18 February 2019

Da Fuq Is An Elevator Pitch & Why You Need One

By Vix
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Eh? Elevator pitch? WHUT IS THAT?

You may have seen this term on Pinterest, or spoken about on one of those marketing guru podcasts and thought – meh, that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t need one.

Well, mate, you do. Here’s what it is, why you need one and where to put it!

Elevator Pitch

What Is An Elevator Pitch?

It’s a succinct description of your blog or brand that can pretty much be delivered to someone between floors in an elevator!

Yep, now if like me, you find elevators awkward AF because you don’t know the etiquette, whether you should talk or not and god forbid you say something SO QUIETLY that the other person barely hears but is too awkward to ask you to repeat yourself so then just labels you as the chatty lift weirdo (breathe) you might not really get how this pertains to you as a blogger.

There aren’t elevators at Peggy Porschen amirite?

But being able to have an elevator pitch for your blog is important for a number of reasons.

Why You Need An Elevator Pitch For Your Blog

It provides YOU with clarity. It can make up your social media bios AND if can be written in 4 seconds at the start of a pitch email.

And the result each time?

Everyone who sees, hears or reads it can know exactly who you are and what you’re about in 5 seconds flat.

Why You Need An Elevator Pitch For Blogging Clarity

Ever had that thing where someone asks you what your blog is about and you’re there like, ‘weeeellll I kinda like writing about fashion, because I have a different style and want to show people how to wear, like, jumpsuits, but like, not always jumpsuits, sometimes skirts…so yeah’ and then you leave them quietly admonishing yourself for being such a twat and they’ve left you thinking they’ll never EVER read your blog.

Imagine that was a brand? Or a fellow blogger you’re trying to connect with?

Now imagine that same scenario but this time you say;

I am a fashion expert and influencer who empowers women to find their unique style, and grow confidence in their own wardrobes so that they too can showcase their own individual style.

Shit, even YOU’RE impressed with yourself!

Not only do you sound like the dog’s bollocks BUT you are now SO clear on all of the content you want to make, who it appeals to and how it helps them.

Why You Need To Put That Shit Everywhere

No, seriously, your elevator pitch is BASICALLY all of your social media bios. People who land on your profiles IMMEDIATELY know who you are and what you’re about.

Then you can chuck some extra flavouring on to make the perfect bios and about pages.

You could also be starting all of those pitch emails with your elevator pitch. Letting the brand, who you’re communicating with, know within the first 10 seconds of opening your email that you’re someone they need to be working with.

Imagine the difference it would make to your pitch to be clear from the outset who you are and what you can offer, rather than a classic, ‘Hey, so I write a blog and I’d love to promote your brand.’

Yeah But Vix, How Do I Actually Write One?

It’s easy, just follow this template…

  • WHO I AM

So mine would be…

  • WHO I AM: Award-winning blogger and blogging mentor
  • WHAT I DO: Create resources and teach influencers
  • HOW IT HELPS OTHERS: They learn the tools of the trade to up-level their blogs and harness their influence
  • WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: They become more confident in their platforms and work towards achieving their big goals.

Which becomes: I am an award-winning blogger and mentor who creates resources to teach influencers the tools of the trade to guide them in up-levelling their platforms so that they become more confident to reach their big goals.

Sounds fancy right? I’d love to see you give it a try! Have a go and then come and show me your results by tagging me on Instagram or posting in the Facebook group!

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