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3 August 2020

How Vix Pivoted her Content Strategy

By Vix
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In this episode of The Grow & Glow Show, Vix dives into how she’s pivoted her content this year, in a post-Tiger King, current Covid world.

Welcome to the Grow and Glow show. This is a podcast for creators, online advocators and Personal Brand dominators. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about growing an online platform and glowing for your audience. My name’s Vix Meldrew. I’m a full time Content Creator and community cultivator. So grab a Diet Coke, a notepad and pen, and let’s get ready to grow and glow.

Hands up who’s had to change their content strategy for 2020. 

Yeah, my hand is fully waving in the air and I reckon yours is too. So in a pre Tiger King post Tiger King, current COVID situation of 2020, how are you adapting your content to ensure your Personal Brand is valuable, useful, and still inspiring for your audience? This is what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode of the Grow and Glow show. So if you’re ready to dig into content strategy in a 2020 world, then let’s go! 

I kind of feel like pre… I kind of have split this year into pre Tiger King and post Tiger King. So pre Tiger King In the first couple of months of the year, when we weren’t fully aware of the whole Coronavirus situation, many of us were thinking about our plans for the year. We were looking at our content. We were looking at what we were going to launch for out the year, or what direction we wanted our platforms to go in. And we had an idea of possibly merrily going along with what we’ve been doing year in, year out since taking perhaps what’s been working for us or what hasn’t worked for us and, and rolled with it.

But post Tiger King with everything that’s been happening in the last few months, I feel like our content strategies need a huge shakeup. This is a year where the world has had a shakeup due to the movements that are going on around the world. The current political climate that, you know, social climate, the economic climate. So many things have changed in just a few short months. And we need to ensure that our content is reflecting that.

It may have been enough previously to create content that was view centred and your thoughts and your experiences and everything was you, you, you totally get it totally been there. But I genuinely feel like there’s been this feeling lately that content online has to have so much more value. Now we’ve been banging on about value and content for ages over in Grow and Glow, but I do genuinely feel like this is permeating more widely across the social media platforms. 

If we think about every brand that we know online, their content has had to change. So if you’re an influencer and you’re looking to work with brands, they’ve canceled campaigns, they’ve taken away budget, their whole messaging and whole strategy has had to change. Obviously that’s going to have a knock on effect for you as well. But the exact same thing with small businesses. Small businesses who were starting to thrive earlier this year, suddenly had the whole world pulled out from under their feet. And you know, some other small brands have started to thrive during COVID. They’ve pivoted their offering, they’ve really stood for something, they’ve shared a super strong message. And because of this they’re flying. So how can we ensure that our content reflects everything that’s going on?

I believe that with the Black Lives Matter movement, that is so prevalent and has come to the minds of so many people who perhaps it wasn’t at the forefront of their minds before. There’s a level of consideration that we need to have if we hadn’t had it before to ensure that the content that we’re making, whether we’re a personal brand or a small business, is that content inclusive? Is it empowering? Is it sharing useful information? Is it standing for something? Is it valuable? 

These are things that you may not have had to have considered previously January, February. It might not have ever come onto your radar. Like I said, we might have been merrily going along our way with what we were doing before. But is it enough to keep doing that? Is it enough to go back to air quotes “normal” or is it time to really look at our content and give it a bit of a shakeup? One of the things that I believe that we need to do moving forward is really looking to how we are platforming others. Are we sharing our platforms just with brands that we love and we want them to send us stuff. Are we giving our platform to people that are exactly like us that have the same outlook and the same experiences that look like us that act like us, and that sound like us? Or should we change that up? Should we ensure that we’re platforming others, that we might not have platformed before people that might have a different experience to us, a different point of view, but it’s still valuable and it could still be super valuable for our audience. Do we need to be more mindful that perhaps before, when we were shouting people out from our platforms, or if we’re a business or a small brand, the influencers that we were aligning with and that we were sending things to. Do we now need to make sure that that approach is way more inclusive. That when we do our Roundup of all of our favourite influences, are we being inclusive and are we being diverse or are we just sharing more people like us. Or could that figure as part of your new content strategy, that you’re actually going to make a concerted effort to platform. Other creators who previously to these past few weeks were totally forgotten. There are some creators out there and small brands and small businesses who are incredible, but they’ve never been given the opportunity to have a platform. In the past few weeks they may have been given a platform. So how can we continue in the rest of 2020 to give those platforms? That’s definitely something to consider. 

You also might want to consider which platforms align with your messaging. It may be before that you were loving YouTube and doing haul videos. And you know, I’ve heard this from so many Grow and Glow members, so many people, my DMS, oh Vix I was creating all of this content. I was doing haul videos and I was doing product reviews. And now everything feels so meaningless. I’m not getting the same gifting opportunity because brands can’t afford it. Or a lot of my content was ad content. And a lot of it was supported by brands, but now I’m having to totally change it because the opportunities aren’t there, what am I going to do? 

Or what are you going to do? Which platforms may be, are feeling more important to you right now. Are you wanting to use Instagram as a platform to share your message or to create your content. Or perhaps if you decided to leave YouTube behind and head to Twitter? I don’t know. What, what are you feeling with your platforms? 

Are you feeling that actually you want a bit more of an escape or you want at least one platform that you can have as an escape if you’re starting to do a lot more education and value giving on other platforms.

It’s a really good time to just sit back and reflect and think, okay, which platforms are serving me and therefore, where can I serve my audience? 

It might also be that before all of this, you are out in the street, taking your photos every day, being able to batch create content months and months in advance, or perhaps if it’s sort of product photography or working with a product photographer and you’re able to get so much content out in advance. But due to everything happening over the last few months, you’ve just not been able to create the content at the rate you were creating the content before. 

So how might you pivot the style of content you create? Can it be now that before you were kind of in that head space of only pictures of me perform well in the algorithm and only pictures of my face will get me engagement. Could it be that now actually that your value and the message that you want to share could come across better if you shared it within graphics, infographics, quotes, threads memes video IGTV or live. I definitely think, and I don’t know if you guys have noticed it as well, that over these past few months, Instagram live has taken on a world of its own. People are using it to entertain people, using it to educate they’re using it, to create a safe space to hang out to chat, to connect. Is perhaps Instagram live something that you’ve never thought about utilising before, but now you think, ah, I really feel like I could get my message out on here. Now also with Instagram live, you can save it straightaway afterwards to an IGTV so that it hangs around forever. Has it now got a bit more potency for creating content in that form. If you think that perhaps your written word or your photography skills, aren’t your strongest, but speaking to an audience and having a chat about things serves you better? Could you now pivot your content to start including more lives? 

These are just a few questions that I wanted to throw out there. Cause I know it’s on everyone’s minds of how they’re going to navigate their content and their strategy for the rest of the year. And I just think it’s a few good things to reflect on so that you are really being intentional with, like I said, who you’re platforming, which brands you’re going to be aligning with. That is definitely something that if you’re an influencer that needs to figure into your content strategy. It’s all well and good if you were posting gifted items or collaborations from brands pre #BlackoutTuesday , but if those brands did nothing to support the Black Lives Matter movement and have done nothing, and haven’t said a single thing. Do you really want to still be supporting them afterwards? 

There has been a lot of creators and brands, small businesses and big businesses that have almost come to light in the past few months. And they’ve come to light in either a fantastic way, because of how they’ve used their platforms and how they’ve changed their message and how they’ve used their content. Or it’s come to light in a negative way. So are you just going to keep going down the same route that you were before supporting the same people, supporting the same brands, sharing the same message or is it time to shake things up?

Is it time to truly centre on value, on inclusion, on transparency, on almost sharing the wealth with others around you who need it more because they’re fantastic but they’re just not given the same opportunities. 

It’s time to just think about those things and think about whether in the next month or so when you are creating your content, have you gone back to air quotes normal, or have you created a new normal feel content strategy. One that may have changed due to everything that has happened over these last few months? I don’t know. It’s a really interesting discussion. And I would love to hear about whether you are keeping things the same or whether you’re pivoting your content to, in light of everything that’s happened, or maybe not even in light of everything that’s happened, but you’ve just had a bit of an epiphany over the past few months that what you were doing before was okay, but what you want to do in the future is going to be different. 

Let’s have this chat!

You can come to chat to me about it on Twitter  @vixmeldrew or come and DM me on Instagram at @vixmeldrew or @growglow.co. 

If you’d like to join our free Facebook group, just search, Grow and Glow on Facebook. We can have this discussion there, but yeah, I want to know what your reflections are coming out of this lockdown period. What were you doing before that you’re not going to be doing now? Or what were you doing before that you’re definitely still going to be doing now. 

Will your content strategy change for 2020 and how will it? Will you be using new platforms? Will you be using new types of content? 

I wana know! So let’s carry on this conversation. 

I hope this episode has been useful in prompting some reflections and prompting some thinking and been a bit of a discussion starter. 

So let’s definitely carry this discussion on, and until next time I will chat to you very soon.


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