24 May 2019

How To Define A Brand Message For Your Online Platforms and Why It Matters

By Vix
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We all know that digital platforms get pretty busy.

Oversaturated? Hell no! But most definitely very busy.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re clear on your brand: So that you, your posts and your images can stand out in the sea of online content. Ideally, you want people to recognise what you’re posting as belonging to you, even if they haven’t seen your name.

Everything from colours to logos are, of course, hugely important in creating a brand. You can find resources on colour psychology and finding your brand words in the ‘Grow & Glow From The Go‘ bundle.

However, at the core of all of this branding, is your brand message.

brand message pinterest graphic

A brand message highlights what you stand for and how you’re different from others in this busy online world. Plus, it’s the basis of your elevator pitch!

Why create a brand message?

  • Having a brand message gives you a great starting point and solid foundation. From there you can come up with content ideas, always ensuring that it links back to this message
  • It makes you stand out online, as you have a clear sense of purpose that you will become recognised for.
  • It will help to keep your eyes on the prize and not give up, as everything you do is guided by purpose.

How to decide on the brand message

Deep down, you probably know what your core message is, but let’s dig it up and get it on paper! Ask yourself these questions.

What can’t you shut up about?

If there?s a topic that you find yourself constantly talking about – online or off – that could very well be your ‘thing’. It’s likely something that you’re passionate about. So, could you share this passion with the world?

What can you bring to the table?

Take a look at your peers in the creative world. Whatever your niche, there’s bound to be something that you can do differently or ‘better’ for your personal audience. Think about what these differentiators could be.

What can you teach your readers?

Think about that topic you can’t shut up about: Are there any common misunderstandings or struggles within that area that you can help to break down?

What value can you add to your readers’ lives?

Want me to be brutally honest? If you’re not adding value to your followers, you’re not going to grow as a brand.

Value doesn’t have to be free resources or ebooks (though it can be!). Value can mean entertaining your reader, helping them to know that they’re not alone or sharing your aspirational life.

Consider what you can give, otherwise you’re unlikely to get anything in return.

How to finalise a brand message

Formulating a brand message that truly resonates with you can take time. So don’t stress. You might need a few attempts before you feel like you’ve got it.

Your brand message can simply be a couple of sentences in a Word document explaining what is at the core of everything you do on your blog, or it could transform into something like a tagline.

Either way, having this message on hand is invaluable when it comes to having purpose whilst creating content.

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