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31 January 2020

5 Creative Ways to Share Affiliate Links

By Vix
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Affiliate links are often as dubbed “the way to make money while you sleep”.

Whilst this kind of true, it’s also kind of not. 

Yes, when done right, affiliate links can become a relatively passive form of income: Once they’re out there in the world, they can allow you get those clicks and sales, whilst you’re doing pretty much anything! However, that’s not to say that you can get lazy with the strategy that you put behind them.

If you want to make money from affiliate links, you need to get creative with the ways that you use them, on top of including them in more “traditional” forms of content like blog posts. 

After all, just about everyone who is trying to make an income online is using them! You need to stand out, in order to get as many clicks as possible in your direction.

That’s why we decided to outline what we think are 5 of the best ways to share affiliate links creatively, to help give you the edge in the social media sea!

best ways to share affiliate links

Freebies and lead magnets 

Creating freebies for your readers to use as lead magnets is a must-do for anyone looking to grow their blog, mailing list or online presence. By creating something that is tightly focus on your niche and shares you unique expertise, as well as offering value to your ideal reader, you can get people truly engaged with what you’re creating. 

For example, perhaps you offer people a “how-to” guide on a relevant topic, in return for them signing up for your mailing list. They get a valuable piece of content (for free) and you get a sign up. Win-win.

However, to make them even more beneficial for you, consider adding in affiliate links. Whether it’s to a product that you’d recommend, or to a service that can help your reader with what you’re teaching them, just make sure that it fits in seamlessly.

That way, you’re not only getting a new reader, but a little bit of background income, too. 

Emails and newsletters 

What’s one way to increase your chances of someone seeing an affiliate link? Delivering it straight to their inbox!

Consider how you can start including links in your emails or newsletters to your subscribers. Perhaps this could be in the form of a weekly roundup of some new-in pieces you love, or even a product/service you’ve been using a lot recently.

We’d recommend making a “shoppable” section in every newsletter that you send out, which becomes a part of the structure that your readers will expect to see.  

Create a series on Instagram Stories

Of course, affiliate links have a huge place on social media. 

We’ve all seen the LIKEtoKNOW.it links and swipe-ups, especially when events like Cyber Monday and Black Friday roll around, right?

However, we’d encourage trying to get a bit experimental with how you share affiliate links on your Insta Stories. Instead of simply saying “here’s something I like and here’s a link to it”, think of a weekly or monthly series that you can create. 

For example, maybe this means a roundup of the best versions of a particular product or service that you’ve found, or a look at your week in outfits with links to everything you’re wearing. Just make sure it’s relevant to your niche!

If you have the swipe-up feature, use it! If not, create an account on linktree so that you can have multiple affiliate links in your social media bios.

Blog shop 

For everyone who clicks through to your blog, offer them another way to benefit from your expertise, by creating a “blog shop”.

Whether you use a plugins like Shop Page WP or WooCommerce, or even if you manually create it yourself, it can be a great way to share your links. You can either go down the route of focusing on your “essentials” (items related to your niche that will rarely change), or the route of sharing your current favourites, which will need updating more regularly. 

You may even want to switch between the two, to assess which one brings you the most income. 

For a completely free resource on the best affiliate links for bloggers, sign up to our freebie library now!

Utilise Pinterest 

As we’ve spoken about before, Pinterest is a goldmine when it comes to promoting content or just generally getting something seen. Unlike most other social media platforms that may show your post for between a day and a week in people’s feeds, a pin lasts much longer. In fact, after originally publishing it, it can show up on explore pages for AGES. 

Apparently the half-life of a pin is about 3.5 months, which is pretty impressive.

In a blog post earlier this month we discussed how to use Pinterest for affiliate links, as this is one of our favourite creative ways to share them.

To access the exclusive resources that we created in collaboration with Pinterest, to help you make the most of the platform, join our waitlist to becoming a member.

As we said, there will always be a place for affiliate links in things like blog posts (especially if the content is evergreen!) However, getting creative with how you share some of your links will help to get them out there to a wider audience, as well as giving you a higher chance of your work converting into sales.

Have a go at some or all of these ideas and see what works for you! What do you most enjoy creating and what brings you the most return? That way, you can make sure you’re focusing your time and energy on what really matters. 

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