19 January 2019

Why Every Blogger Needs An Email List

By Vix
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I’ve said it many times before I know, but you’re going to want to see exactly why every blogger needs an email list in today’s post.

I’m going to let you into a secret because you should know by now what an over-sharer I am. A couple of Sundays ago I launched my Ultimate Instagram Hashtag List through my weekly ‘Exciting Email’ and I made ££££ before 6pm. FAAACK, right? I almost choked on my gravy-laden, mountain of roast potatoes in shock.

I didn’t make that many sales through the tweets that were flying around, or many, many gorgeous babes shouting it out on Instagram. These sales happened purely through my email list.

An email list that currently has just over 2,000 subscribers and is growing by 70 subscribers a week. That’s 280 a MONTH and waaaay more than I grow on Instagram nowadays!

It’s not like I have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, or bajillions of followers either. It’s like, if I can do it – so can you! So if you’ve ever wondered whut da fuq everyone is banging on about when they say you need an email list, I’m going to break it down for you. Ready?

blogger needs an email list

Email List ≠ Newsletter

One thing that I know holds you back from beginning an email list is that you worry that you don’t have enough to say for a regular newsletter.

Well FEAR NOT because starting an email list does not mean that you need to send out a newsletter.

What I mean by email list, is literally a list of people’s email addresses.

Yes you do have to use those emails in some capacity (which I’ll talk through in a sec) but if you CBA to churn out a newsletter, DON’T.

The People On Your List Are Your Best Friends

Seriously! They love everything you do SO MUCH that they’ve handed over their precious email address to you.

They’re effectively saying, I want you, in my box, right now.

In a less innuendo-filled way.

BUT there is a level of trust that goes into handing over email addresses. They trust you’re not going to spam them and they are beginning to trust that you are going to send them useful information.

Or a sneak peek of your engagement news a few days before anyone else finds out. BECAUSE I COULD NOT HOLD IT IN, OK?

Subscribers Are More Likely To See Your Shit Than Followers

Yep, CHEERS INSTAGRAM. But with reach ratios being around the 6-20% of your followers seeing your latest posts, launches and good news on social media channels, email lists are dominating.

If you create a nurture sequence (don’t panic, I got you), then 50-75% or more of your subscribers will open that first email – waaaay more than what your social followers see!

The Benefits Are Endless

You can use your email list in many brilliant ways.

You can send out your latest blog and social media posts to ensure they actually see them.

Hosting an event? Tell them all about it and get an idea of who to invite.

Need feedback on your content? Your email subscribers would LOVE to help you fill out a survey.

Want to send out a newsletter sharing your news, favourites and passions? They’d be all over it.

Or want to eventually launch your own product? Email is where it’s at.

The Old Adage

I know you’ve heard it a million times before. You can probably fill in the blanks but… which 2 platforms do you solely own?


Who will still be hanging around if, I don’t know, some Dude at Facebook drops his coffee over the ‘followers’ machine and you lose everything?


Even just starting a list, to have it as a back up if all the shit hits the fan is a very smart idea.

The Relationships That Can Grow

I don’t know if it’s the 90s kid who had a pen pal in Belfast for 4 years (who ended up being a 45 man named Iain but nvm) in me, but there’s something WAY more special about having an emailed response from a follower than a tweet back or Insta DM.

In fact, on Mondays, after Sunday’s Exciting Email has gone out, I love jumping into my Inbox and chatting with you about your blog, what you’re watching on Netflix, which jumper you’re coveting from Other Stories or the like.

It’s just a bit nice.

And I know starting a mailing list can be a bit daunting. You don’t know why anyone should subscribe, how to get subscribers in the first place OR what to say to them. But OBVS I have you covered.

If you can hold your horses for a couple of weeks, I have a FULL e-course on starting, growing and glowing an email list coming.

But if you can’t, then I suggest downloading this FREE resource I’ve just made for ya! It’s called, ‘What To Say To New Subscribers‘ and it contains 5 email templates that you can swipe and copy which will ‘nurture’ and welcome any such babe that has decided to sign up for you.


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