20 May 2017

How We Can Get The Bloggersphere Back

By Vix
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Something feels iffy in the Bloggersphere at the moment doesn’t it? I can’t quite put my finger on it but there seems to be an air of rivalry, jealousy, cattiness and weirdness that is seeping out through 140 characters and just down-right irritating those of us who love to GIF-off or read a decent blog post once in a while. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one of these people who wants everything to be hearts and flowers and believes we should all get along. I just want people to be less…annoying TBH.

My last 3 blog posts have resulted in someone ‘calling me out’ on Twitter to say I should have used different terminology or should have written the post for all genders and sexualities or that I’m unoriginal and I’ll be honest, it’s made me not want to post anything at all.

I’ve had so many ideas I’ve wanted to roll with but when I feel like people are just going to pick it apart, it’s made me not able to write. I’m fed up of this. This blog is all about honesty and realness and if people don’t like it, they need to stop reading. So here’s some honesty about what I believe people in the bloggersphere need to stop doing so that we can all carry on with what we love.

Stop writing blog posts like this. I get I’m weighing in on the very thing that annoys me but it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want. Irony is not lost on me. You don’t need to point it out.

Stop being mean to each other. Save the drama for your Mama. Here’s a rule of thumb. If someone annoys you because of their beliefs, face or umpteenth unrelated sponsored post you can take 3 courses of action. And only these 3. Either DM them and talk about it in private. Ignore them. OR rant about it in your own head until you realise that it’s a bit pointless to be so concerned with online people’s lives and you get over it. Personal insults and ‘dragging’ each other only makes you look bad. You’re not reading someone on Ru Paul hunty.

Stop following people you don’t like. I love a good social media cleanse. Didn’t read my blog post properly and decided to pull me up on something? You get an unfollow and a block. Constantly starting arguments? Block. Bragging about a free lipstick? Block. Accept a sponsored post for milk? Block. I don’t have the energy to fill my brain with shit I don’t like. And please, if you don’t like something I do or say, please feel free to unfollow or block me as opposed to telling me what you don’t like. I don’t care.

Stop trying to make a name for yourself. I know that you had a few tweets that went viral because you slated someone or something and lots of people seemed to agree with you. Don’t then make every tweet about slating someone or something in the vain hope of it gaining you further popularity. No one likes people that are constantly piping up just for the sake of it. This is not the same as people who genuinely call out shady behaviour where the rest of us turn a blind eye BUT pick your battles and stop throwing your hat into the ring of everyone else’s fights.

Stop bragging. Now don’t get me wrong, I am alllll ‘YASSS GIRL’ when someone lands a great campaign or has a post that goes viral. What I’m not here for are the people who tweet about ‘exciting emails’ every 5 seconds which then don’t turn out to be anything. I know it’s a rat race in blogging and everyone wants to be seen as the most in demand but this behaviour is so transparent. Just holler at us with a post full of banging content when your ‘exciting email’ comes through and we’ll all be sharing it like crazy.

Stop begging. For follows. For likes. For votes. For people to agree with you. Yes, share and ask people to share but sliding into DMs to persuade people to do something for you, for absolutely nothing in return makes me grind my teeth.

Stop being pedantic. I’ve seen a lot lately, especially on Twitter, that people are tweeting seconds after someone has said or posted something to pick it apart without digesting it properly. Whether someone has made a typo or they’ve used a term someone doesn’t agree with. It’s like a pack of sad wolves. If this is you, refer back to point 2.

Stop reading. The best thing about being an adult is that I am in full control of my own brain and actions. If I see a tweet or a post that is offensive, boring or rubbish I will stop reading it. You all have this option too! You don’t have to comment, pick apart or start shit. Just turn off. It’s only the internet.

Stop being shady. Everyone’s bored of the bot situation yet people are still using them and getting away with it. Lots of reputations have been tarnished and I’ve certainly lost a lot of respect for people I once liked. You choose to conduct yourself and your blog in any way you see fit, but if I think you’re shady, you just won’t get my support.

There’s a whole host of things we could all stop doing to make the bloggersphere a better place. But maybe there’s a few things we should start doing. Like, sharing each other’s content when it’s great, complimenting someone when they are doing an amazing job, compare ourselves in a positive way and lastly, continue growing our presences through organic means and brilliant content.

Let’s reclaim the bloggersphere for everything we love about it.

Photography credit: Kaye

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