to make sure that you’re tapping into this emotional goldmine. 

An example of emotional branding

Can you talk about anything related to branding without discussing Coco-Cola? NOPE. You can’t. 

For a great example of emotional branding, think about their “Choose Happiness” campaign. This isn’t selling coke. It’s selling the promise of joy with the playful graphics, bright colours and tagline to match.

How to create emotional branding for your blog and online platforms

Step One: What emotion do you want your followers to feel? 

Before you  dive into creating content and getting your branding on point, you need to establish what emotion you’re actually trying to evoke in your followers/readers.

What emotion is going to get you the result you want of a more engaged and loyal audience?

Do you want to create a sense of togetherness, confidence or empowerment? Maybe your niche is educational and you want to leave your audience inspired, or perhaps you focus on entertainment and want your readers to feel like you’re their bestie.

Either way, make sure you give this some thought based on the content you create. There’s bound to be an emotion that will benefit you and your platforms, you just need to find it! Don’t be afraid to put some real time into brainstorming this and if you’re a Grow & Glow Member, feel free to ask for help in the Facebook group. 

If you’re not a member yet, join here. And you can get access to our freebie library in the meantime.

Step Two: Create branding guidelines 

Based on the emotion that you’ve landed on, start to think about how to can convey this to your audience.

When it comes to knowing how to create emotional branding for a blog or your platforms, you need to consider the following…

  • Imagery chosen 
  • Name 
  • Colours
  • Copy and writing style 
  • The content you post 
  • Graphics 
  • Your logo 
  • Fonts 
  • Literally anything that is a part of who and what you are online! 

If you want to evoke empowerment in your followers, consider what could help you to achieve this. You may want to focus on bold fonts and logos, brighter colours, dynamic imagery and short, sharp sentences. Plus, you’ll want content that truly gets across your own confidence, which could mean trialing working with video and ensuring that you have a consistently powerful written voice.

Inside the hub we have a whole load of resources on branding, including a guide to colour psychology, a branding checklist and a branding vision board. If you’re a member, you can check them out in the “Grow & Glow From The Go” bundle

Once you’ve had some ideas of how you can put across your desired emotion online, pull them all together into one “Branding Guidelines” document. In it, explicitly state any important aspects of your visual or written branding so that you can refer back to it whilst creating content, until it becomes second nature!

Step three: Implement 

Armed with your branding guidelines, consider the emotional impact of everything you create. Really try to keep your desired emotion at the front of your mind whilst writing, shooting pictures or creating videos.

Once you have done so for a few weeks, take a look at the analytics of your posts. Have they done better (had more shares, likes, saves, replies, comments etc.) than your previous ones? If not, it may be worth going back to Step 2 and considering whether you’re trying to appeal to the correct emotion or if you have positioned yourself as effectively as you could.

If your recent posts have done better (yay), focus on which have done the absolute best! What can you learn from them that you can implement into your content from now on?

Branding is a process. Don’t expect to have everything perfected within one brainstorming sesh! Instead, anticipate that you will grow and your branding will therefore need to evolve with you, as your content changes and you learn more about the people that are following you. 

I mean, just take a look at our community. Even Grow & Glow has had a branding makeover recently based on what we’ve learnt since launch.

However, if you keep your audience at the heart of what you do and focus on creating an emotional connection with them, you’re on the path to success.

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