20 September 2015

Bloggers Helping (and Not Helping) Bloggers

By Vix
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This is an old post but I thought I’d bring it over to here as the points are still relevant (if not mildly patronising). I hope you’ll find it helpful.

*I’ve also added a few, tongue in cheek tips for handling bloggers who DON’T help others. 

Now, as a blogger, I assume you’re already very good at promoting your blog. You, like I, probably spend a good proportion of your day tweeting, Instagramming and pinning your blog posts, hoping to gain a larger following day by day. (*edit: I rarely do this. I’m a lazy fuck.)

But how good are we at promoting each other? I know I’m not great. I’m so busy that I barely have time to promote mine, let alone anyone else’s, but part of my blogging resolutions is to get that bit better at helping other bloggers.

I might be teaching you to suck eggs here, but there also might be some tips you haven’t tried yet. Here’s how we could all grow the blogging community;

Bloggers helping bloggers


Seen a brilliant post? Tweet about it! If there’s a particular blogger, that you find hilarious, sling them a #FF or ask your followers to check out their blog. Any time I’ve had a promotional tweet from another blogger my heart actually warms. Wouldn’t it be nice to give someone that feeling?


We’ve all had that super envious feeling when a fellow blogette or blogdude creates a post with an AMAZING photo. Why not shark that bad boy on your Instagram and give them a little shout out. Or, you could pin it to one of your boards and share the link.


Now this is my personal Everest. I am always on my mobile which I find can be a pain for commenting on blogs. I rarely get to my laptop and if I do it’s to edit photos or put together an in depth post (*edit: LOLz I never do this!). But commenting on other blogs is so helpful. A bit of constructive feedback or general encouragement really does brighten our day.

Advertising/Blog Spotlights

If you are the Billy Big Bollocks of Blogging, why not help out us mere minions with a spotlight? Or offer advertising packages. The gorgeous Georgina Grogan of She Might be Loved had my amateur blog button for a couple of months. She also took the time to write a post that featured a bio from me and that day, my visitors rose by 400%.

Adverts/Affiliate links

Where possible, bloggers partner up with advertisers or get accepted onto affiliate link partnerships. This is how a lot of bloggers make money, but not a lot of dough by any means. If there’s a blogger, who you support, and they have adverts, just click on them once or a thousand times (depends on how much you like the blogger). One of my favourite bloggers, Becky Bedbug is beginning to use Google Adsense and I’ve promised her at least 200 clicks. (*edit: Still a  fave. Still haven’t clicked 200 times but at least 5 times. Out of guilt, imma go click more.)

Similarly, if a blogger indicates they have affiliate links (most don’t) then give those links a click and make your online purchases through them.

If you’re a blogger who has affiliate links, perhaps indicate that in a post. That way, next time your supporters want to buy something online, they can follow one of your links and you could earn the commission.

*edit: Bloggers who DON’T help others

In the Bloggersphere there’s always going to be one bad egg. The girl who is rude, who doesn’t reply or makes up wildly unrealistic lies about going on Richard Branson’s first trip to the moon, that you can’t help but want to take a chunk out of. I know I do! Taking someone down a peg or two has been a favourite past time of mine since the time I served Michelle Heaton in River Island and told her, ‘You were only in Liberty X you know.’ when she behaved like a total spoilt brat in my store.

BUT it also does you no favours. 9 times out of 10 every single blogger that follows you is 100% in agreement with what you’ve said. You cut that bitch down, but what about the brands that follow you? The ones who want to work alongside you but don’t want promotional tweets of their wares littered with cat fights?

Block is your friend

It’s super tempting to wade in (I always do) but inevitably when you look back at your tweets, subtweets or blog posts you’ll think 2 things: 1. I’m hilarious and 2. That was a bit silly.

I tend to use the Block button with wild abandon nowadays. Said something offensive? Block. Boastful? Block. Immature? Block. In support of Zayn? Block. It’s liberating! The only time I ever then have to deal with those girls’ shit is when someone sends me a screenshot. Thanks for always hitting a sister up.

Don’t give traffic

Is there a blogger who always writes controversial posts that offend 95% of people? Or posts that are so poorly written, you’ve assumed their cat trod across the keyboard and hit ‘publish’. Maybe they’re writing stuff that is super unhelpful to the Bloggersphere. Then just don’t visit their blog. If we stop feeding the trolls, eventually they’ll starve from lack of attention and die off. Here’s hoping!

I think, as a community, we need to make a concerted effort to not feed the trolls, they do nothing to help our blogs.

Let’s focus our energies on bigging each other up and take to Whatsapp to do impressions/bitch about the Bad Eggs of the Bloggersphere.

*light-hearted, remember, kay?

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