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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
19 February 2021

Eight 10-minute business tasks to boff out after homeschooling

By Vix
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The kids have finally shut their workbooks for the day. There aren’t any more Zoom lessons left in the schedule. And, frankly you’re ready to pour yourself a big ol’ glass of the good stuff in front of whatever Netflix show your remote guides you in the direction of!

We totally feel you.

We know that amid the chaos of homeschooling, building your personal brand is probably not the thing that you’re prioritising. Which is 100% understandable. However, if you’re itching to push your business forward in some way, but are strapped for time, we’ve got you covered.

These eight tasks are super do-able, even at the end of the school day, but are guaranteed to move your brand in the right direction. 

Tips for running a business and homeschooling

Send a “checking in” email 

Good communications are at the heart of every business. Including yours!

It’s super important to show your clients, customers or employees that you care. So, at the end of the day, take a few minutes to send a “checking in” message. Ask how someone vital to your business is doing and how you can help them, plus give them some praise when possible.

Not only will this build stronger biz relations, but it will also allow you to have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on within your brand. 

Jump on Pinterest 

We all know that Pinterest can be a valuable platform for your personal brand and boosting traffic, right?

And even better? It can be harnessed in super simple ways. Once you’ve got boards set up that are relevant to your niche, spend 10 minutes a day pinning to them. Make sure that you’re only including things that your ideal customer/audience member will find useful and sprinkle in some pins that lead back to your own site or offering.

Reply to all of your comments and DMs


Like we said, good business = good communications. Even if the idea of getting up from the sofa makes you wince, you could reply to comments and DMs on your Instagram account for a few moments to create stronger online relationships. 

Network on a LinkedIn group 

If you’re a personal brand, there’s a LinkedIn group out there for you. Guaranteed. There will be a group of people on the platform that are either your ideal customer, run businesses similar to yours or can offer you helpful advice.

Consider them like an online (and free!) networking event and, once you’ve joined some that are relevant to you, engage with content and members in the groups.

Power through our Protecting Your Platforms Checklist 

Our Protecting Your Platforms Checklist is a resource available to our members as a part of our “Getting Legit” bundle. It lists out all of the tasks you need to do to make sure that your online presence is protected, from backups to trademarks.

Take a look at the checklist and complete as many of them as you can in the time you have.

List the week’s outgoings and income 

Staying on top of your finances is always a good idea! With 10 minutes, take a quick glance over your bank statements and CMS: Add any income and outgoings to your financial spreadsheets. 

By doing this once at a week for just a few minutes, you’ll save yourself a ridiculous amount of time in the future. 

Interact with people using your hashtag 

We highly recommend creating a hashtag for your personal brand, whether you’re a creator, a product-based biz or you sell services. It’s a brilliant way to get more exposure, whilst also creating a community related to your niche.

(pssst. Ours is #GrowGlowCreate)

Take a few minutes at the end of your day to engage with or share the content of people using your hashtag, as a way to show them you value them!

Ask or answer a question in the Grow & Glow Facebook group 

Take a scroll through our exclusive member’s Facebook group and see if you can share your genius OR ask about something that you’re struggling with. Our community and the Grow & Glow team are there to support you through your personal brand journey.

Now that sounds like a good use of 10 minutes to us!

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