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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
1 May 2020

5 tools to up-level your copywriting and make your blog posts irresistible

By Vix
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Some creators love writing. Some creators don’t.

However, whether you’re a blogger, an Instagram lover or a brand that is utilising digital marketing, you need to write! In order to get your message across to the people that follow you, there will be times when words are the only way.

We know that you probably have a lot on your to-do list, though! And with pictures to take, emails to reply to and social strategy to create, it’s easy for crafting brilliant copy to get lost.

That’s why we wanted to write a blog post with our 5 favourite tools for honing your writing and creating brilliantly readable content. Not only will these tools put more strength behind your words, but they’ll also save you serious time in the process.

Get your digital bookmarks at the ready!

Copywriting tools for beginners  and bloggers

The Hemingway Editor 

You could be the most poetic writer in the world. That doesn’t mean that most people will enjoy reading your work!

The truth is, if you’re trying to reach the average person, the simpler the language, the better. That doesn’t mean the copy can’t be compelling and beautiful, but it does mean that you should ensure it’s readable first and foremost.

For this, use the Hemingway Editor. Paste your copy into the app and it will highlight ways that you can improve it. This includes shortening sentences, removing passive tense to make your message stronger and using more forceful adverbs.


We couldn’t miss this one out, could we?

Bookmark thesaurus.com so that you can keep it close at hand whilst writing. We particularly love this tool for finding alternatives to words we’ve repeated in a post. 

Remember though, a thesaurus isn’t just for making words sound fancier! It’s also great for simplifying jargon and making niche-specific language into layman’s terms.


Grammarly is an incredibly intelligent writing app to make your copy as clear, effective and accurate as possible. It’s basically a spell-checker on steroids!

It can help you with:

  • Comma usage
  • Grammar
  • Spelling 
  • Writing style 
  • Missing articles
  • Plagiarism
  • Repetition
  • Word suggestions

And much, much more. There’s a reason it’s at the start of so many Youtube videos…

Grow & Glow’s Editing Checklist by Michelle Gately 

We partner with copywriting wizz, Michelle Gatley, to create the ultimate editing checklist.

In it, we break down every step that you need to follow to make sure that your copy is well-written, mistake-free and ready to post.

Get your hands on it today by becoming a Grow & Glow member and heading over to the Glow Your Content education bundle.

Write Room

Sometimes, distractions are the only thing stopping you from creating the best copy possible.

Switching off your phone, muting emails and removing social media from your homescreen can be enough to help you to concentrate. However, if you need to completely get rid of distractions, WriteRoom is the tool for you. It is a full-screen writing environment, meaning you can only see what you’re actually typing.

No buttons. No formatting options. Just you and your words!

The most important thing to remember if you’re struggling with writing brilliant copy is that honing your written voice takes time. Keep practicing, with these tools close at hand, and you will definitely see your blog posts improve over time. So, whether it’s something you really enjoy doing or not, your copy can become a more powerful part of your creator arsenal.

Created a brilliant blog post and ready to share it with the world? Head over to our Freebie Library to get your hands on our Blog Promo Checklist.

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