24 May 2019

How To Set Blogging Goals and Smash Them

By Vix
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If you’re taking your blog or online platforms at all seriously, you’ve probably thought about your goals at some point. Maybe you want to take it full time. Maybe you want your favourite brand to acknowledge you. Or maybe you want to be seen as an expert in your field.

What you create online can definitely do those things for you.

However, for most of us, our goals sit in our brains, vague and with no actionable steps attached. And that’s not going to do anything for us or our blogs!

So let’s talk about goal setting with your online content and how you can reach those goals.

blogging goals pinterest graphic

Step 1 to set blogging goals: What’s the dream?

This is probably the easiest thing to answer, as it’s likely to be the thing that you daydream about whilst working on your online content. Your ‘dream’ is the thing that you’re ultimately hoping to get out of your blog or social media platforms.

Like I said, it could be full-time work, it could be launching a product or maybe it’s a way for you to make money towards building another business.

Whatever it is: write it down and keep it close at hand!

Step 2 to set blogging goals: Break it down into an action plan

Now that you’ve thought about your big dream, it’s crucial to break them down into smaller chunks. Not to sound too much like your Primary School teacher, but try to make these chunks as specific and measurable as possible.

For example, if you wanted to go full-time with being a creator, these smaller chunks might include getting to 10k on Instagram, building a mailing list and starting to work with brands. They are completely personal to you and your goals, so dig deep.

It can help to have your big dream in the middle of a spider diagram, with your smaller actionable goals surrounding it.

This is your action plan.

Step 3 to set blogging goals: Create a 3-month plan

Now it’s time to set some shorter-term targets, since those bigger goals can feel miles away. And might also make you want to run in the other direction since they’re so daunting.

Simply consider what you can possibly do within the next three months. Are there things that you can tick off from your action plan? Or are there smaller things that can move you towards ticking them off?

Step 4 to set blogging goals: Think about your next week

Yep, that right, we’re breaking it down even more.

I told you we’d make it less overwhelming!

Every time you make a weekly to-do list, refer back to your 3-month plan. Use it to guide where you will focus your efforts for the week, to give you the best chance of achieving those goals.

Step 5 to set blogging goals: Re-strategize

When you’ve got to the end of your three months, consider what you have and haven’t achieved. Are you where you wanted to be?

If not, there might be a great reason for that, and you could have decided on a change of direction. That’s totally fine and kind of to be expected!

Or, maybe you’ve absolutely smashed your three-month goals. If that’s the case you DEFINITELY need to shout about it in our Facebook group!

Either way, now’s the time to reconsider your dream and the smaller things you need to do to get yourself there. Create another 3-month plan and begin this process again.

Hopefully, as you continue this process, you’ll achieve more and more of your action plan, putting you steps closer to that big dream.

Putting some of the tasks from the Grow & Glow From The Go bundle will help you along your way!

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