17 January 2019

Convert Your Readers Into Followers, Subscribers & Friends

By Vix
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I recently asked you, on my Instagram, about your roadblocks when it comes to growing your blog. One of the main things you said you needed help with was learning to convert your readers into subscribers.

I get it, you slave away writing posts, taking photos, pouring your heart and soul into your blog and then just your Mum and your boyfriend read it. Or sometimes, you write a KILLER piece that garners hundreds or thousands of views in 5 minutes but you lose those precious visitors as soon as they’ve found you!

I’ve TOTALLY been there. Banging my head against a wall and wailing into the sky, with my hands thrown in the air, ‘WHYYY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?’

So if this is you, I’ve compiled my best tips for keeping those bad boys, once you’ve ensnared them into your trap like the sexy Black Widow you are.

Ew spiders, but anyway, shall we?

How To Convert Your Blog Readers Into Subscribers

Convert blog readers into subscribers

You Need To Write Properly

And I’m saying this in the TOTAL hope that you don’t go back through my old posts with a fine tooth comb because I KNOW I write in a conversational style that isn’t always proper English.

But I like to think there’s a difference between a disappearing comma and writing 14 sentences without any conjunctions or new paragraphs.

The quickest way to lose a potential new follower/fave/fan/friend is by writing posts that are just unreadable.

If you’re worried your writing isn’t the best it can be – use Grammarly or ask a pal to proof read it.

Now you’re already one step closer to converting those blog readers into subscribers!

You Need A Unique Writing Style

I mean, you could TOTALLY pull your poor grammar off as a ‘writing style’ but that works for hardly anyone.

Think about what sets you apart from other bloggers (there are about a billion of us now).

It all comes down to finding your niche and then identifying your ideal reader. Once you know what that is, you’ll have a good idea as to how you can adapt your writing style to be more alluring.

Perhaps you’re more conversational, or flowery poetry style is your bag – whatever it is, it’s time to start implementing it!

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You Need An Accessible Website

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to be lured into an exciting blog post because it has a banging title, some incredible images and the blogger excites me only to land on the WORST WEBSITE EVER.

Pop ups every 6 seconds, unable to scroll, content falling off of my mobile screen, text that’s too small or any other issue that gets in my way of consuming the content I’ve come for.

So PLEASE, I BEG YOU, make sure your blog layout is adapted for mobile.

Make sure that nothing obstructs the post or detracts from your fantastic content.

Your followers will thank you for it! And if YOU think your blog layout is banging, it can’t hurt to have someone impartial have a look over and give you some feedback.

The peeps over in my Facebook group are GREAT at this sort of thing.

You Need To Strike A Relationship With Your Audience

In every post you write, you need to directly refer to your audience.

You want to take them on a journey through your story. Something that speaks to them in the same way that you have experienced it.

You want to directly refer to them personally throughout rather than referring to an audience as a whole.

Readers who feel like you’re answering their problems, or experiencing the same things they experience are more likely to convert to followers and subscribers as they’ll feel so much closer to you.

You Need To Be Creating Unique Content

Imagine this. You’ve logged onto a website of a cool gal you just stumbled across on Instagram. She seems like she’s got great style, a similar sense of humour to you and the same interests you have – but then you land on her blog and feel like you’ve read everything she’s written before – are you hanging around?

I’m not!

Let’s be real. It’s the bloggersphere. Trying to be 100% unique is tricky. It feels like everything has been done before. But you can always put an individual spin on something because you’ll write about it from YOUR unique point of view!

You Need To Format Your Posts So That They Stand Out

I took to Twitter to ask why people followed a blog. And one of the recurring answers were simply: good looking blog posts.

The Brad Pitt of blog posts. Or the Zac Efron – choose your generation.

You need titles that stand out and grab attention. I wrote an ebook on how to do this!

They can be emotive (That Time I Felt x), punny, descriptive (How To… 11 Things For…) or even negative, ‘The X I Hated’ – but they’ll grab your readers and hook em in.

Then you need lush photos. Either ones that you’ve taken yourself (because you live somewhere with CONSTANT DELICIOUS LIGHT) OR if you’re short of time, ones that you’ve grabbed from somewhere super handy, like Unsplash.

Good looking blogs, with consistent branding, nice imagery and well formatted posts are EVERYONE’S bag – so get to work!

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You Need To Get Personal

I say this to the gals I coach every time. Everyone has their own level of ‘TMI’ or ‘oversharing’.

For some, they just don’t want to give up their privacy or let people in and I TOTALLY get that!

But I do also have to say that I don’t think ANYTHING would’ve happened with my blog or social platforms if I hadn’t set out to share my life. From break ups, to dating, to engagements. Grief and mental health. Even bloody bad periods! You guys hear it all (I’m sure you’re really thankful).

Getting personal on your blog helps to create a strong connection between you and your reader. A connection they just won’t feel through beauty reviews and recipes!

So reflect on how much sharing is too much sharing and try and push your boundaries a little. Trust me, your readers will thank you.

Unless you decide to share about the time your toe got caught in a lawnmower. We don’t need to read that shit. *vom*

I want for you to tell me, in the comments or over on my DMs what element of this post you’re going to start implementing RIGHT AWAY! Tag me in your Stories where you’re sharing something you’re trying out. Can’t wait to see!

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